Chapter 3

"Hold on guys, let meÖ there, look here guys. See another head.

"Our baby has two heads?" John asked with a look of horror on his face.

"No itís twins." Danielle said as she pointed out the other body parts.

"Evangeline, that explains why you are already showing some. I suspected twins, I thought I heard more than one heart beat; but knew better than to tell you knowing you would obsess and over think it. When you have your next Ultra Sound we can try to see the sex of the babies."

"Twins" John and Evangeline said in Unisom. John went to sit down by the bed, but forgot he did not put a chair by the bed and landed on his butt. Evangeline tried not to crack up, and said "John, John, are you allÖ" she burst out laughing before she could finish. The look on Johnís face was priceless. Her tough detective was so discombobulated.

Just as John was going down Michael knocked and Danielle opened the door. When Evangeline saw it was Michael, she waved him in. Just as Michael entered, he saw John land on his backside.

Danielle and Evangeline were laughing hysterically and Michael said, "Whoa, man you alright?" John was still in a state of shock and then understanding came to him and so many emotions showed on his face. Johnís cheeks turned red as he realized everyone was laughing at him, and looked down shyly and started laughing too. Michael walked over and gave his brother a hand up.

"Whatís going on?"

Evangeline said, "Michael youíre going to be an uncle, and John finished for her to twins."

Michael began panting saying "No way! Wow!"

"Breathe, Michael. Evangeline said. John, sit him downÖ in a chair." Michael looked like he was about to perform Johnís latest feat and she saw the mischievous look on Johnís face. John was more than happy to help Michael to the floor.

"You come here and sit with me." John went and sat beside her. John said, "She getting bossier by the baby. Theyíre probably boys, she likes bossing men around."

Danielle finished the Ultrasound. "According to the measurement of the babies you are actually 10 weeks. Everything looks fine. The fall did not cause any problems. Evangeline I need to you to understand that fainting is a warning sign. Your blood pressure is up slightly, I am not concerned right now, but I want to you on bed rest for a few days. You cannot do this alone. Iím sure you will get all the support you need for John."

Iíll be there for her John said to Danielle, and then he looked into Evangelineís eyes and said, "Iím here for you, whatever you need." Then he kissed her on the lips wanting to take more of her in, but remembered that they were not alone. He was ready to throw everyone out, so he could be alone with the mother of his children. He wanted to tell her and show how much he loved her.

"Evangeline weíre going to keep you overnight for observation. I am confident everything is fine."

"Can I stay with her Danielle?" John asked.

"Sure that will be fine. John keep your hands to yourself, she needs her rest. Evangeline please no stressing about anything. It is not good for you or the babies; rest!"

Evangeline started laughing, and John put his head down, when had become so readable.

Michael and Danielle left. John kissed Evangeline as if he was starving. Evangeline kissed him back, but he sensed her holding back. He wanted to talk with her but Danielle said no stress. John decided to wait. Evangeline asked John what he was thinking; his expression was one she could not read.

"We will talk later, you heard Danielle you need to rest."

"Do you think that comment will keep me stress free, you want to talk?"

John kissed her head and told her to go to sleep. She looked him in his eyes, but could not find anything there she could understand; so she let it go. She moved over and patted the vacant spot next to her on the bed.

John did not hesitate to take his place beside the woman he loved drawing her into his arms. She laid her head on his chest and the fell asleep. They both slept better than they had in weeks.


(Several days after leaving the hospital)

At Evangelineís apartment, she lay on the couch resting with a pillow behind her back. Her legs were propped up on pillows. John sat on the couch massaging her feet. Evangeline looked at John and said, "John Iím ready to talk."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I feel so much better and I can handle whatever you need to say."

"Evangeline I donít want any secrets between us, so here goes; please donít say anything until Iím done." Evangeline began to protest and John leaned toward her and silenced her with a sweet gentle kiss to her lips. She looked into his eyes and said, "Ok."

John looked Evangeline in her eyes and began. "I want you to know Iím ending my friendship with Natalie, itís not healthy for her. She wants more from me. I have nothing to give her. I have done all I can. It is time she leaned on her family more. I also need to tell you about the DNA test, we did on Christian. It turns out that he really was Christian Vega. He swore me to secrecy, because he did not want Natalie wasting her life waiting on him because he has a life sentence. I always believed Natalie had a right to know the truth. I need to go see Christian, I want to make him understand how out of control Natalie is and that she really needs him; if the DNA test results are revealed maybe the conviction can be over turned.

"John, why didnít you tell me? I think I understand not telling Natalie, but I thought we were committed to one another, I helped you get a sample from Carlotta. I had the test run for you. I thought we shared Ö she stopped as a thought came to mind. Maybe you didnít tell me because you actually had feelings for Natalie and that gave you an opening just in case you and I did not work out?

"John, please answer me." John did not look at her and said, "No."

She moved to get up from the couch and John placed his hands on her shoulders to stop her. "John I wonít do this again, if youíre not going to be honest with me we have nothing else to say to each other."

"The night you came back from San Francisco, Natalie admitted to me that she "never stopped loving me". It was totally unexpected and I had no idea."

"So, what youíre saying is every time I told you (her voice raising an octave with every word that passes out of her mouth) Natalie had feelings for you, you already knew. You let me feel like a paranoid, insecure girlfriend. She started choking up. She felt Johnís eyes on her, but she would not look at him.

Finally looking at him tearfully she said, "Is that all John, no more secrets?"

