Chapter five

~~ Wyndemere ~~

Emily returned to the house and went in search of Lucky. She found him looking in on Beth and Morgan. "Lucky we need to talk."

Lucky looked up and noticed Emily and listened to what she was saying. "Yes we do need to talk."

E: "Then letís go to our room or into the den."

L: "Our room we wonít be disturbed then."

E: "Okay."

They walked quietly into their room wondering just what the other wanted to speak about. Emily looked at Lucky. "You can go first."

Lucky looked at Em after the door was shut and he took a deep breath. "It seems to me we are both dealing with losing Michalya. It has brought back issues from my kidnapping for me. It made me remember that I almost lost you too."

E: "I know Lucky because when I dream about losing Michalya I ended up dreaming of the fire as well so all of those feelings of loss have returned."

L: "I also donít know how to talk to Kevin about all of this because I thought we had dealt with it."

E: "I know I thought I had dealt with it all with Gail too. Evidently the feelings just faded and didnít go away permanently."

L: "I guess not what were you going to tell me?"

Emily looked at Lucky and took a deep breath. "Well what you just told me was part of it."

Lucky looked at her a moment. "What is the other part. Does it have something to do with your appointment with Dr. Newman?"

E: "Yes it does Dr. Newman is pretty sure I have endometriosis."

L: "What is that?"

E: "It means it is unlikely we will have another child. Dr. Newman wants to do a laparoscopy then she can find out bad the scaring is. She believes it is a result of the trauma of having Michalya early then losing her."

Lucky pulled Emily into his arms. "It will be okay Emily we will get through this together. After Dr. Newman does the laparoscopy what happens?"

Emily relaxed in Luckyís arms. "That depends upon the extent of my scaring and how much can be removed. There are all kinds of treatments."

L: "We can go into those later. When do you have the procedure?"

E: "On Friday. I almost wasnít going to tell you until I knew what I was facing."

L: "Emily Bowen-Quartermaine-Spencer shame on you. You know better then to not tell me something like that."

E: "I know Lucky but I really didnít want to worry you if I didnít have to. Dawn and Nancy told me I should talk to you about this and I listened to them because I didnít want you to be mad at me."

L: "Iím glad you told me and they were right I would have been mad at you for not telling me before hand."

E: "I know and that is why I told you."

L: "So you like Dawn then?"

E: "Yes I think she could be one for Nik."

L: "Really that is good then. I had wondered if he would love again."

E: "I think that he just might. They knew one another before the fire."

L: "I didnít know that so Nik gets a second chance with Dawn if there was anything there to begin with."

E: "Exactly."

~~ Dawn ~~

Dawn sat lost in thought looking at a medallion in her hands. "Oh Nikky if only the fire never happened we wouldnít have lost so many years."

~~ Flashback winter 1999 ~~

Dawn was walking along the halls of PCU going to her next class when she glanced up and came face to face with the handsomest man she had ever seen. "Hello Iím Dawn Jensen."

Nikolas had also been on his way to class when he noticed Dawn stop before him and he thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. "A pleasure to meet you Ms. Jensen. I am Nikolas Cassadine."

~~ End of Flashback ~~

Dawn smiled as remembered that meeting and the weeks that followed. They would go for walks and talk about everything. Yet he hadnít even tried to kiss her until she told him she would be leaving for Stanford.

~~ Flashback two days before the fire ~~

Dawn turned to face Nik. "Nikky Iím leaving for Stanford in two days."

Nik looked at Dawn and knew heíd love to go with her. "Oh Dawn Iíd love to come see you there."

D: "Oh yes Nikky please do."

N: "Then I shall."

Dawn smiled at Nik and he leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck accidentally unclasping his medallion. Nik reluctantly broke the kiss.

N: "I must go Iím to meet with Lucky, Liz, and Emily to finalize prom plans."

D: "Of course. I think it is sweet that you are taking Emily."

N: "I think we know that it is almost the end of the four musketeers."

D: "True with them soon to be off to college and such."

Nik nodded and kissed her cheek before leaving. Dawn noticed his medallion fall to the ground and she picked it up meaning to return it to him before she left but she never got the chance too.

~~ End of flashback ~~

Dawn kissed the medallion. "Nor did you come visit me Nikky but I understood that." Dawn glanced up to see Dara looking at her. "How long have you been there Dara?"

Dara had been watching Dawn long enough to know that her little sister was in love with Nikolas Cassadine. "No very long. What do you have there?"

Dawn: "Nikkyís Cassadine medallion. Iíve had it since I left for Stanford he dropped it the last night I saw him. I really meant to return it and then the fire and I left so I kept it thinking heíd come seem and Iíd return it then but he never did."

Dara: "Well you could return it now."

Dawn: "Then heíd think me foolish for having it all these years."

Dara: "I donít think he would."

Dawn: "Maybe I will."