Chapter sixteen

~~ Undisclosed island ~~


Helena, Stavros, and Eleni all wake up in a strange location and start to wander around the house, until they all stumble upon each other. Stavros gazes at both Helena and Eleni. "Where are we mother?"


Helena: "I donít know in a house on an island. I think we have been exiled."


Eleni: "Ari drugged me. He told me both of you wanted me on the docks and when I walked past him he stuck me with something. Then I woke up here."


S: "They got us. I guess we are here until we are rescued."


H: "Are we completely on our own?"


E: "I saw a cook but that was it."


Helena started towards the kitchen and Stavros and Eleni followed her. She stepped forward into the kitchen to see the cook and figure out if she could bribe the person. She shook her head as she saw who it was. "Hello, Ms. Lansbury."


Ms. Lansbury: "Hello Mistress Cassadine."


Stavros looked at his mother and then the cook. "So how long are we here for?"


Ms. L.: "I have food to last for six months or more."


Helena coughed. "Any other way out of here?"


Ms. L.: "Not really it is a deserted island."


Helena, Stavros, and Eleni left the kitchen fuming about being taken. Ms. Lansbury started laughing and made he way to her quarters to use the phone in there. She unlocked her door and relocked it as she entered. "They know mother and are unpleased."


Mrs. Lansbury: "Good I shall let Master Mikkos know. I wonder how long it will take them to go looking for a way out."


Ms. L.: "I think a couple of days so at best guess they could find a boat with in a week or a month. It all depends on the shipping schedules."


Mrs. L.: "Well there are not any ships scheduled for well over a month."


Ms. L: "Okay good and they might not even look."


Mrs. L." "Oh they will look."


~~ Cassadine Compound ~~


Stefan, Alexis, Dru, and Emma were all studying together and enjoying their freedom from Helena, Stavros, and Eleni.


Dru: "I wonder how long they will be gone?"


Stefan: "Well they have food for six months but they could find a boat before then or get to the phone."


Alexis: "Any time is a good thing and the longer the better."


Emma: "Exactly."


D: "Though Iím afraid of what she might do to us both upon her return."


S: "Father will protect the both of you because you helped us."


D: "True perhaps a trip will be in order. We will have warning when they leave the island."


S: "True I suspect Father has plans in order."


A: "Papa wonít let the witch hurt us."


E: "No he wonít."


~~ Mikkos ~~


Mikkos is busy working on his weather machine, putting it together so maybe it will be done by the time Helena finds a way to leave the island. So he can take the children and machine to the United States to try it out.