Chapter 8

As John thought about how to answer Evangelineís question there was a knock on her room door, she thought what now?


An officer stepped in after John opened the door.


"Sorry to bother you Lieutenant, we got a lead on Natalie Vega, the Commissioner wanted me to let you know. We tried your pager several times and got no response, so I was sent over here to tell you."


Before John could get him quiet and out the door, Evangeline had asked what happened to Natalie? John looked at the officer thanked him and asked him to wait outside for him. As the officer was leaving he had a confused look on his face and looked over his shoulder at Evangeline. He was wondering how Miss Williamson didnít remember what happened to her only hours earlier.


John walked to Evangeline and looked at her with all the love and compassion he had for her and leaned down eye level to her and glanced over her face and hair. Smoothing some hair behind her ear he looked her in the eye and said, "My job doesnít always allow me to disclose what is going on with Natalie, but I can tell you what I can."


John tried to find the right words. He didnít know if he would jog her memory or not. He sat on the bed holding her hands in his. "Natalie was kidnapped." John looked at Evangeline for a reaction before he continued. She looked shocked and horrified. "Oh no John, you canít be serious. Does this have something to do with the killing club?"


"We think so, but I need to go to follow up on this lead. I will see if Michael can take you home. Iím sorry to have to leave you. Honey, you know I love you with all my heart, right?


"Yes, John and I love you with all of mine." Go. I hope you find Natalie soon." Just then Evangeline had a flashback. She is at the Women of Year Awards and she is waiting back stage for Nora to finish her speech and introduce her when she felt someone behind her. Then it was gone just as fast. John noticed her staring and the questioning look on her face.


"Evangeline, Evangeline, Are you Ok?"


"Yes." She whispered still not looking at John.


John let his fingers slide into her hair while putting his hand to her cheeks and turned her head to look at him. She still didnít see him. John called her again and she snapped out of her trance.


"Are you sure you all right, I can have Bo do this and stay with you."


"No Iím Ok, I promise. Just come back to me as soon as you can." Evangeline leaned into and gave John the sweetest passionate kiss, the kind that told of promising things to come.


"Evangeline with those kind of kisses you make it hard to leave."


"Thatís the point McBain. Leave you wanting more."


"Iíll counter your move when I get home. Love you babe."


Evangeline nodded her head unable to speak at the endearing words John doesnít use ever.


She forgot all about asking why she was in the hospital, she was thinking about this new side of John McBain, the complicated man she loved.


Evangeline slid down further in the bed to get some more rest. Before sleep comes Michael McBain walks in.


"Hey E, John asked me to take you home, but itís going to be a few hours, so if you want to rest some more go ahead, Iíll try to stop by or I call an hour before I come for you."


"Ok, thanks Michael."


At the Police station.