Chapter twelve

~~ 2 months later ~~

~~ Mikkos's lab ~~

Mikkos was sitting back and celebrating because he had finally finished his plans and was so very pleased with himself. He had also figured out which metal mixture was best to construct his machine with. This would probably take him another year to construct because he had to follow the plans to the letter or it wouldn't work right. He glanced at the time and rang

Mrs. Lansbury. "I'll be attending dinner."

Mrs. L: "Of course I shall inform Master Stefan and Miss Alexis as well as your wife."

M: "Okay will Eleni and Emma be at dinner?"

Mrs. L: "That depends if Madame Helena wishes them at the table or not. Since it's your first meal since their arrival she may think it best for them to not attend."

M: "Then don't inform Helena until the last minute. Or better yet inform Ari and have him tell her once the girls are at the table."

Mrs. L: "Of course."

~~ Stefan and Alexis ~~

Alexis was going over her reading with a little bit of help from Stefan. "Emma knows what she is doing for the most part. I'd suspect that Dru has been helping her. Eleni isn't doing well and doesn't care for she is only there half of the time Stavros is always coming to get her."

Stefan listened to Alexis. "Well then you help Emma and Eleni doesn't matter."

A: "Of course. I like Emma, I think Dru hasn't turned on us. He seems to be protecting Emma as well as us."

S: "I think you are right Little Dove."

Mrs. Lansbury came into the room. "Master Mikkos will be at dinner so you can attend."

Stefan and Alexis just nodded amazed that he was finally leaving his project.

~~ Dru and Emma ~~

Emma was going over her studies getting a little help from Dru every once in awhile. "Alexis is still ahead of me but she helps me. Eleni won't ever catch up because she is never there."

Dru smiled at her. "Well my sweet that is because Stavros doesn't seem to care if she is smart or not."

E: "This is true and our lessons are at the same times where as Stavros seems to have his when ever."

D: "Very true."

~~ Stavros and Eleni ~~

Eleni kissed Stavros again before sliding from the bed to pick up the clothing. She looked at Stavros. "My prince I thank you for freeing me from those infernal lessons. I know everything I need to."

Stavros watched Eleni and smiled at her. "I know dear. I am trying to rid you of them all together, but mother thinks you need certain ones."

E: "Then which ones so I can get them over with?"

S: "The ones on our history, the etiquette ones, and then the writing ones. For she believes you should know proper writing for correspondence and things. You are to have special lessons as well to prepare you for becoming a princess one day."

Eleni's face lit up. "But of course. Do I get to leave Emma and that horrid brat?"

S: "Yes you will have my tutor."

E: "Oh good Alexis makes me feel dumb."

S: "You aren't dumb, Alexis has been spoiled by lessons which when I become head of the family will stop and the little brat will be put in her place."

E: "I look forward to seeing that. We best prepare for dinner."

S: "A wise idea."

~~ Helena and Ari ~~

Helena lounged in her chair watching Ari attend to her things and then go to his room to dress for dinner.

Mrs. Lansbury was waiting for Ari to exit Helena's room. "Master Mikkos is attending dinner."

Ari nodded. "Madame isn't aware of that."

Mrs. L: "No she isn't he wishes Emma and Eleni be present and feared she would order them not to attend."

A: "I shall inform her at last minute. You should call up then."

Mrs. L: "Of course."

Ari went back into Helena after changing. "Does Madame require anything before dinner?"

Helena scooted up in her chair. "A nice shoulder rub."

Ari walked over to Helena and started to rub her shoulders. "Anything else Madame?"

H: "No Ari."

Ari continued to rub over Helena's shoulders waiting for the phone to ring. "Are you changing for dinner Madame?"

H: "Yes do get my blue dress."

A: "Of course Madame."

Helena watched him go to the closet and get her dress out. She watched him walk back to her and help her stand. She felt his hands moving over her to remove her robe and help her into her dress. "Thank you Ari."

A: "You are welcome Madame."

The phone rang and Ari picked it up. "Madame Cassadine's room." He listened to what was being said, "Okay." He turned to Helena. "That was Mrs. Lansbury dinner is ready and Master Cassadine is dinning this evening."

Helena looked up. "Oh then you remain here and get dinner from Mrs. Lansbury later. Are Emma and Eleni at the table already?"

A: "Yes Madame the only ones not at the table are you and your husband."

H: "Then I better go."

Ari opened the door for her and watched her exit and head for the dinning room. He retired to his room rather happy to have a break from Helena. He shuddered and thought of happy things trying to keep his mind from wondering to the various things he had to do to please Helena.