Chapter six

Chapter six
~~ Greece ~~
~~ 3 Months Later ~~

Mikkos, Stefan, and Alexis have just returned from
their trip to Russia. They had toured the countryside
along with returning to St. Petersburg for their stay
when they were sure Helena and Stavros had returned to
the island. Mikkos had to return to Athens for
business leaving Stefan and Alexis at the mercy of
Helena and Stavros with only key members of the staff
to run interference.

Stefan was in with his tutor going over his latest
literary assignment. This left Alexis alone. She had
gone out to the gardens to work on an assignment of
her own on flowers. Stavros has been biding his time
until he could corner the little girl. He thought this
was his perfect opportunity with nobody around. He
scurried off to inform his mother of his plan. "Mother
I'm going to go stake my claim on Alexis," he told
Helena: "Go my son I shall see to it that Stefan is
detained for as long as possible."

Stavros: "Okay mother."

Helena slithered off to make sure Stefan was detained
with his studies. Little did they know a servant had
overheard their discussion. Stavros made his way to
the gardens where Alexis was busy drawing the flowers.
He studied her for several moments before snatching
her notebook. "So little girl what do you think you
are doing."

Alexis looked up at him. "An assignment."

Stavros: "You are going to come with me."

Alexis: "No I'm not."

Stavros grabbed her arm. "Yes you are or mother will
hurt Stefan."

Alexis tried to free her arm from his grasp. "Uncle
Mikkos would have both of your hides."

Stavros picked her up and started to carry her
towards the garden shed. "He won't find out because if
you say anything you will end up like your mother and
so will Stefan." Alexis shut up and stayed still
quite scared that something awful would happen to her
or Stefan.

Stavros got into the shed with Alexis quite happy
with his little plan because it seemed to be going off
so smoothly. He has scared Alexis quiet he set her
down and pushed her onto the bed. He had arranged to
have the shed all set up for just this occasion. He
started to tear at her dress when heard his name being
called. He went outside to see Mrs. Lansbury calling
him. "What?" he demanded.

Mrs. Lansbury: "Your father returned and he wishes to
see you."

Stavros: "I'll be there shortly."

Mrs. Lansbury: "Yes Master Stavros."

He went back into the shed. "Just remember not a word
or you know your fate." He said looking directly at

Alexis just nodded as he left the shed. She fled and
went back to retrieve her notebook. Mrs. Lansbury was
standing there she pulled the shaking little girl into
her arms and hugged her. "He won't hurt you."

Alexis cried on her shoulder but didn't say anything.
Mrs. Lansbury just held her while she cried. Alexis
finally spoke. "Nobody can know or he will make me
join Mamma and so will Stefan."

Mrs. Lansbury listened to her. "Then I think it is
time for Mr. Cassadine to send you to school."

Alexis looked at her and grew ashen. "I don't want to
go away. I'll stay where other's are so I can't get

Mrs. Lansbury: "And I will alert those loyal to you
and Master Stefan to be on guard."

Alexis: "Thank you."

~~ Athens ~~

Mikkos' meeting involved finding proof of who killed
Kirsten. There was a witness a one Andreas Castile the
only problem being young Mr. Castile was only 10 at
the time of the murder and only 14 know. He saw a
blonde entering and then leaving the apartment of
Kristen Bergman. Only when she left she was carrying a
blood-covered knife. When she left he peaked into the
apartment and saw Kristen lying there. He slide back
into the shadows when he heard footsteps again and he
saw Mikkos entering and then leaving carrying a scared
little girl in his arms. He faded into the shadows
when the authorities arrived and had stayed faded
until recently.

Mikkos studied the young man. "You witnessed a crime
and didn't come forward?"

Dru: "I was only 10 at the time and it happened so

M: "You are a hard man to find as well. I've been
searching for four years."

D: "I didn't want to be found. How you found me know
I'm unsure of."

M: "I've been tracking everyone who lived in that
building you were the last one I found."

D: "You want this woman punished?"

M: "I want to be sure I have her so she and her son
can't hurt my daughter and other son."

D: "The little girl who you carried out?"

M: "Yes."

Dru studied the picture of Helena in front of him.
"How do you plan to do that?"

M: "You will be returning to the island with me. I
plan to employ you as a companion for Stefan and you
can help him watch out for Alexis."

D: "That is very generous of you but how will I be
safe from her?"

M: "I won't be naming the witness I'll be just using
this statement that doesn't have your name on it and
is awaiting the witness's signature."

D: "That will work then will I be educated as well?"

M: "Yes with Stefan I'm going to have Alexis's lessons
scheduled at the same time. If Stavros does become a
threat come to me and I will have Alexis put into a
boarding school. I already have the arrangements made
when and if it becomes needed."

D: "I will as I'm sure your son will. How are you
going to neutralize the eldest?"

M: "I have proof he isn't prince that should keep him
in line."

D: "Okay. When do we leave?"

M: "As soon as I can arrange new clothes for you to be
sent to the island."

D: "Okay."

Mikkos began making arrangements for himself and Dru
to return to the island.