Chapter three

~~ Dawn and Nik meet ~~

Dawn stepped off the launch when she reached Wyndemere and walked up to the house. Mrs. Lansbury let her in and led her to Nikolasís study. Dawn smiled as she gave Nikolas a once over. "Nikky." She said softly.

Nikolas looked up as he heard Dawn enter. He gave her a once over before standing up and walking over to her. "It is nice to see you again after so long."

Dawn smiled at him and held out her hand to Nik. "Yes it is nice to see you again Nikky. Iím sorry for your loss. I do hope I can help Mrs. Spencer."

Nikolas took her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss the back of her hand softly. "I am sure you can help Emily. That is part of the reason I contacted you."

Dawn smiled as he kissed her hand. "What is the other part of the reason?"

N: "I wanted you to fill Gailís spot on staff, and I wanted to see what you looked like after all these years."

D: "I was definitely curious to see what you looked like as well. You look the same only more mature."

N: "Thank you. You seem to have grown more beautiful."

Dawn blushed and smiled at Nik. "Thank you."

N: "Emily will be here shortly she is putting Aric, Beth, and Morgan down for their afternoon naps."

D: "Have you noticed Emily withdrawing from the children?"

N: "No I havenít Beth and Morgan are the only ones she isnít withdrawing from. The day Alexis called you Emily came back from town and seemed to be totally lost to the world around her. Plus she is having nightly dreams of losing Michalya."

Dawn was taking notes as Nik was talking. "So she is withdrawing from everyone but the children even her husband?"

N: "She has been distancing herself from Lucky since she came home from the hospital. Itís almost like she canít be in the same room with him for to long."

D: "It might be that being around Lucky for to long makes her remember losing Michalya. Are they still sharing the same room?"

N: "Yes because Lucky calms her after her dreams."

D: "Well that is a good sign. I think that they both need to work through their grief and counseling will help. Lucky is going to talk to Dr. Collins right?"

N: "Yes Lucky will be seeing Kevin. Emily should be here any minute. Would you like some coffee or tea?"

D: "I look forward to meeting Emily though I wish it were under better circumstances. Can I have water instead?"

N: "Sure thing."

Nik handed Dawn a glass of water as Emily came into the room.

Emily looked at Dawn and Nik and noticed how chummy them seemed. "Hello."

Dawn smiled at Emily and looked at her noticing how sad she seemed to be. "Hello Mrs. Spencer."

Nikolas noticed the sadness of Emily. "Hi Emily, this is Dr. Dawn Jensen, Dawn is this is Emily Spencer."

E: "Nice to meet you Dr. Jensen."

D: "Nice to meet you Mrs. Spencer. Please call me Dawn."

E: "Please call me Emily."

Nik walked towards the door. "I will leave you two to talk. No one will disturb you. Emily Mrs. Lansbury will bring in anything you need if you call her.

E: "I know that Nik."

D: "Thank you Nikky."

Nikolas left the room closing the door behind him.

Emily glanced at Dawn. "Nikky the only ones to get away with calling him that are Lu, Beth, Morgan, Katie, and Kyle. Even Lu doesnít so much anymore."

Dawn smiled, "I canít seem to call him anything else. He has never said anything about it."

E: "Then I suppose it doesnít bother him."

D: "Iím here to help you in anyway possible."

E: "I know it is just hard to talk about."

D: "Why donít you start where ever you feel comfortable."

E: "I think loosing Michalya brought back the feeling of loosing Lucky. So Iím grief stricken over those memories because for the longest time nobody know that Lucky and I were in love."

Dawn was writing things down and recording the session. "So you are dealing with all of those memories and the feelings of loosing your daughter. Are you withdrawing from everyone?"

E: "I have been withdrawing some. I canít be around Lucky for long periods of time without remembering losing my baby girl and that in turn makes me remember the fire."

D: "How did you feel when you saw the fire?"

E: "I felt a huge sense of loss because I lost Lucky when he and I had just confessed our love. Then I couldnít say anything because Elizabeth was there and I didnít want her to be slighted."

D: "Did you avoid Elizabeth after the fire?"

E: "Yes I avoided both Elizabeth and Lucky because I felt like I had betrayed Elizabeth. No one knew I loved Lucky for a year. Laura heard me at Luckyís grave on the anniversary of the fire. She helped me tell Nikolas and Elizabeth."

D: "So you are avoiding Lucky know because of the emotions you go through when you see him for long periods of time?"

E: "Yes because I canít quite seem to get past the dream of Michalya which ends up turning into the fire. I know that Lucky is alive but I guess I never got over almost losing him."

D: "Then we will have to work through the loss of Michalya and you almost losing Lucky."

E: "I think we can do that."

D: "Weíve made progress today."

E: "I do feel better now that Iíve put those two things together."

D: "That is good. Is there anything else because Nikky said you looked lost to the world around you a couple years ago."

E: "I found out I have endometrioses and itís unlikely that I will be able to have another child. I havenít told Lucky yet. I want to talk to Dr. Newman again first."

D: "That has added to your grief. You need to share that with Lucky or it will cause problems in the long run."

E: "I will but I want to find out more before I tell him. I was to much in shock to ask questions when Dr. Newman told me."

D: "That is understandable. How often would you like to see me?"

E: "What ever you think is best."

D: "Well Iíd suggest twice a week for now."

E: "That is fine. Tuesdays and Thursdays would be best. I help at the preschool on Mondays and Fridays.

D: "Okay Tuesdays and Thursdays, is there a time youíd prefer."

E: "Afternoon like now after the kids are down for their naps. Would you be coming here or would I be going to General Hospital?"

D: "Iíd come out here I think that is easiest."

E: "Okay."

Emily walked Dawn out to the launch. "Okay Iíll see you on Thursday."

Dawn nodded and boarded the launch. "Yes Thursday."