Chapter nine

~~ Gardens ~~

Dru and Emma were still walking through the gardens talking and holding hands. He would every now and then lean in and kiss her softly. "So my beauty would you mind terribly if we went to my rooms?"

Emma looked up at him nervously and licked her lips. "Dru I've never done this."

D: "Emma we won't do anything you don't want too."

E: "Okay then let's go to your rooms."

Dru lead Emma to his rooms walking past Stefan and Alexis's study they were standing by the closed door listening to them as they walked past. "We are almost there Emma."

E: "Dru will you call for me often?"

D: "Yes I shall for you are so beautiful you take my breath away."

Stefan shook his head having fancied Emma himself but there were other girls and he had to be careful any ways or his mother would find away to ruin it. Alexis made a face as she heard Dru speaking. She waited until they had passed before speaking to Stefan. "Has he gone to her side?"

S: "I'm unsure little dove time will tell."

A: "Okay I shall be careful around him."

~~ Stavros's quarters ~~

Stavros kissed the pliant Eleni. "You always please me. I shall have to call for you more." He pulled her on top of him and started to kiss her soundly. She kissed him back and did what he wanted her to do, blushing a bit at his compliment.

~~ Dru's quarters ~~

Dru lead Emma into his room and into the sitting area. He pulled her into his lap on the couch wrapping his arms around her waist. He spoke softly to her. "We won't do anything you aren't ready for Emma we will never do anything you don't want."

Emma relaxed in his lap and leaned back against him gently. "Okay Dru." She turned a bit in his lap and kissed him softly on the lips.

Dru wrapped his arms around Emma and kissed her back gently just holding her close to him. They kissed on the couch for a long time, Dru started to move his hands over Emma's body gently she trembled a bit so he slowed down and just looked at her. "It's okay Emma we
don't have to go any further yet."

Emma trembled again as her body started to respond to Dru's touches. She smiled at him. "It's okay Dru can we go into your room."

Dru helped her up and led her into his bedroom and shut the door behind them. They removed each other's clothes and moved to the bed kissing.

~~ Helena ~~

Helena made the final preparations for Ari's arrival she was directing the servant to make sure all traces of Kiro's belonging were out of the room adjoining to hers for Ari's arrival. She was looking forward to meeting the young Mr. Marcopolis especially if he looked anything like his sisters it would be fun to break in her new manservant. Once the room was sufficiently set up she retired to her study to await his arrival. She licked her lips in thought of a new manservant she could remember seeing each man for the first time she had gone through several in the past few years they always manage to displease her.

~~ Mikkos ~~

Mikkos was working on his latest project in his study he was trying to figure out how to implement his weather machine. He had just about figured out how it should work but couldn't quite figure out how to build it. But he knew that he was going to try to control the weather and maybe freeze out a few enemies while he was at it.