Chapter eight

~~ Dawn, Nik, and Dara ~~

Dawn and Nik were seated at a table at the P.C. Grille waiting for Dara to join them for dinner and to tell her their new and then they were off to tell Ned and Alexis before calling Dawnís mother Carrie over seas the next day. They were talking quietly and making plans for their wedding when Dara came to the table.

Dara knew as she came to the table that Dawn and Nikolas had something to tell her. She just wasnít sure if she was ready to hear their news or not. She took her seat at the table and waited for the news to be told.

Nik squeezed Dawnís hand and smiled at Dara. "Thank you for coming."

Dawn smiled at Dara; "You are probably wondering why we asked you to dinner."

Dara: "Yes I am."

Dawn: "Nikky and I are getting married."

Dara started to say something then stopped because she was a little bit shocked about the news. She looked at both Nik and then at Dawn she realized they were both happy and looked very much in love. "When did this happen?"

Nik: "Yesterday I know itís fast but I donít want to waste any more time."

Dara: "I can understand that Dawn have you called mom yet?"

Dawn: "Not yet, we wanted to tell you first and we are going to stop and see Ned and Alexis tonight. We are going to call Mama tomorrow."

Dara: "So when are you getting married?"

Dawn: "Two months after mama gets here to help with the plans and making my dress."

Dara: "Thatís awfully fast."

Nik: "I know itís fast but we donít want to wait."

Dara: "I can see your point. Though I think mom will have something to say about things moving this fast."

Dawn: "I know but if you think about it. We arenít moving all that fast. Weíve known each other for nine years and things could have gone differently under other circumstances."

Dara: "Well when you put it that way I guess you arenít moving all that fast."

Nik: "I thought about finding out what Dawn was up to for the past couple years but wasnít ready to find out if she was with anyone else and I knew if she was single I wasnít ready for anything either."

Dawn: "I have always known what you were up too, and when Elizabeth passed away I considered coming to see you but decided that it wasnít wise then and I kept putting off visiting Dara too."

Nik: "How come you didnít come visit Dara?"

Dawn: "I donít know I didnít want to chance running into you without you being ready."

Dara sat back and watched the action between Dawn and Nik and knew they were very much in love.

Nik: "So what made you decided now was the time?"

Dawn: "I almost called Dara to cancel then Alexis called so I knew it was finally time."

Nik raised his glass and waited for Dawn and Dara to do the same thing before he proposed a toast. "To my bride to be may we always be as happy if not happier then we are know." They all clinked glasses and ate dinner.

~~ Ned and Alexisís ~~

Nik and Dawn arrived at Ned and Alexisís house after their dinner with Dara. Nik was confident that Ned and Alexis would be happy for them. They knocked on the door and waited to be let in. The door opened revealing Katie and Kyle with Brooke not far behind them. "Come in mom and dad are expecting you." Brooke said.

Nik and Dawn walked in and followed the kids into the den. Ned and Alexis looked up to see Nik and Dawn and they exchanged glances and smiled. Alexis decided to break the silence. "What brings you both out here."

Nik and Dawn smiled and Dawn flashed her ring while Nik spoke. "Dawn and I are getting married."

Alexis looked just a little bit shocked. "Congratulations when did this come about?"

Nik smiled at Alexis. "Yesterday Thea Alexis."

Ned smiled and knew they were very much in love. "Congratulations when is the big day?"

Dawn: "Two months from the time my mom gets here."

Alexis raised her eyebrows and looked at Ned but didnít say anything. Nik noticed the look. "We know that seems a little fast but we donít want to waste any more time."

Alexis: "When does your mom get here Dawn?"

Dawn: "I donít know yet we still have to call her and we are going to do that tomorrow."

Ned: "Thatís good."

Nik and Dawn left Ned and Alexisís and returned to Wyndemere where Dawn was in residence in the room adjoining Nikkyís until the wedding. They made plans for when they would make the calls to her mom.

~~ The next morning ~~

Dawn and Nik met in his study to place the call to her mom overseas. Carrie was currently in Greece. Carrie answered her phone and Dawn started talking. "Hi Mama I have some big news for you."

Carrie: "I have news to sweetheart. You can go first."

D: "Iím engaged to Nikky?"

C: "Your what?"

D: "Engaged to Nikolas Cassadine and I want you to come to Port Charles as soon as you can."

C: "Thatís huge news and kind of sudden."

D: "Not that sudden. Whatís your news?"

C: "Iím engaged as well his name is Steven Johnson."

D: "Mama when did that happen?"

C: "I met him the last time I was in Greece about five years ago or so. We met every year at the same time in different places this year we decided to meet in Greece again. He has no memory of his past and was in horrific accident I think the year before I met him so he wears a patch over one of his eyes."

D: "Wow we are both getting married and just when were you going to tell us?"

C: "I was going to call you both today but I think Iíll wait until Steve and I get to Port Charles to tell Dara. Just when are you getting married?"

D: "Two months after you get here or as long as it takes us to plan."

C: "Thatís really fast."

D: "We donít want to wait."

C: "Understandable, Steve and I are going to get married as soon as we can. So Iíll make arrangements and we will be in Port Charles this weekend."

D: "Okay see you then Mama."

Dawn turned to Nik when she hung up the phone. "My mom is getting married too."