John knew what he was going to tell her next, could possibly end their relationship for good, but he had to tell her. He looked her in her tearful eyes and said, "You know that I love you more than my life, right?"

"No, John I donít know that. My last conversation with you told me you were confused about your feelings for me. Then you said you were in love with Natalie."

John looked at her with anger in his eyes. "I did not. Yes, I said I was confused about my feelings for you, when I thought Natalie had died. All I could think, if that were you what would I do? That is when I realized that I not only love you, but that I am in love with you. I miss you when youíre not with me. We have a connection; when did it happen? Iím not sure, but I am sure that Iím in love with you. You are my heart, my air. I canít breathe with out you."

She finally heard the words she had been waiting to hear for so long, but there was no rejoicing in it. She waited for the other shoe to drop. "Tell me the rest John. I need to know."

"Natalie kissed me a few times. It meant nothing to me. She was upset and pulled me into the kiss, but I, Johnís voice falters; I didnít stop her. Iím so sorry."

Evangeline could not look at him; the pain in her chest felt like her very soul was dying. The intake of breath sent her hand to her chest as if punched physically. The sound of her crying ripped him apart. He rather had died than hurt her. She tried to get up and run, but John moved quickly beside her on the couch and held her to him, she tried pushing him away, struggling against him.

"Please Evangeline, Iím sorry, Iím so sorry. Stop fighting me. I will let you go. Just stay on the couch. Please think about the babies. This is not good for you or them."

After John released her, she put her face in her hands and cried harder, sliding down onto the couch her back to John. John reached out to soothe her but decided against it. Evangeline cried herself to sleep. John sat looking at her, trying to find words that would soothe her. What do you say to the women you have slept with for the past year. How do you make her understand? He could not think of anything to say in his defense. "Evangeline, Evangeline", he called. She did not answer. John carried her to the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. He covered her with a blanket.

The phone rang; John rushed to the living room to answer it before Evangeline woke up.

"HelloÖ Danielle, heyÖ. No, Evangeline is asleep ÖWell; no she didnít rest right awayÖ She wanted to talkÖ Did she get stressed? Ö Hmm, well, a little. She was very insistent, I was kind of afraid not to."

Will there be any more talks? Ö I believe we have every thing out in the open. John is getting defensive. Danielle, I did not intend to discuss anything today. Like, I said she was insistentÖ All rightÖ Yes I know she is your friend and youíre just concerned. Sorry. I know you didnít mean any harmÖ She went to sleep about half an hour agoÖ Ok, I will have her check in with you when she wakes up. Thanks for calling.

John hung up the phone and went to the bedroom to check on Evangeline. She was still asleep. John stood in the doorframe looking at the most beautiful women he had ever seen, wondering how he got so lucky, no blessed. She was definitely a blessing and now the are blessed to become parents. He vowed to cherish her and protect her from this day on. Right now, John wanted nothing more than to be her husband, her protector, her everything.

John felt hungry and decided to order in. He knew Evangeline had been craving Pizza, with pineapples, pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, and onions. I think that was all. She also wanted a chocolate shake. John placed the order, he order a plain cheese pizza for him self. He had to go to supermarket for the ice cream and milk to make the shakes.

"When John returned to the bedroom, to check on Evangeline she was awake. He stood beside her where she lay. How are you? He asked. Her face and eyes were without emotion and she answered "Fine". John knew from her voice and appearance that she was hurt. She was not fine, but she was not about to let him know, so she put a wall up.

John plans to bring that wall down with lots of TLC. "I ordered a couple of pizzas and Iím running to the supermarket to get chocolate ice cream and milk to make some shakes. Is there anything you need or want?

"No, she said."

"Danielle called while you were sleep; she wants you to call her back."


"Well, Iíll be back before the pizza is delivered.


John stared at her for a moment, "All right, bye." He grabs Evangelineís keys, locks the door and leaves for the store.

Evangeline is staring at the ceiling; tears are running down the sides of her face as she is remembers everything that happened earlier.

She called Danielle back.

"Hey, itís meÖ No, Iím fineÖ Danielle, I know, but I insistedÖ Yes, Iím resting now. No, there will not be any more talks, at least not until after the babies are born. I think I heard everything I need to for nowÖ How was it? UnforgettableÖ No, I donít knowÖ I do know that John will need to prove himself to me. I cannot trust his feelings for me anymore. He said that he is in love with meÖ I know, I know, yes, he finally told me, but he just came to this realization. I remember my Pastor once said, you could not trust feelings, because they are subject to change. Love is an action, not a feelingÖ Ok, I will talk with you later."

John returned, checked in with Evangeline, she was sitting up with her head leaning back on the headboard, eyes shut.

John stood in the doorway and said, "Hey! How are you feeling?"

She turned her head to look at him and almost laughed, remembering what she had said to Danielle about feelings. John noticed the chuckle, he was curious. "What was that about?"

"I tell you at another time."

"I have the ice cream and milk for the shakes. Oh! I also got some chocolate syrup. I picked up some Caesar salads, and dressing, the Pizza should be here any minute. Iíll let you know when everything is ready."

"Thank you John, you didnít have to."

He looked down to the floor with a bashful smile, then glanced at her and said, "Yes I did. I love you and Iím going to prove it to you from now on." Looking back at her.

John noticed her avert her eyes from his, but not before he noticed her eyes were watery. He decided not to question her about it. "Ok, Iím going to the kitchen, see you in a while."