Chapter six

~~ General Hospital ~~

~~ Friday after the procedure ~~

Emily came out of the anaesthetic to find Lucky sitting by her side waiting for her to wake up. "Lucky has Dr. Newman said anything yet?"

Lucky smiled as Emily woke up. "She was waiting for you to wake up."

E: "Okay then can you go get her then?"

L: "Of course."

Dr. Newman came into the room before Lucky could go and get her. "Your awake thatís good."

E: "So whatís the diagnosis?"

N: "I removed what scaring that I could which was the majority of it though there is some scaring that I couldnít remove. As for your chances to get pregnant Iím not sure on that but I wouldnít rule it out all together."

Emily and Lucky looked at one another before Emily spoke. "What about treatments?"

N: "Well for now I donít think you need one. Iíll have to monitor you for more scaring and if more scaring turns up treatments will need to be done. If you feel pain and discomfort we will have to set up treatments."

L: "So sheís okay for now?"

N: "She has endometriosis but it wasnít as bad as I originally thought it to be."

E: "Okay so you just have to keep an eye on the scaring and if I feel pain and discomfort once Iím not sore from the procedure Iím to come to you?"

N: "Exactly. Iím going to leave you two alone and go fill Monica in."

E: "Okay thank-you Nancy."

Lucky sat beside Emily. "Things are going to be okay Em. We will get through this together."

Emily took Luckyís hand. "Yes we will Lucky. We can get through anything as long as we are together."

L: "Yes we can."

E: "I love you Lucky."

L: "I love you Emily."

~~ Nikolas ~~

Nikolas was turning his Cassadine medallion over and over in his hands wondering if Dawn kept the one he lost so long ago. He was thinking that he should ask her about that one-day.

~~ Flashback spring 99 two days before the fire ~~

Nikolas and Dawn were walking hand in hand in the park he was trying to work up the courage to kiss her like he had been for the past few weeks since he met her. Then he heard her words. "Nikky Iím leaving in two days for Stanford."

Nik looked at Dawn and knew heíd love to go with her. "Oh Dawn Iíd love to go see you there."

D: "Oh yes Nikky please do."

N: "Then I shall."

Dawn smiled at him as he leaned into kiss her for the first and only time. Dawn wrapped her arms around his neck hitting the already unclasped medallion. He broke the kiss reluctantly because he knew he had to go finalize plans with Liz, Lucky, and Emily about prom. Little did he know it would be the last time he saw Dawn. "I have to go met Liz, Lucky, and Emily to finalize prom plans."

Dawn nodded still amazed that he had finally kissed her. "Okay Nikky you should go."

Nik leaned into kiss her cheek and walked away not realizing his medallion fell off until later that night. He went back to the park to find it and he couldnít. He didnít have a chance to ask Dawn because the fire happened, she was gone, and he never did make it to Stanford to see her.

~~ End flashback ~~

Nikolas slipped his medallion back over his neck and looked up to see Dawn standing in the door way to his office. "Hi Dawn."

Dawn closed her fingers around her medallion as she watched Nikky put his back on. "Hi Nikky you seemed lost in thought."

N: "I was thinking about you actually."

D: "Oh Iíve been doing that recently."

N: "Iíve been meaning to ask you something for awhile."

D: "What is that?"

N: "I was just wondering if you happened to find my medallion after that last night I saw you?"

Dawn smiled feeling kind of foolish as she answered him. "I picked it up meaning to return it yet I never got the chance."

Nik smiled at her. "I thought you might have. Why did you keep it you could have mailed it?"

D: "Because it reminded me of you and what could have been under different circumstances."

N: "True enough. Would you like to have dinner with me?"

D: "Yes. Do you want your medallion back?"

N: "I have a new one Iíd like you to keep it."

D: "Okay."

Dawn slipped the medallion over her head placing it near her heart where it had been for some time. Nik couldnít help but smile as he watched that knowing it was finally time to see what could have been and what would happen between them.