Chapter thirteen

~~ Port Charles ~~

Nikolas grabbed the phone at the exact moment that Steve did. “Mr. Cassadine speaking; Mr. Johnson speaking.”

The voice on the other end. “This is Cassadine Lab’s calling with the DNA tests results on Mr. Johnson. It is conclusive that Mr. Johnson is indeed Stefan Cassadine."”

Nikolas almost dropped the phone at those results. He was relieved and a little bit in shock that Steve was really his uncle. He felt somewhat guilty that he never looked for his uncle when he was presumed dead.

Steve looked at Carrie and just gasped. “I’m Stefan; I have a family.”

Carrie looked at Steve. “Oh my that is wonderful news dear.” She sat down not quite sure what to say.

Steve sat down beside Carrie unsure of what to say really. He was in shock of what he learned.

Nikolas hung the phone up and looked at Dawn. “He’s Stefan.”

Dawn came over and wrapped her arms around Nikky. “It’s the result that you wanted isn’t it?”

Nik leaned against Dawn. “I suppose that it was but know I don’t know what to do or say. I have to get used to him being alive.”

Dawn pressed her lips against Nik’s forehead. “I can understand that it will get better in time. I’m sure that he feels the same way because he’s been alone for so long.”

N: “This is very true we shall work it out over time we have plenty of time to figure it all out.”

D: “We should go see Steve and Mama.”

N: “You are right.”

~~ Dining Room ~~

Nik, Dawn, Steve, and Carrie met each other in the dining room on their way to go and see each other. They all stopped facing each other no one was sure what to say. Nik and Steve just looked at one another quietly for several minutes before Nik broke the silence. “You are really Stefan yet I suspect you are more comfortable with being called Steve?”

Steve looked at Nik. “Yes as I’ve been Steve for the past 4 or 5 years; and I have no recollection of ever being called Stefan. I want to learn about my past though. Have you called anyone yet?”

N: “Not yet and we will tell you about your past as Stefan. Things will make sense in time.”

S: “This is true. You should probably make those calls.”

N: “I shall I need to call Alexis, and then call Em and Lucky so that they know what is going on before they arrive home with the kids.”

~~ Phone calls ~~

Nik placed the call to Alexis. “Thea Alexis we got the results.”

Alexis: “What are they?”

N: “You may want to sit down first.”

A: “Just tell me.”

N: “He is Stefan.”

A: “Oh my gosh. How does this work?”

N: “We give it time and he prefers to stay as Steve. We will tell him about his past as Stefan.”

A: “I can help with that. I’m a bit in shock my brother is alive and I didn’t even look for him when I thought he was dead I feel guilty about that.”

N: “I do to Thea Alexis. I’m going to have Ned bring everyone back here why don’t you come out with the girls for dinner.”

A: “Brooke and Lu have other plans remember they have Meagan’s sleepover tonight.”

N: “Okay then you come and we can work out details. I need to call Em and Lucky to fill them in on things. So I will see you tonight.”

A: “See you tonight.”

Nik hangs the phone up then turns it back on dialing Em and Lucky on the cell. “There are some breaking developments.”

Lucky: “What’s going on?”

N: “Carrie and Steve arrived and Steve is really Stefan; which means Laura didn’t help kill him she only helped to try and kill him.”

L: “Back up a minute. Stefan is alive?”

N: “Yes he is; we did DNA tests to find out for sure.”

L: “What happens know?”

N: “Well he prefers to be known as Steve but he wants to know about his past as Stefan. Alexis and I have plans to help with that.”

L: “So do you want everyone to come back to Wyndemere or what?”

N: “Yes because Alexis is coming out for dinner.”

L: “Okay I’ll fill Ned and Emily in. The kids don’t need to know right?”

N: “No because he is Steve for the time being later we can explain it to them.”

L: “Okay.”

~~ Plane ride back to Port Charles ~~

Lucky hung up the phone and looked at Emily and Ned. “That was Nik, we are to go to Wyndemere. Stefan is alive.”

Em and Ned both looked at Lucky curiously. “What?”

L: “Stefan is alive. When Dawn and Nik picked up Carrie and Steve it seems that Steve is Stefan they did the DNA tests and everything.”

N: “Oh my, so Alexis will be out there for dinner I take it?”

L: “Yes.”

E: “This is so unreal.”

L: “Yes it is.”

N: “That means both of them are beating themselves up because they didn’t look for Stefan when the plane went down.”

L: “I know this is going to be hard on them.”

E: “We will help them get through this they have been helping us Lucky.”

L: “Yes we will.”

N: “And we tell the kids what?”

L: “For the time being we tell them nothing except that Steve is Carrie’s fiancé. If the time comes and he is ready to be called Stefan we will explain it to them.”

N: “Okay that makes sense.”

E: “Yes it does.”

They all looked at the sleeping children and smiled knowing that the children were exhausted from their trip in the city and they all sported a new toy for FAO Schwartz. While Ned and Lucky each held a bag with two CD’s each for Brooke and Lu.