Chapter Fifteen

~~ Two days later ~~

The plan was put into effect when Alexis and Stefan went to see the plans, the guards would be in place to grab Helena and Stavros. They would drug Helena and Stavros and take them to the ship. Ari would get Eleni on board.

Alexis and Stefan made their way down to Mikkos’s lab. They were a little bit nervous that the plan wouldn’t work and Helena and Stavros would win and they would all be finished.

Helena and Stavros were waiting in the wings for the right time to go subdue Mikkos, Alexis, and Stefan before setting fire to the lab. “This is almost fool proof mother. We will be rid of all of them. After they are gone what shall we do with Dru and Emma?”

Helena looked at Stavros. “Dru and Emma shall remain for the time being it would look odd if something happened to them and Ari would ask questions. I don’t want Ari to displease me, he is far to good of a manservant to lose just because his sister disappeared.”

S: “Good point Mother, besides Dru is loyal to us and he can be useful in running things because he is very smart.”

H: “Yes he has almost passed Stefan in his lessons. Emma could be useful as well. She is quite intelligent herself.”

S: “Yes they will be useful to us.”

~~ The Lab ~~

Alexis, Stefan, and Mikkos awaited the arrival of Helena and Stavros as they looked over Mikkos’s plans for his weather machine. “Maybe they aren’t falling for it.”

Stefan looked at Mikkos and Alexis. “They will come because it is far to great of an opportunity for them to pass up. They haven’t touched us in ages.”

Mikkos nodded. “Well we are ready for them in any event.”

Helena and Stavros came in just then. “Well well the weaklings are all together.”

The guards came out and grabbed Helena and Stavros injecting them with a tranquilizer to get them to the other island.

Mikkos laughed, “I finally got the upper hand.”

~~ Ari and Eleni ~~

Ari found Eleni rearranging Stavros’s room. “Sister dear Stavros and Helena request your presence on the docks."”

Eleni nodded her head. “Okay I shall head to the docks.”

Ari smiled at Eleni. “I shall accompany you there.” He held the tranquilizer in his hand. He waited until Eleni had gone past him slightly before using it on her. He carried his sleeping sister down to the boat and he put her in the cabin with Helena and Stavros. They would be unloaded at the island by the crew before the ship left.

Dru and Emma came out just as the ship was setting sail. They clapped once the ship was away from the dock. “We are free of the wicked witch, the evil prince, and the pliant mean girl for a time.”

Alexis smiled for the first time in a couple of weeks. She finally felt safe now that they were gone. “Papa.”

Mikkos looked at Alexis. “Just until they get brought back Little Dove.”