Chapter two

~~ Middle of the night ~~

Emily woke up from her dream, "Michalya," she whispered. Lucky hand woke and heard her yet again and knew that she was having the same dream she had every night since his baby girl didnít make it. He didnít understand why God took her away. He whispered, "Liz take care of her." He pulled Emily into his arms. "Itís okay Em. Michalya is with Elizabeth and Paige."

Emily wrapped her arms around Lucky. "I know but I still donít understand why this happened."

L: "Neither do I. I think we need to talk to Kevin."

E: "You talk to Kevin. Iím going to talk to Dr. Jensen Nikolas is bringing her in. She is the best if he brought her in."

L: "Okay Emily and I think that is best that way Kevin doesnít have to deal with us both."

E: "Yeah plus I think I will feel more comfortable with Dr. Jensen."

L: "Okay. I think Nik met her before."

E: "At PCU before the fire."

L: "A life time ago."

~~ Two days later ~~

Emily walked into Nikolasís study. "Nik when does Dr. Jensen get here?"

Nikolas looked up at Em as he spoke. "Sometime today. She will get settled in with Dara and come out here tomorrow."

E: "Okay."

N: "Is Lucky going to talk to Kevin?"

E: "Yes he is we decided that a couple nights ago."

N: "Okay."

~~ Dawnís arrival ~~

Dr. Dawn Jensen stepped off of the plane returning to Port Charles after a nine-year absence. She got her luggage and a taxi to Daraís. She paid the driver and walked up to the door and knocked. Dara answered the door. "Dawn you are early."

Dawn hugged her sister. "I know I am. Iím here early because Iím here to work. Alexis Ashton called me on behalf of her nephew Nikolas Cassadine to help Emily Spencer."

Dara hugged Dawn back. "Neither Lucky nor Emily are handling loosing Michalya to well."

Dawn: "Then I am needed. Iím going out to Wyndemere tomorrow."

Dara: "I hope you can help."

Dawn: "I will try my best. Iím interested in seeing Nikky again."

Dara glanced at her sister. "Nikky? You know Nikolas?"

Dawn smiled remembering Nikolas and the one single kiss they shared what seemed like a million years ago. "Before the fire and before I went to Stanford."

Dara nodded, "That is good. Are you going to be staying here then?"

Dawn: "Iíve been offered Dr. Baldwinís spot on Staff because she is retiring."

Dara: "Are you going to take it?"

Dawn: "Yes I am. I want to be near you."

Dara: "Iím glad you are going to stay. I have missed you."

Dawn: "I missed you too."

~~ Emily ~~

Emily sat at Michalyaís grave. "Michalya Nicole Spencer, my baby girl, Elizabeth and Paige will take good care of you. Momma look after my baby girl. I love all three of you."

Two angels fluttered above one of them holding a tiny baby. "We will Emily and we love you too." They both whispered knowing she probably couldnít hear them. They hoped Emily could pull out of her depression. "We will watch over you as best we can."

Emily pressed a kiss to her hand then to Michalyaís name. "I wonít forget you Michalya."