Chapter thirteen

~~ Dinner ~~

Stefan, Alexis, Dru, Emma, Stavros, and Eleni were seated at the table quietly waiting for Helena and Mikkos to arrive so they could start dinner. Helena came down one set of stairs from her rooms while Mikkos descended the other set of stairs from his rooms. They each shot one another looks that could kill as they walked to the table without saying a word. Everyone remained quiet trying to figure out who was going to speak first or what was going to happen
since Mikkos came to dinner.

Mikkos looked around the table studying Stefan and Alexis knowing this was the first time that they had been to the table in probably two months he made a mental note to attend dinner more. His gaze went to Dru and Emma noticing that they seemed to be taken with one another. He turned to look at Stavros and Eleni he had to fight to keep from gagging because of how Eleni was making eyes at Stavros. His gaze finally landed on his dear wife it was enough to make him sick that she was paying these girls to be mistresses for Dru and Stavros. Yet he wouldn't stop it since this way he could get the goods on Helena and Stavros from Dru and it seemed to make Stavros and Helena forget about tormenting Alexis to get to Stefan and in turn him.

Stefan and Alexis exchanged glances as dinner was served it was a rather quiet affair everyone was eating and studying everyone else. It was almost as if nobody wanted to break the silence because they knew all hell would break lose then.

Dru and Emma were making eyes at one another yet being subtler about it as they watched everyone around them. They were wondering who would speak first Helena or Mikkos.

Stavros smiled at Eleni as her foot slid up his leg to rest between his legs. He glanced at Helena and gave her a slight nod to speak before Mikkos did. He thought that this would prove to be interesting to see what happened.

Helena looked first to the weaklings and started to plot what to do with them for she had almost forgotten that they existed. Her gaze moved to Dru and Emma she was trying to figure out just what to do with them for now they served a purpose. She smirked as she noticed just where Eleni's foot was and she caught Stavros's subtle hint. She looked straight at Mikkos and took
the advantage of speaking first. "So Mikkos what has been keeping you so busy?"

Mikkos looked directly at Helena before he finally answered the question. "I've been working to finalize plans on a machine that can control the weather."

Everyone looked at him as he said that wondering just what he was up to with that. Helena finally broke the silence again and questioned him. "How is that possible?"

M: "It's a science I still have to build the machine and that will take time. I'm sure there will be other things to work out with the machine before it works right."

Stefan: "That sounds interesting father. Could I see the plans sometime?"

M: "Of course so can Alexis."

Stefan: "Okay."

Helena shot Stavros a glance of we can get all three of them. Stavros smirked as he caught Helena's glance.

Dru picked up on that glance and decided it was time to warn Stefan, Alexis, and Mikkos that they were most likely in danger from Helena and Stavros.

Everyone finished up dinner and retired to their respective rooms for the night.