Chapter fourteen

~~ Mikkos ~~

Mikkos was finalizing the ordering of materials he would need to start his weather machine. He just hung up the phone after placing his order when someone knocked at the door. “Come in.”

Dru entered after being told he could come in. “Helena and Stavros are planning something.”

M: “I figured they were. Any ideas what?”

D: “I’m not sure but they shared looks when you said Stefan and Alexis could see your plans.”

M: “Probably to do away with the three of us. Which would put you in danger too.”

D: “I don’t think I’m in danger as long as Stavros is interested in Eleni and Helena still has Ari around.”

M: “Oh yes because something would happen to Emma too and that would make Ari suspicious Eleni could care less.”

D: “I know so if I feed her false information maybe we can set a trap and get them.”

M: “Good plan but what do we do if we catch them?”

D: “Send them on a little cruise to another island and leave them there for awhile.”

M: “I like how you think. Ari and Eleni should go too.”

D: “Just Eleni Ari’s dealt with Helena long enough.”

M: “Okay then would Ari help us?”

D: “To be rid of Helena for awhile he would.”

M: “Okay I’ll get the house on the island I have in mind set up and stocked for an indefinite stay. I should have a cook on the island and a couple servants right?”

D: “A cook beyond that they can fend for themselves.”

M: “True enough and it has to be someone who won’t tell them where they are exactly.”

D: “Okay when should we set our plan into action.”

M: “I’ll need two days to get everything set so you can go to Helena and tell her Stefan and Alexis will be seeing my plans then.”

D: “Okay should I fill Stefan and Alexis in on the plan?”

M: “That is probably wise and Ari if you can get him alone.”

D: “Okay will do.”

~~ Stefan and Alexis ~~

Stefan and Alexis were both going over their lessons when Dru came in. Dru made sure Helena and Stavros weren’t lurking about. “Your father said in two days you could see his plans.”

S: “Okay.”

D: “That is just to trap Helena and Stavros to ship them to another island for awhile.”

S: “I hope it works.”

D: “Eleni will go too.”

A: “Good she belongs with them.”

D: “Exactly don’t let on about anything else except going to see the plans.”

S: “Of course.”

A: “Okay.”

Stefan and Alexis went back to doing their lessons and Dru left to find Ari.r ~~ Ari ~~

Ari had been picking up his room having a repeave since Madame went into town with Stavros and Eleni. He heard a knock at his door. “Enter.”

Dru walked in “How would you like to be rid of Helena for awhile?”

A: “That would happen how?”

D: “They want to get Stefan, Alexis, and Mikkos. The plan is to send them to another island with Eleni and there would be a cook. We are going to get them when they go after Alexis, Stefan, and Mikkos.”

A: “What do I have to do?”

D: “Just tell Helena that Stefan and Alexis are meeting with Mikkos in two days.”

A: “Okay I’ll do it.”

D: “Okay good.”