Chapter eight

Chapter eight

~~ A year later ~~
Stefan and Dru are 15, Alexis is 9, and Stavros is 17.

Things for the past year had been going well Stavros
and Helena has been biding their time and had been
trying to influence Dru to join with them. Dru always
reported to Mikkos who would just glare at them.

Mikkos had been spending a lot of time working on a
project. Nobody really knew what his plans were just
that it was something to do with the weather and that
he was still in the planning stages.

Dru was at his fencing lesson while Stefan and Alexis
were going over her reading and writing assignments.
Stavros and Helena were trying to decide how to
persuade Dru that siding with them was a wise move.
They just couldn't figure out how to do that. "He has
everything he needs here. What else we interest him
with?" Stavros asked her.

Helena: "Perhaps a girlfriend?"

Stavros: "That might work I do believe there are a
couple young ladies I haven't taken to the shed."

H: "Yes it wouldn't due to find him someone who would
be afraid of him because of something that had
happened to them."

S: "I know mother. I believe the younger Marcopolis
girl would be perfect in fact her elder sister is my

H: "Summon both girls and I shall call Dru. Eleni
isn't frightened of you is she?"

S: "No she was willing that and I didn't feel the need
to conquer her so she pleases me when I call for her."

H: "That is good I believe Emma will be just the thing
to make Dru keep up aware of things. He couldn't
totally switch that would be dangerous for us."

S: "Correct mother. I shall summon the girls."

H: "I shall call Dru."

Dru came into Helena's drawing room wondering why he
had been called here yet again when he had no desire
to change sides. He had everything he wanted just by
being here. He walked in and saw Helena, Stavros, and
the two cutest girls he had ever seen. He pondered why
they were there he saw the eldest one draped over
Stavros and the younger making eyes at him. He thought
to himself so this is the game she is playing. It is a
shame I'm fond of Alexis but then again she looks
somewhat like Alexis will one day. He waited for
Helena to make the first move once he shut the door.

Helena watched Dru enter and gauged his reaction
before she made the introductions. "Andreas Castile
I'd like for you to meet Eleni and Emma Marcopolis,
they live on the island."

Dru smiled at both girls, "Nice to meet you both."

Eleni was to busy paying Stavros attention to do
anything but nod to the body. Emma smiled shyly at
him. "Nice to meet you as well." She was glad she
hadn't been summoned for Stavros because she had heard
such bad things and yet her sister was all over him.

Stavros watched things around him as he kept his
hands on Eleni. He stood and took Eleni's hand leading
her from the room. Eleni followed him knowing they
would probably end up in his rooms, which suited her
just fine. She preferred them to the shed. He always
seemed rougher in the shed, like he wanted to make her
submit to his whims which she did regardless hoping
one day he might make her his wife.

Helena smiled to herself as she watched Stavros and
Eleni exit and as she watched Emma and Dru. "Emma
would you excuse us a moment." She asked as she
watched the girl exit the room. She turned to face
Dru. "If you want the girl there are conditions."

Dru looked at her. "And they would be?"

Helena: "Well for starters we want you to keep us
informed on Stefan and Alexis, tell us when Mikkos
plans things, oh yes and last but not least your
loyalty to us."

Dru watched her as she spoke and thought about what
she was saying before answering her. "I have a
condition of my own."

Helena glanced at him. "And that is?"

Dru: "Stavros isn't to touch Alexis. I know he wants
to take her."

H: "You fancy her yourself I take it?"

D: "Yes but I shall wait for her to grow up first
there is no pleasure in taking little girls."

H: "Let me speak to Stavros but I think that is

D: "Okay."

Helena went to speak with Stavros while Dru and Emma
Emma smiled at him shyly. "Andreas what are you going
to do with me?"

Dru smiled back at her. "Please call me Dru. Emma we
won't do anything you don't want to do. How old are

E: "I will be 15 soon. And you are how old?"

D: "I'm 15."

Helena found Stavros and Eleni in Stavros's quarters
preparing to enter the bedroom. "Eleni go ahead and
get things ready Stavros will be in shortly." Eleni
went into the bedroom and shut the door. "He will come
to our side but he had a condition."

S: "And that is?"

H: "You can't take the brat he wants her."

S: "I can wait until he has her then do it or we can
dispose of him when father isn't a problem."

H: "You always think ahead I shall tell him. You will
have to wait he won't take her until she grows some."

S: "I can wait it will be more pleasurable when she is
older. I suspect about four years will pass before
that happens."

H: "You are probably right. She would be Emma's age

Stavros licked his lips remembering taking Eleni for
the first time at that age and remembering the younger
ones. He smirked "There are always other girls for me
to take."

Helena smiled, "Yes there are. I must find a new
servant for myself Kiro displeased me."

S: "Eleni has an older brother his name is Ari he is
about twenty I believe."

H: "I shall look into that later."

Stavros nodded and entered his room to find Eleni
laying naked on his bed waiting for him. She got up
when he entered and kissed him before removing his
clothes and waiting for him to take the lead.

Helena made her way back to the drawing room finding
Dru and Emma talking. "He agreed so we have ourselves
a deal."

D: "Yes we do."
H: "All right then and when ever you want to see Emma
all you need do is call for her. Emma you will come
when called by Andreas."

E: "Yes ma'am."

Dru took Emma's hand and lead her of and outside to
the gardens so that they could continue their talk.
When they reached the gardens Dru pulled her into his
arms and kissed her. He pulled back and smiled at her.
"I've been wanting to do that since I saw you."

Emma smiled at him. "I'm glad you did."

Stefan and Alexis were in their study when Alexis
looked out at the garden and saw Dru with Emma.
"Stefan Dru is with a girl." She called out.

Stefan went to the window and saw Dru the other
Marcopolis girl. He thought Dru might have finally
gone to the other side time would tell. "Little dove
he's with Emma she is nice."

A: "She is pretty."

S: "I want you to be careful around Dru. I want to be
sure that Mother and Stavros haven't managed to turn
him against us."

A: "Of course I will be."

Helena sat in her study very happy to have lured Dru
to the dark side so to speak. She was thinking that
men seem to want one thing a pretty girl to take care
of their needs. She was making plans for her new
manservant and making sure that Kiro's disappearance
couldn't be traced to her. She placed her call to the
Marcopolis home and inquired if Ari would like to
become her new manservant. He agreed and arrangements
were made.