The Confession by jovanfan4evr

Chapter 7


John is waiting for Michael to arrive; he is impatiently pacing near the elevators with his hands on his hips. He is reliving the whole horrible ordeal raising a hand to rub his brow inhaling deeply. He said, "How can she not remember, I canít forget."


Michael finally came off the elevator; John nearly shouted at Michael, "Itís about time."


"Man Iíve got rounds, what is so important? "


"Mike, she doesnít remember anything about the kidnapping, Evangeline doesnít remember the dreams from last night. She thinks she is in the hospital because something is wrong with the twins. I told her I was going to find you, so you could tell her everything is all right with the twins."


"I can keep her calm, but she still needs to be seen by her OB for some tests. Only Dr. Rushmore can actually give E and the twins a green light."


Michael walks pass John toward Evangelineís hospital room door and said, "Let me go talk with E and when Iím finished Iíll go and check on Dr. Rushmore ETA."


Before Michael goes in Dr. Rushmore approaches them from around the corner. She walks up to John and asks how her friend is. John looked down guiltily and tells Danielle everything that happened up until this morning. Danielle is a little numb at hearing everything and since the twins moved she isnít all that concerned with their health, but she is concerned about Evangelineís mental health. Evangeline blocking out painful memories isnít good right now considering her blood pressure has been elevated. Her concern is when the memories come back it will push her blood pressure up even more.


Michael goes back to his rounds and asks John to send Evangeline his love. John and Danielle walk into Evangelineís hospital room. Evangeline is resting with her eyes closed when she heard the door open. She looks up happy to see her friend and OB.


"Danielle, thank God youíre here. Are my babies all right?"


Danielle decided to be a doctor right now and a friend later. "Well, we are going to do an ultrasound just to make sure, but I here they are moving around and that is always good, as they grow and have less room to move you wonít feel them move as much."


John walks over to Evangeline interlocking her closest hand with his closest hand, while Danielle leaves to get an Ultrasound machine.


"How are you doing Mrs. McBain?"


"A little nervous, no one has told me why Iím in the hospital. John why am I here?"


Before John could answer Danielle enters with the Ultrasound machine and a nurse to help with the exam. "Evangeline you know the routine." Danielle is handed a clean sheet from the nurse and raised Evangeline hospital gown and covers her private parts with the clean sheet so only her belly is exposed.


"Cold gel." Danielle said.


Evangeline takes in sharp breath and giggles. "I should be used to this by now." She looks up at John who is watching the Doctor somewhat fascinated as she swirls the gel around with the ultrasound wand.


"Ok, here we go."


Danielle makes some adjustments to the machine and starts moving the wand around Evangelineís belly which looks likes itís double in size since the last Ultrasound.


"I see the hearts beating, here let me turn up the volume so you can hear it."


Danielle turned the monitor around so they could see their babies and Danielle pointed out everything to them for head to toe.


"Guys looks like everything is fine, I want to see you in a week Evangeline. I need you on bed rest until your blood pressure comes back down. I can imagine this whole ordÖ Just then she saw Johnís eyes and remembering their earlier conversation. Saved by the bell. Danielleís pager went off and she excused herself. " I need to go, Iíll sign your release papers and you can go home to bed. Looking at Evangeline sternly.


John was glad for the page; he didnít know how she was going to finish what she started to say.


Evangeline squeezes Johnís hand and he looks down at her. "Why am I in the hospital?"