Chapter 10

~~ Dru's quarters ~~

Dru kissed Emma softly and cradled the young lady in his arms. "You amaze me Emma."

Emma looked up at him and smiled pressing herself closer to him and enjoying being in his arms. "Thank you Dru. You are the amazing one. You are so gentle and loving."

Dru smiled and pressed a kiss to Emma's forehead. "When are you expected home?"

E: "Sometime tomorrow Eleni said we would be staying here for the night."

D: "Very good. I think we should go down and see if Mrs. Lansbury will get us some food I think we missed dinner."

E: "Okay."

They got up from the bed and got dressed and then headed down to the kitchen.

~~ Stavros's quarters ~~

Stavros ran his hands over Eleni's form and smiled at her. "You have please me. Are you here overnight?"

Eleni pressed herself into Stavros. "Yes I am."

S: "Good I'm famished let's go get some dinner."

Eleni nodded and slipped from the bed. She presented Stavros with his clothes and helped him get dressed before she put her dress back one. They went downstairs to eat.

~~ Stefan and Alexis ~~

Stefan and Alexis were engrossed in their studies they forgot about dinner. Mrs. Lansbury brought them up a dinner tray because she didn't think that either of them would want to see Helena great her new manservant.

Stefan: "Thank you Mrs. Lansbury."

Mrs. L: "Your welcome. I figured you'd rather not witness your mother's new manservant arrive."

S: "You are right who's coming for her now?"

Mrs. L: "Ari Marcopolis, Eleni and Emma's older brother."

S: "She finally went after him."

Mrs. L: "I guess he wasn't quite old enough the last time she was on the prowl for a new manservant."

S: "True. You best go back down. I'm sure that Dru, Emma, Stavros, and Eleni will be down to eat soon."

Mrs. Lansbury nodded and took her leave. Stefan and Alexis began to eat their dinner.

~~ Helena ~~

Helena gave herself a once over before heading to the living room to greet Ari. She smiled as she noticed Stavros and Eleni coming down from one set of steps and Dru and Emma from the other. "Coming down for dinner?"

Stavros nodded. "Yes mother. Are you awaiting Ari's arrival?"

H: "Yes I am he should be here shortly."

Dru watched her carefully and knew that he never wanted to end up at her mercy. He hoped Ari knew what he was getting into.

Eleni and Emma exchanged glances at the mention of Ari's name. They didn't say anything thought. They would both talk to Ari later on.

Helena glanced at the sisters before taking out the money she had gotten ready for them. She handed each girl an envelope. "Come see me once a month for your allowance's. I'd suggest getting new clothes because there will be several parties which you will attend with Stavros and Andreas."

Eleni and Emma nodded. "Of course ma'am." They looked at each other again and thought they were getting a good deal getting paid to spend time with Stavros and Dru.

H: "Also I've spoken with your parent's. You are going to be staying here. You will have lesson's and you will have the rooms that adjoin to Stavros and Andreas's quarters."

Eleni: "Yes ma'am we can go home and get out things right?"

Emma listened to her and was shocked she just nodded.

H: "Your things are coming with Ari. You can go see your parents when you are not in lessons or with Stavros and Andreas."

Eleni nodded and smiled things were looking good she was moving into the big house and being paid to be Stavros's mistress so to speak. She was hoping that maybe in a couple years he would marry her. Her sister on the other hand just nodded not quiet sure what she thought yet.

Dru listened to Helena and observed the girls. He could almost see the thoughts forming in Eleni's head. He also noticed that his sweet Emma looked nervous about this.

Stavros smiled at his mother. "I think that Ari is arriving."

They all looked at the door as Ari entered the room. He bowed his head to Helena, "Madame."

H: "Did someone take your bags?"

A: "Yes Madame."

Helena circled Ari sizing him up, as she looked him over. "Very good. You do understand your duties right?"

A: "Of course Madame. I'm here to take care of your wants and needs."

H: "That is correct."

Mrs. Lansbury entered the room. "Diner is served Master Stefan and Miss Alexis will not be joining you nor will Master Mikkos."

Helena nodded and they all adjourned to the dinning room. "Ari whenever Mikkos doesn't dine with us you will. Eleni and Emma you will dine with us unless told otherwise. Tomorrow someone will take you shopping."

A: "Yes Madame."

Eleni and Emma just nodded as they watched Ari's behavior.