Chapter one

~~ 2008 ~~

~~ Emilyís dream ~~

Lucky rushed Emily to the hospital because she had gone into premature labor she had another three months left before she was due to give birth. Dr. Newman met them in the emergency room to assess if they could stop Emilyís contractions or not. She started her examination of Emily. "Iím afraid that you are going to deliver right now Emily." She went to the phone and called for neo natal to come down for the baby while she went got things ready for Emily to deliver.

Emily grabbed onto Luckyís hand. "Itís to early."

Lucky held onto Emilyís hand and tried to reassure her that everything would be fine but he was scared himself.

Dr. Newman smiled reassuringly at the couple. "Everything is under control. I have neo natal coming down. Iím not going to give you false hope the first twenty-four hours are crucial if this child makes it through them he or she has a good chance." She said as she was checking Emilyís dilation. "Em on your next contraction I want you to push."

Emily nodded she was still scared that her child wouldnít make it. She pushed when she felt her next contraction hit and she practiced her Lamaze. Lucky held onto her hand and encouraged her as she pushed. He was saying prayers and hoping Elizabeth was watching out for them.

Dr. Newman saw the head as Emily pushed and guided the childís head and shoulders free of the birth canal. "Okay Em one more good push with the next contraction." Emily pushed again when the next contraction came. Dr. Newman caught the child as she made her entrance into the world. Dr. Newman took her over to the neo natal nurse who cleaned her mouth and nose. Emily and Lucky watched waiting for any sound and finally they heard a tiny cry. The baby was put in the incubator and rushed up to neo natal intensive care. Dr. Newman walked back over to them. "You have another daughter. Her lungs are not fully developed and she needs to be on oxygen. There may be further problems."

Emily and Lucky clung to one another as Dr. Newman checked on Em again making sure that her vitals were good and made the preparations to move her to her own room. Lucky and Emily talked quietly before Em finally said, "Michalya Nicole Spencer sheís a Spencer she will be a fighter."

Lucky smiled a bit. "That she will be. I suppose I should call and let everyone know but I want to wait a bit. Iíll call Nikolas and Alexis they can tell the others."

E: "That is a good idea I donít want to get everyoneís hopes up so we should hold off for a day on telling everyone."

L: "That is a wise idea."

~~ Three hours later ~~

Emily and Lucky were looking in on their daughter. Nikolas and Alexis had just arrived. There were nurses rushing over to there daughterís isolate. They stood at the glass watching as the nurses worked on their daughter. Emily buried her face on Luckyís shoulder unable to watch anymore and then she knew that their daughter had joined Elizabeth. She walked a little bit away from Lucky, Nikolas, and Alexis and spoke softly. "Elizabeth take good care of my little girl." An angel fluttered nearby listening and holding a tiny child. "I will Emily," she said though she knew Emily couldnít hear her.

A doctor came out. "Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Iím sorry to inform you but your daughter died."

Emily had returned to Lucky when the doctor came out she clung to him. "Oh Lucky," she managed to say before she broke down in tears.

~~ End of dream ~~

Emily woke up with a start and wiped the tears from her face. "My baby," she whispered to herself. Lucky woke when he felt Em stir. "Itís okay Emily."

E: "I still canít believe itís been a month Lucky."

L: "I know Em we need to pull out of this Beth and Morgan need us."

E: "I know Lucky."

~~ The following day ~~

Emily went into General Hospital for her check up with Dr. Newman. Dr. Newman called her into the office and started the exam. "Emily things are looking just fine but I want to do an ultra sound to get a clear look at something."

E: "Okay."

Dr. Newman preformed the ultrasound and saw what she thought was happening from Michalya being early and the trauma Emily went through right after giving birth. "Emily I donít think you can have any more kids. There is some scarring forming because of the trauma you went through with losing Michalya right after giving birth. Its commonly called endometriosis."

Emily looked at her. "I canít have another baby?"

D: "Itís highly unlikely Emily and you want to wait awhile and let yourself heal."

E: "I wouldnít want another child now but later I mean I wonít be able too?"

D: "I donít think you will Emily."

Em nodded and got ready to leave. "So Iím okay otherwise?"

D: "Yes but Iíd wait another month before you and Lucky resume having sex."

E: "Okay."

Emily headed back to Wyndemere to be with Beth and Morgan rather sad at what she had learned. She decided to keep that to herself for a little bit. She and Lucky were on rocky ground because she couldnít seem to get over losing Michalya this just added to that pain.

Nikolas noticed how Em looked when she came in and knew something was wrong but he chalked that up to her grief. He was trying to decide if he should bring someone in or not because he knew she was reliving losing Michalya almost every night in her dreams. Lucky was not handling Emís reaction very well and they were withdrawing from one another. He decided to call Alexis.

N: "Thea Alexis I think itís time to call in Dr. Jensen."

A: "Em isnít improving?"

N: "She seems to be getting worse and she and Lucky are withdrawing from one another."

A: "I will place the call. I think she is coming here anyway but this should speed her along."

N: "Thank you."

Alexis placed the call to Dr. Dawn Jensen the top leading psychologist in the field of grief management.

A: "Dr. Jensen this is Alexis Ashton. Iím calling on behalf of my nephew Nikolas Cassadine. He wished to inquire if you would come to Port Charles and council his sister-in-law Emily Spencer she just recently lost a child at birth and she isnít deal with grief. It is putting a strain on her marriage."

D: "Mrs. Ashton I was planning to come visit my sister in a couple weeks. But I think I can arrange to be in Port Charles with in a couple of days. Will Mrs. Spencer see me if I do come?"

A: "I believe that she will."

D: "You said Nikolas Cassadine?"

A: "Yes I did."

D: "Nikky wow I hadnít thought of him in years. I met him at PCU a long time ago before his brother supposedly died."

A: "It is indeed a small world he tracked you down because you are the best and because he remembered you from PCU."

D: "Oh really."

A: "Yes good day Dr. Jensen."

D: "Good day Mrs. Ashton."

Alexis called Nikolas back. "It is a go she should be here in a couple days Nikky."

N: "She did remember."

A: "Yes she did I take it she called you Nikky?"

N: "Yes she did but that was a life time ago."

A: "True enough. You have to convince Emily and Lucky that this is a good idea."

N: "Em will do it because she knows she is not coping well. I think once Em comes to terms things with Lucky will get better. If I can I will convince Lucky to talk to Kevin about it."

A: "Yes he will feel more comfortable with Kevin."
N: "Okay I will convince them both."

A: "The twins want to know when we can schedule another play date and Brooke wants to know when Lu can stay the night again?"

N: "This weekend for both. You can bring the twins out on Saturday and then Lu can go home with you both. Is Brooke turning boy crazy too?"

A: "Yes she is. I can just see it when they both start bringing boys home."

N: "The things we get to do."

A: "I know but we will survive it."

N: "Goodbye Thea Alexis thank you for everything."

A: "Goodbye Nikolas and you are welcome."