Cast for Rediscovering Love

Emily Spencer – Em runs ELQ and has been married to Lucky since his return from the ‘dead’. They have three children Beth, Morgan, and Michalya. Em is on a leave of absence from ELQ due to giving birth to Michalya early and her not making it. Em is in a deep depression.

Lucky Spencer – Lucky works for L&B and keeps tabs on Luke’s and Kelly’s for the interests of his little sister. He and Emily have been married since shortly after he returned from the ‘dead’. He has three children, Beth, Morgan, and Michalya. He is trying to come to grips from the death of Michalya at birth because she was premature and not strong enough to make it. He is also trying to cope with Em’s depression, which is driving a wedge in between them.

Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Paige Spencer – 4 years old. Beth is the oldest daughter of Lucky and Emily she was named after Elizabeth and Emily’s mother Paige. She isn’t old enough to understand that she lost her little sister all she knows is that her mommy and daddy are sad. She and Aric are especially close due to being the same age. She also likes to play with Katie and Kyle Ashton.

Alexander ‘Morgan’ Spencer – 2 years old. Morgan is Lucky and Emily’s son. He doesn’t even understand the change in his parents but he picks up on it because of the changes in action.

Michalya Nicole Spencer – Deceased, Michalya passed away hours after she was born because her lungs were not developed and her heart gave out on her. Her not making it was the cause of Em and Lucky's problems.

Nikolas Cassadine – Nik runs the Cassadine Estate still with a little help from Alexis. He is still getting over the loss of his wife Elizabeth and is raising his son Aric. He has noticed the troubles between Lucky and Emily steaming from the loss of their child. He has called in a psychologist to help Em through things and Lucky as well if he will see her. He met Dawn at PCU during classes there but lost touch with her when she transferred to another school he contacted her for help.

Stefan ‘Aric’ Cassadine – 4 years old. Aric is the heir to the Cassadine family and is the son of Nikolas and Elizabeth. He will never now his mother except through the stories he is told about her and through her artwork. The mural that graces the nursery wall is his favorite. He likes to play with Beth who happens to be like a sister to him being that they are the exact same age. He also likes to play with Katie and Kyle Ashton.

Lesley Lu Spencer – 14 years old. Lu is Luke and Laura’s youngest daughter. Nikolas, Lucky, and Emily have raised her since she was 8 years old. She is a very well adjusted young woman now she is saddened over the loss of her little niece and has noticed the changes in Lucky and Emily. Her best friend is Brooke Ashton. She just like Brooke have started to notice boys so Nik, Lucky, and Em will have their hands full.

Ned Ashton – Ned runs L&B with Alexis as his legal council and his wife. He has three children. Brooke his daughter with Lois. He is raising Brooke because Lois died in a tragic accident. Katie and Kyle are his 4-year-old twins with Alexis.

Alexis Ashton – Alexis is chief legal council for L&B as well as the Cassadine family. She is married to Ned and raising Brooke, Katie, and Kyle. She helped Nikolas bring Dawn in to help Emily and Lucky.

Brooke Lynn Ashton – 14 years old. Brooke has been living with Ned and Alexis since she was about 8 years old. Her mother died in a tragic accident. She calls Alexis mom and has since about the time Katie and Kyle were born. She adores being a big sister and spending time with her best friend Lu. She has just started to take an interest in boys so Ned and Alexis better watch out.

Katilyn ‘Katie’ Kristen Ashton – 4 years old. Katie is older then Kyle by about a minute or two. She is an oppionated young lady who loves to sing with her daddy. Ned and Alexis will have their hands full as she grows up. She likes to boss Kyle around and she likes to play with her cousins Aric and Beth. Morgan fascinates her still because he’s smaller then she is.

Kyle Edward Ashton – 4 years old. Kyle is the younger twin he is easier going then his sister is. He tries to keep Katie out of trouble because she always seems to be into things. He too likes to sing with his daddy but not as much as Katie seems too. He lets Katie boss him around and he likes playing with Aric and Beth.

Dawn Jensen – Dawn is Dara’s little sister and is a psychologist. She met Nikolas during collage but lost touch with him when she transferred to another school. She was coming back to Port Charles to see Dara when she received Nikolas’s call for help. She hopes that she can help Emily work through her grief and help her reconnect with Lucky. She has her eye on Nikolas and hopes that maybe she can be the one that he rediscovers love with. ** The character of Dawn Jensen is borrowed from niklovr. With my many thanks to her for the use of Dawn for this story. **

Dara Jensen – Assistant DA who is somewhat shocked at her sister’s relationship with Nikolas Cassadine. She herself is looking for love perhaps she will find it.

Carrie Jensen – Dawn and Dara’s mother who has come to town to visit her daughters and brings along a man that could shock some people. **The character of Carrie Jensen is borrowed from niklovr. With my many thanks to her for the use of Carrie for this story. **

Steven Johnson – The man who could be revealed to be someone thought to be dead. He is very much in love with Carrie Jensen and has no memory of his past after he had a horrific accident leaving him with the loss of one of his eyes.