Chapter nine

~~ A week later, Airport ~~

Dawn and Nik had gone to the airport to pick up Carrie and Steve. Dawn was wondering just what kind of person Steve Johnson was he had to be special for Carrie to fall in love with him. They were waiting for the plane to land.

Nik: "This should be interesting I'm meeting your mother and you're soon to be step-father."

Dawn: "I'm interested to meet Steve myself and I'll be very happy to see my mom again too she has been traveling so much."

Nik and Dawn watched the passengers come off the plane waiting to see Carrie come off. They noticed her coming off followed by a man Nik looked at her companion and did a double take because the man looked like his Uncle he decided that it was just a coincidence. Dawn hurried toward her mother she to noted the similarity between Steve and Nikky's Uncle.

Dawn: "Mama you're here finally."

Carrie wrapped her arms around Dawn. "It's been to long baby."

Dawn returned her mother's embrace. "Yes it has been." Dawn looked behind her mom at Steve. "You must be Steve."

Steve walked forward. "Yes I'm Steve." He looked beyond the hugging woman to Nikolas somewhat curious because something seemed familiar to him but he didn't know what yet.

Carrie looked at Nikolas as well; "You must be Dawn's Nikky."

Nik smiled and stepped forward too. "Yes I am."

Carrie moved from Dawn's embrace and over to Nik. "Nice to meet you Nikolas."

Nik smiled and brought Carrie's hand to his lips. "The pleasure is mine Ms. Jensen."

Carrie: "Please call me Carrie you are going to be marrying my baby."

Nik: "Okay we should go get your luggage I'm sure that Dara will be surprised and happy to see you."

Dawn moved towards Steve. "It's nice to meet you Steve."

Steve watched what was going on around him feeling a touch out of place. "I feel as though I know you all ready just from hearing Carrie talk about you."

Dawn: "I'm sure you do. Yes Nikky we should go get Mama and Steve settled at Wyndemere then go surprise Dara."

Carrie looked a trifle amused. "You didn't tell your sister we were coming?"

Dawn: "No Mama, I wanted to surprise her. Well that and between moving to Wyndemere and work I almost need an appointment to see Dara?"

C: "She's working to hard then. You are living at Wyndemere?"

D: "Yes it is easier to plan the wedding and it let's me spend as much time with Emily as she needs. Plus I get loads of time with Nikky and Aric. Before you jump to conclusions Mama I have my own room."

C: "Okay let's go I'm curious to see Wyndemere."

D: "Okay."

Dawn took Nik's hand as her mother did the same thing with Steve. They got the luggage and headed for home. Steve seemed quiet through the ride to the launch he was having a case of deja vu he felt as though he had been there before. When they were on this launch he had an eerie feeling.

S: "I could swear I've been here before yet I don't remember. But then again my past is a blank."

Nik had been watching Steve curiously wondering if he could be Stefan or not because the resemblance was uncanny. "How long go were you in the accident?"

S: "Six or seven years ago I met Carrie a couple months after I got out of the hospital and that was five years ago."

Nik thought about Stefan and when he died it was indeed about six and a half years ago. "The only reason I ask is because my Uncle died almost seven years ago and you look a lot like him."

Carrie gasped a bit remembering the papers when Stefan had died she had thought Steve looked familiar. "Now that I put the two together there is a major resemblance."

Steve looked at Carrie and Nikolas. "There is?"

N: "Yes when we get home I'll show you his photograph."

S: "Okay."

Dawn merely watched and listened to the whole conversation. Wondering if perhaps a DNA test would be in order. She looked at Steve as the launch pulled up to the island and they started up to the house. She hoped that Mrs. Lansbury didn't faint at the sight of Steve.

Steve looked around the grounds still feeling as though he had been here before. He looked at the house and felt like he had come home which seemed off to him. They entered the house and Mrs. Lansbury came to great them. She took one look at Steve and fainted.

Nik rushed to Mrs. Lansbury. "Mrs. Lansbury."

Mrs. Lansbury came around. "Master Nikolas I thought I saw Master Stefan."

N: "I thought the same thing. Mrs. Lansbury may I present Carrie Jensen and Steve Johnson."

Mrs. L: "But he looks like Stefan."

N: "I know he does."

Nik and Dawn showed Carrie and Steve to their adjoining rooms while Mrs. Lansbury went to get over her shock. Dawn smiled watching her mom with Steve. "We figured Dara coming over tonight would be the perfect time to surprise Dara."

C: "Yes it will and that will give me sometime to rest. So who all lives here?"

N: "My brother and sister-in-law, their two children, my little sister, my grandmother sometimes, my son, the staff, Dawn and myself."

C: "Oh my that is a full house. Where is everyone though?"

N: "Lucky and Emily took the kids into New York to see The Lion King. Lu is spending the night at my Aunt's with her best friend since Lucky and Emily took the twins and Ned with them. My grandmother is in North Carolina for treatment now. As for the staff Mrs. Lansbury is in the main house all the time the rest are for the grounds and the stables most of them have cottages around the island."

C: "That would explain it. You had planned to go to New York I bet."

N: "Actually the plan was for Thea Alexis and Ned to take the kids including Brooke and Lu but she got a case. She couldn't leave so Lucky and Emily went with Ned and Brooke and Lu stayed home so Aric took a friend from preschool or rather he was persuaded to let Beth and Katie choose."

C: "Interesting so why does Dara think she is coming out here?"

D: "Because you are going to call and have news for us both."

C: "Good idea."

Steve was wandering around his room because it felt like everything else seemed so familiar to him. He couldn't explain why he was feeling this way it's why he had pretty much stayed in Greece. "The only time I felt this way before was when I was in Greece it feels like home I guess."

Nik had been watching Steve he choose his Uncles old room just to see the reaction. "Well maybe because you could be home." He picked up a photograph of his Uncle and showed Steve.

Steve looked at the photo and thought he was looking in a mirror except for the eye patch. "Could I be him?"

Carrie and Dawn both looked from Steve to the photo. Carrie stayed silent because she didn't know what to stay. Dawn looked back to Steve. "You could be."

N: "Yes you could be."