Chapter seven

Chapter seven

~~ Island living room ~~

Stavros looked about the living room waiting for
Mikkos when Helena came down having received a similar
summons. "Did you get anywhere with her?" She asked

Stavros: "I was making good progress when I was called
away where is he?"

Helena: "His boat is arriving as we speak."

Stavros: "Then it's good I was interrupted or things
probably would have been found out."

Helena: "I wonder why we were both summoned. Oh wait
here come the other two."

Stefan and Alexis walked in. Alexis looked wary of
Stavros but that in its self was normal. Stefan
thought she looked a little warier then usual, but she
shrugged that off to being back on the island. He was
quite curious to see what his father had summoned them
all together for.

The boat was pulling into port as the four were
eyeing one another. Alexis stepped closer to Stefan as
she always did. Stavros and Helena continued their
quiet conversation.

Stavros: "It must be important. His boat is arriving
and he doesn't appear to be alone."

Helena looked out at the boat seeing a boy about
Stefan's age wondering if her dear husband was
bringing home another stray child of his or not.
Little did she know that the boy held the power to
destroy her very world.

Stefan and Alexis looked out at the boat noticing the
boy with Mikkos as well. He spoke to Alexis. "I wonder
who he brought home this time?"

Alexis looked out and thought she recognized the boy
but she wasn't sure. "Maybe someone to help us." She
said softly.

Stefan: "Perhaps."

The boat finally docked Mikkos and Dru got off while
a couple of crew men brought Dru's luggage off the
boat. They started to walk up to the house as a couple
of servants came down to fetch the luggage. Mikkos was
preparing Dru for what he would face when they got
inside. "Helena will probably throw a little fit over
this but I don't care and will silence her later on

Dru: "I can handle that what about Stavros?"

M: "I don't think he will say much and I can silence
him as well."

D: "The only other thing is that Alexis might
recognize me as my mother used to watch her from time
to time."

M: "She won't say anything at first and we will tell
her not to reveal it. She has learned how to keep
things quiet she calls me Uncle Mikkos even though she
knows otherwise."

D: "That is good. Let us get this show on the road

They walked inside and into the living room so that
they were facing Helena and Stavros, Stefan and Alexis
were off to the other side of the room. Helena eyed
the boy before finally speaking. "Who is this urchin?"

Mikkos face her and told her. "Andreas Castile he
will be Stefan's companion and also help keep an eye
on Alexis."

Dru walked over by Stefan and Alexis. "I'm Dru." He
told them while Mikkos and Helena squared off.

Stefan and Alexis looked at him. "You're her to
help?" she asked him.

Dru: "Yes I am."

Alexis: "I'm Alexis he's Stefan."

Stavros watched the exchange between the weaklings
and the new arrival. He was thinking that getting to
Alexis could become more difficult.

Helena just glared at Mikkos. "He doesn't need a
companion and that thorn in my side doesn't need
another person keeping an eye on her."

Mikkos smirked at her. "I deem it so there for it is.
Stefan, Alexis take Dru to your study and Mrs.
Lansbury will be up to show Dru to his room."

Stefan and Alexis nodded and they took Dru to their

Mikkos looked at Helena and Stavros. "Stavros you
better not cause a single problem for Dru, Stefan, or
Alexis because if you do you will never be heir."

Stavros looked at Helena then back to Mikkos. "You
can't be serious father."

M: "I am deadly serious. If I ever hear of you holding
Alexis over the parapet again you will receive the
same treatment."
Helena couldn't believe what Mikkos just said. "You
will not."

M: "Yes I will."

H: "You do that and Alexis is as good as dead."

M: "Then so is Stavros."

Helena and Stavros were shocked by what Mikkos was

Mikkos was quite happy how things were shaping up.
"Stavros you were warned now take your leave."

Stavros left feeling very dismissed. He vowed to
himself that Alexis would be his regardless of the
ramifications because that little girl wouldn't talk.

Helena and Mikkos faced off. "You wouldn't dare hurt
him or there would be no heir because everyone assumes
he is the heir."

Mikkos just smiled at her. "I have proof that he
isn't the heir and don't think about touching Stefan,
Alexis, or Dru. Because my dear wife I have proof of
something you did four years ago."

Helena gasped and grew a tiny bit paler.

Mikkos laughed at her. "I see I struck you
speechless. Oh and if you think you can bring harm to
me my proof will be in the hands of the authorities as
well as the proof that Stefan is really my heir. I
won't be using any of this proof unless I need too. So
I can protect my children."

Helena looked at him. "Is Dru your son?"

Mikkos shook his head. "No he isn't. He is but an
orphan who I thought had greater potential."

H: "Fine your precious daughter and son are safe."

M: "Good because I won't hesitate to turn you over to
the authorities for the murder of Kristen Bergman."

Helena let out a gasp she hadn't expected that to be
the proof he had. "How?"

M: "After four years of searching I finally found a
witness placing you coming in and out of Kristen's
apartment. Only my dear you came out carrying a blood
covered knife."

Helena grew shades paler knowing she was caught now.
"How have you known?"
M: "I've known all along I just couldn't prove it
until now."

H: "I shall tell Stavros to leave them alone then."

Mikkos nodded, "Very good because I would really hate
to have to inflict harm upon my nephew."

Helena gasped again. "Is that why Victor is gone?"

M: "Victor was taken care of the only reason you lived
was because I needed an heir if I could prove Stavros
wasn't mine. I've kept you around this long because I
couldn't prove anything. I can now so you watch your
step and Stavros's as well because if either of you
make a wrong move it is all over."

Helena fled the room after that to find Stavros. "My
son we had better lay off of them or we are finished
he can prove things now."

Stavros listened to his mother. "So I can't take

H: "It is best to wait awhile and see if he quits
watching our every move. Because if we make one bad
move he will turn me over to the authorities for
murder and you are as good as dead."

S: "Of course mother. But why can't we just do away
with Father?"

H: "Because I will still be turned over to the
authorities. He said that if something happened to him
the proof would be found out about both of us."

S: "But if it appears to be natural causes how could
that happen?"

H: "Let us just bide out time. Perhaps we can get the
young Mr. Castile on our side."

S: "Perhaps but first we should let all of this die
down. I won't torment them for the time being."

H: "I shall leave them be as well."