Chapter ten

~~ Dara's arrival ~~

Dara arrived at Wyndemere and was greeted by Dawn and Nik. She felt a little uncomfortable being with Dawn and Nik because they were very much in love. She wanted to get the call from her mom and get out of there as fast as possible.

Dawn smiled at her sister. "I'm glad you could come. Mama should be calling any minute."

Carrie stood in the secret passageway watching Dara. She was worried about her oldest daughter she didn't appear to like she really wanted to be here. Carrie dialed the number on her cell phone.

Dawn answered the phone and put it on speaker. "Hi Mama."

Carrie: "Hi Dawn, hi Dara. I have big news for you both. I think it is better given in person though Dara please turn around."

Dara turned around to see Carrie stepping out of the passageway. Her mouth dropped open. "Mama when did you get here?"

Carrie went to Dara and hugged her. "Earlier today."

Dara: "So what's your big news Mama?"

C: "I'm getting married."

Dara's mouth dropped open again. "You have to be kidding me first Dawn and now you. Who are you marrying?"

C: "His name is Steven Johnson. I met him in Greece five years ago we've been meeting once a year since then and we decided we didn't want to be apart any longer."

Dara: "What do you know about him?"

C: "Just what I've learned since I met him. He was in an accident his past is a blank. He could be Stefan Cassadine."

Dara gasped. "You have to be kidding you are not marrying him then."

Dawn stood with Nikolas watching the exchange between her mother and Dawn not believe her sister could act like that. She was about to go and say something when Steve walked in and witnessed things.

Steve walked over to Carrie and Dara. "You must be Dara and don't talk to your mother that way it isn't nice."

Dara was taken aback by Steve's sudden appearance and then with his resemblance to Stefan. "I'm sorry Mama."

Carrie hugged Steve. "It's okay I know that we have shocked you by all the sudden nuptials that are going to take place as soon as possible."

Dara: "Exactly and I'm not even dating."

Carrie looked at Dara. "I thought you were seeing Marcus?"

Dara: "That didn't work out because I couldn't decide between him and Justus. Neither of them wanted to wait for me to decide."

C: "Then neither of them were for you."

Dawn breathed a sigh of relief as things got better between her mom and Dara. She stayed by Nikky as she watched them talk.

Dara: "You are right I didn't think of it that way before Mama."

Carrie smiled and turned to her baby girl. "What do you think of a double wedding?"

Dawn looked to Nikky and he smiled before she looked back towards her mom. "I'd like that but can you do both dresses?"

Carrie smiled. "I already have mine almost finished and I've had one designed for you for a long time."

Dawn: "You have?"

C: "Yes I have probably since you met your Nikky the first time."

Dawn: "Wow."

~~ New York ~~

Lucky and Emily sighed as they got up to get ready to see the Lion King. They hurried and got dressed so they could go and help Ned get the kids ready to go. Lucky went with Ned and helped the boys get ready while Emily took the girls.

Beth looked at Emily as she was getting out the dresses. "Mommy I thought we were all going to match?"

Emily looked at her daughter and smiled. "We are Beth. The dresses are the same just different colors."

Beth smiled. "Oh."

Katie laughed at her cousin. "Beth they are in our favorite colors."

Emily helped the girls into their dresses as they chatted about school and seeing the musical.

Lucky and Ned got Kyle, Aric, and Morgan ready without much fuss from them. They were excited about going to see the musical. Lucky and Ned looked at each other before going to see if the girls were ready or not.

Emily approached with the girls and they left for the theater with six excited kids.

~~ Port Charles ~~

Dawn and Carrie were discussing their weddings after Dara had left for home stating that she needed to go over a case. Carrie got out her sketches and showed Dawn the dress.

Dawn looked at the sketch. "It's perfect Mama it befits a princess and that is what I will be."

~~ Nik's study ~~

Nik and Steve were talking. "I'd like my Thea Alexis to see you and if she reacts the way everyone else does. Would you take a DNA test?"

Steve listened to Nik. "Yes I would. I'd like to know about my past and this will either confirm it or deny it."

N: "True enough Thea Alexis will be bringing Lu home tomorrow so we will get an answer then."