Chapter 11

~~ Mikkos's lab ~~

Mikkos was bent over his plans making sure that all his calculations were correct. He was also trying to figure out the best material to build his weather machine with. "Come in," he bellowed as someone knocked on the door.

Mrs. Lansbury came in carrying a dinner tray for him. "Dinner is served Master Mikkos. Your wife just brought in a new manservant, Ari Marcopolis. She also arranged for Eleni and Emma Marcopolis to be staying here. They have quarters adjoining Stavros and Andreas."

Mikkos glanced at the dinner tray as he listened to Mrs. Lansbury. "Has Dru changed sides?"

Mrs. L: "That is unclear. I over heard bits and pieces. He has made sure that Alexis is protected."

M: "Then he hasn't gone to the dark side totally. I will have to speak with him soon."

Mrs. L: "That would be wise. I do hope Ari lasts longer then poor Kiro did. He was here but a month. I can't prove anything but I think she did away with him."

M: "All her manservant's disappear without a trace. Though they usually last longer then a month."

Mrs. L: "Kiro didn't bow to her every whim."

M: "That would explain it."

~~ Dining room ~~

Helena continued to size Ari up as she watched him serve dinner and then take his seat by here. "You are going to do just fine Ari."

A: "Thank you Madame."

Emma kept looking from Dru to her brother. She couldn't believe Ari was acting so different but she thought it best for him because of how Helena is with her manservant's. She ate her dinner in silence."

Eleni smiled at Stavros and let her foot run up his leg under the table. She listened to whatever idle talking was going on. She stayed silent until someone addressed her like a good little mistress should.

Stavros smiled at Eleni and then turned toward his mother watching her with Ari. He was pleased by Eleni's attentions under the table. "Mother does Ari suit your needs?"

Helena turned to her son. "I do believe so tonight will be the clincher." She had her feet wandering under the table and over Ari's legs to get his reaction.

Ari looked at Helena. "Would Madame like anything else?" He asked her giving her no indication that her foot affected him at all."

H: "No Ari."

Dru watched everyone as he ate. He noticed the action under the table and shuddered a little bit but not enough to be noticed by anyone else. He finished and noticed that Emma was done. "Mrs. Cassadine may Emma and I be excused?"

H: "Yes."

Dru pulled out Emma's chair and took her hand leading her from the room and back upstairs to her own room. "This is your room the sitting room we have in common is through the doors."

Emma just nodded, "Okay this is all so strange. Ari was not himself and Eleni is just plain scary she seems to be happy about this."

D: "Your sister has an agenda though. I'm glad you are here."

E: "I am to but this is moving so fast."

D: "I know my sweet Emma."

Stavros finished his meal and stood pulling Eleni's chair out for her and took her hand. He led her upstairs to the room adjoining his. "Well this is your room but you will be staying in my most of the time."

Eleni smiled at him. "Of course my prince."

Stavros led her into his room and stood waiting for her. Eleni stood before Stavros and dropped her dress off of her so she was standing naked in front of him. Eleni reached up and started to remove Stavros's clothes for him. When she had removed his clothing she stood up on tiptoe and kissed him before waiting for him to make his wants known."

Helena finished her meal. Ari stood and pulled out her chair when she was finished. "Follow me Ari." Helena said as she started towards her rooms. Ari followed her silently preparing himself for what was to come. Helena stopped at Ari's quarters. "This is your room."

A: "Yes Madame."

Helena continued on to her room. "These are my rooms familiarize yourself with them."

"Yes Madame." Ari said as she looked over the room-making note of where things were located.

H: "Go draw me a bath."

Ari went and got her bath ready as he mentally prepared himself for what was going to come seeing her naked and most likely pleasing her. He shuddered with those thoughts before going back to get her. "Madame your bath is ready."

H: "Very good help me with my clothes."

Ari helped Helena remove her clothing and followed her into the bathroom. He helped her step into the tub and waited further instructions.

H: "Ari remover your suit I wouldn't want your clothing to get wet while you are bathing me."

Ari removed his clothing and knelt beside the tub. He picked up the soap and clothe and began to wash Helena's body. Helena glanced over Ari as he was washing her. "Yes you will definitely please me."

Ari just nodded and rinsed Helena's body off, before helping Helena stand up and out of the tub. He wrapped a towel around Helena while he let the water out of the tub. He started to towel Helena off buying himself some time to prepare for what was coming next.

Helena smiled to herself. "Get the oils and then come into my bedroom."

A: "Yes Madame."

Helena lay out on her stomach on the bed waiting for Ari to come in with the oils. She heard him walk in. "Give me a massage."

Ari started to massage Helena's back after oiling her hands. "Does Madame require anything else?"

Helena sighed happily. "I think you can figure it out."

Ari kissed the nape of her neck and let his hands move over her body thinking of his first love while he was doing that.

~~ Stefan and Alexis ~~

Stefan and Alexis finished their dinners. "Little Dove I bet if we take our tray downstairs Mrs.
Lansbury will have some cookies for us."

A: "Okay but will everyone else be there still?"

S: "They have long since come upstairs."

Stefan and Alexis went downstairs with their dinner tray. "Mrs. Lansbury do you have any cookies?"

Mrs. Lansbury found four cookies and handed two to each child. "There you go. You two might want to eat in your study unless Master Mikkos is dining."

S: "Oh so Ari is to eat with us if Father isn't?"

Mrs. Lansbury nodded. "Exactly that and Eleni and Emma are staying her permanently."

S: "Then we wish to dine in our study unless Father joins us."

Alexis just listened quietly as she munched on her cookie.

Mrs. L: "Eleni and Emma will be joining Alexis in her lessons."

A: "They are older then me though."

S: "They haven't had a tutor they've gone to the local school so they are probably below your learning level."

A: "Oh so I'm probably going to have to help them."

S: "Emma is nice, Eleni is after Stavros."

A: "I'll be careful of Eleni then."