Rediscovering Love



Three years have passed since the birthday party of Beth, Aric, Katie, and Kyle. Lots of things have happened since that party. Emily and Lucky celebrated the birth of there son Alexander Morgan Spencer about 7 months after Bethís party. Morgan is two.

Nikolas and Sarahís relationship when no where after that kiss because it happened all to soon for him. Nik focuses on raising his son and helping to raise Lu. As well as running the Cassadine Family Empire.

Lu is growing up to be a young lady of fourteen. She is going to high school and spends time with Brooke talking about boys. Nik, Emily, and Lucky are in for a rude awakening.

Emily and Lucky are expecting the birth of their third child and are very happy. Beth is four and Morgan is two. They enjoy spending time with their children and helping to raise Lu.

Ned and Alexis are happy and raising Katie, Kyle, and Brooke. They run L&B and listen to Katie and Kyle sing to them and with Ned. They keep and eye on Brooke who seems to be getting into the teenage boy stage like Lu is. Ned and Alexis also help Nikolas, Emily, and Lucky any time that they can.

Brooke is happy to be with Ned and Alexis. She calls Alexis mom and has since about the time Katie and Kyle were born. She spends her time with school and Lu talking about boys and such.

Laura disappeared without a trace from Port Charles shortly after Liz died. Nik tried to find her to make sure she would not come back to cause problems with Luís custody again. They believe her to be dead but arenít sure.

There has been a lot of sadness around Port Charles in the past three years. The Quartermaine family has had their share of loss when first Edward died in 2006 of heart failure. Then there was a plane crash in that killed AJ when he was coming home from visiting with Michael that happened in 2007. Alan and Monica are still bickering and are often separated but that is normal for them. Lila is doing well though she is very sad after having lost Edward Reginald tries to keep her spirits up.