Chapter four

~~ General Hospital ~~

Emily walked into Dr. Newmanís office; she wanted to get the facts before telling Lucky about what they would be facing. "Does Dr. Newman have any time?" she asked the receptionist.

The receptionist looked up. "Let me check Mrs. Spencer. I believe she has free time now." The receptionist buzzed Dr. Newman and she came out. "Come on back Emily I figured that you would be here with in the next couple of days."

E: "I wanted to find out the facts. Iíve done some reading but I wanted to know what I am facing before I tell Lucky."

Dr.: "I want to due a laparoscopy to find out the extent of your scar tissue and remove what I can during that."

E: "How soon can we do that?"

Dr.: "I can schedule that now and I think I can get you in on Friday."

E: "Then I need to tell Lucky by then or Iíll wait until after."

Dr.: "Emily it is better for you to tell him besides someone has to sign consent."

E: "Canít Monica do that?"

Dr.: "She can but Emily Lucky would be mad at you for not telling him."

E: "Then I need to know what else I am facing."

Dr.: "It all depends on the extent of your scarring and how much I can clear out during the procedure."

E: "What other treatments are there?"

Dr.: "Well birth control pills could help. Then there are Lupron shots that would be for a six-month treatment and the shots do have some side affects. Danocrine which is a pill that has side affects, it basically puts your body into a menopausal state, and then hysterectomy, there really isnít a cure for this."

Emily listened to her and tried to come to terms with what she was hearing. "Dr. Newman will it have to come to hysterectomy?"

Dr.: "Please Emily call me Nancy. I donít now for certain the extent of your endometriosis. I wonít know that until I do the laparoscopy."

E: "Okay Nancy, so I wonít now anything until Friday for sure?"

N: "Yes. Do you have enough facts for Lucky?"

E: "I think so. Iím sure that if Lucky has questions he will call you. So I wonít now the probability of having another child until Friday either."

N: "Exactly I wish I had better news for you."

E: "I know that you do. This is going to be on Lucky when I tell him."

N: "I know because you just suffered a great loss. Are you going into therapy?"

E: "Yes Iím seeing Dr. Jensen and Lucky is talking to Kevin."

N: "Thatís good, does anyone else now you have endometriosis?"

E: "Dawn Iím going to tell Lucky tonight."

N: "Okay I will see you Friday if you or Lucky have questions donít hesitate to call me."

E: "We wonít."

Nancy walked Emily out to the elevator wishing she could help more then she was. Emily smiled weakly at Nancy as she got into the elevator. She was lost in her own thoughts when she stepped off of the elevator. She walked right into somebody and when she looked up she saw Dawn. "Iím sorry Dawn I wasnít paying attention."

Dawn had been walking towards the elevator when she collided with Emily. "Itís okay Emily I wasnít paying to much attention to things either."

E: "I was headed home I have to talk to Lucky. Dr. Newman is going to do a laparoscopy on Friday."

D: "I wonít keep you then. Iím sure we will talk about this tomorrow and if you need to before hand Nikky has my number."

E: "Thanks Dawn."

Dawn got on the elevator and went to up to her new office. While Emily continued on to Wyndemere.

~~ Lucky ~~

Lucky was walking through the halls of Wyndemere checking in on Beth, Morgan, and Aric. He was still trying to figure out the best way to talk to Kevin about his feelings of grief. There were underlying issues as well that stemmed from his kidnapping and subsequent almost losing Emily. He thought he had gotten over that with Kevinís help but evidently it was still under the surface. He wondered if Emily was going through the same issues. He decided he should ask her, then he would try to talk to Kevin about everything.

~~ Nik ~~

Nik was going over his paper work though his thoughts kept straying back to Dawn. He wondered if he was betraying Elizabeth but decided she would want him to move on and it had been four years. Besides Dawn happened to intrigue him more then anyone else had in the past four years. His thoughts went to his first meeting with Dawn at PCU and the one kiss they had shared before his life turned upside down and Dawn left for Stanford.