Chapter seven

~~ Two weeks later ~~

~~ Dawn and Nikolas ~~

Dawn and Nik had pretty much spent most of the last two weeks together talking, holding hands, and kissing. Dawn had taken to Aric right away. Dawn, Nik, and Aric walked together around the island. Every few moments Nik and Dawn would swing Aric in the air between them. Nik and Dawn exchanged glances over the little boy. Aric ran off ahead of Dawn and Nik when he spotted Lu with Beth and Morgan. Nik and Dawn waved to her as Lu took the kids off to play.

Nik sat down on the bench and pulled Dawn down next to him. "Youíve done something I didnít think was possible you have opened my heart again."

Dawn smiled at Nik. "Iím glad Nikky because we have a connection we always have."

Nik moved in front of Dawn and dropped to one knee taking out a jewelry box. "Dawn Elyse Jensen I love you I probably always have. Will you marry me?" He opened the box to reveal a stunning emerald ring with a diamond solitaire on each side of the emerald.

Dawn looked at Nikky and then ring somewhat amazed and in awe at how fast this happened yet it felt so right. "Yes Nikky Iíll be your wife. Iíve never stopped loving you."

Nik slide the ring on her finger and then kissed her softly on the lips. "We should go share our news I think Aric will be thrilled heís taken with you already."

Dawn smiled and wiped the happy tears from her eyes. "Okay hopefully nobody thinks this is to fast."

N: "Well itís not that fast but I donít think they will. Lucky and Emily were married a month after he returned but we can have a long engagement if that would help."

D: "It doesnít have to be that long just long enough to get my mom here to help make my dress and to plan a small wedding."

N: "Is two months long enough?"

D: "I think that is definitely long enough."

Above watching everything was Liz in angel form watching over her love and son until she knew everything would be all right. "Goodbye my love you are in good hands." She whispered before she was gone knowing sheíd always watch over her son but Nik had found the love for him and didnít need to be looked after any longer.

~~ Lucky and Emily ~~

Lucky and Emily had been standing by the window watching Morgan and Beth with Lu and saw Aric join them. Their gaze turned towards Nik and Dawn. Emily saw the ring box and knew what was going to happen she turned and hugged Lucky. "Heís going to ask her to marry him."

Lucky hugged Emily. "It appears that way. I thought it might theyíve been together nonstop for the past couple weeks. She is the one for him."

E: "That is true and I think they were headed somewhere before the fire cause he was sad that someone was leaving when we met to finalize prom plans. That seems like a life time ago."

L: "I know it does but they are getting their chance know just like we got ours."

E: "We better go downstairs and get the news."

L: "Of course."

They went downstairs and met Dawn and Nik coming in hand in hand smiling. The kids came running in Lu following them. Nik and Dawn looked at everyone and Nik smiled. "Dawn and I have an announcement to make."

Aric looked at them. "What is it Papa?"

N: "Dawn and I are going to get married."

A: "Dawn is going to be my mom right Papa?"

N: "She will be your step-mother Aric remember your mom is in heaven."

A: "I know Papa but can I call Dawn Mom?"

D: "If you want to Aric."

N: "Yes if you want to Aric."

A: "Okay."

Lucky went over and gave Dawn a hug and then gave one to Nik. "Congratulations."

Emily went and gave both Dawn and Nikolas hugs. "Congratulations."

Beth and Morgan scampered over to Nik and Dawn and gave them both hugs without saying anything.

Lu stood off to the side a bit in shock and not quite sure about this but she knew she should be happy for Nik because he found love again yet she missed Liz. She managed to find her voice. "Congratulations."

Dawn and Nik smiled and said "Thank-you," as they returned hugs. Nikís gaze went to Lu and knew he had to have to a talk with his sister.

D: "We have to tell Dara and call my mother."

N: "We will but letís celebrate first."

D: "Okay."