Chapter five

Chapter five

~~ Russia ~~

Mikkos, Alexis, and Stefan stepped off of the train they had taken from Athens to St. Petersburg. Stefan and Alexis had enjoyed watching the changing scenery around them. "Children are you enjoying yourselves?"

Alexis: "Oh yes Uncle Mikkos it’s magnificent."

Stefan: "Yes Father the scenery is breathtaking."

Mikkos: "Very good indeed. We shall be at the hotel soon then we shall rest before going sightseeing."

Stefan and Alexis nod in agreement as they pull up to the hotel. Alexis gasps in delight seeing the hotel. "It looks like a castle."

Mikkos: "It used to be a castle Angel."

~~ Greece ~~

Helena and Stavros plan to embark on there own trip though there were explicit orders that they were not to leave the compound they managed to smuggle themselves into Athens.

Helena: "That was to easy now all we have to do is hope we aren’t reported missing before we get on the train or we are in trouble."

Stavros: "I think we are safe until we are on the train seeing as how we drugged those who would alert Father of our escape."

Helena: "Very true indeed."

They board the train for St. Petersburg looking forward to thwarting Stefan and Alexis’s good time.

~~ Compound ~~

Mrs. Lansbury came to noticing the time and looked about her. She went to check on everyone and noticed most everyone just coming to. "We have been drugged. Check for the Princess and the little prince because if they have fled, Prince Mikkos will have our heads."

Servants begin to scurry here and there looking for Helena and Stavros as they hope that they have not escaped the compound. They find that they have indeed left and look glum fighting major anxiety over informing Mikkos. They report back to Mrs. Lansbury that Helena and Stavros are gone.

Mrs. Lansbury looks glum. "Make a call to Athens and see if they boarded a train already. I want all the facts before informing Prince Mikkos."

Someone goes and makes that call finding out that they did board a train and it was going to St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Lansbury picks the phone up and dials. "Mr. Cassadine it’s Mrs. Lansbury. I’m sorry to inform you but your wife and eldest son are en route to St. Petersburg. They drugged those on the staff that would have noticed right away they were gone. I believe she intends to ruin your vacation with your son and daughter." She says softly making sure no one overheard the last part of her sentence.

Mikkos: "I know that is why I had orders that they were not to leave. How did you know about Alexis?"

Mrs. L: "It was quite obvious by how she clings to you when ever you return and by how protective Master Stefan is with her. Not to mention Mrs. Cassadine and Master Stavros seem to enjoy tormenting her to get to him instead of just picking on him."

Mikkos: "You are very observant Mrs. Lansbury. I do hope not everyone is that observant."

Mrs. L: "Your secret is safe with the staff we are loyal to you and those two children. We do our best to run interference when we can between them and your wife and the prince."

Mikkos: "Thank you, I shall be on the look out for Helena and Stavros and shall warn Alexis and Stefan to be on guard for there arrival."

Mrs. Lansbury hands up the phone very glad that he wasn’t to upset. She turns to face the staff. "Things will be fine but when they return home it is our job to be sure that Stefan and Alexis are protected from Helena and Stavros and run interference when we can it is the least we can do."

The staff just nods to what she says and returns to their duties.

~~ Russia ~~

Mikkos turns to Stefan and Alexis as he hangs up the phone. "Well it seems Helena and Stavros are en route here. They drugged the staff and escaped."

Stefan: "Father perhaps it is in our best interests to go and see Moscow."

Alexis: "Yes I think we should travel throughout Russia it would be safer and give us our vacation. I don’t think they would catch up with us if we did that."

Mikkos: "You are very wise my children."

Stefan and Alexis smile and start to gather their things up. "When do we leave Father?" Stefan asks.

Mikkos: "I think we should leave as soon we are packed because they could be arriving anytime. It is hard to see how long Helena and Stavros were gone before the staff came too."

Alexis: "Of course."

They continue to get ready and have everything all set they make haste in there exit and arrive at the train station and board a train to Moscow as the train for Athens arrive and Helena and Stavros step off just having missed them boarding the train.

Helena and Stavros make there way to the hotel and to the room Mikkos had reserved only to discover them gone. "I think they are out?"

Stavros: "They are out or they have left."

Helena takes a look around and notices the dressers empty and such. "They have left. But to where?"

Stavros: "That is hard to say Mother. They were warned we were on our way."

Helena: "Yes they were. I bet they either returned home or our traveling through out Russia. I care not to track them down so let them have there little fun when they return home we will strike."

Stavros: "Yes I do believe it’s time for me to conquer Alexis."

Helena: "Very good indeed. I shall make sure that Mikkos and Stefan are kept in the dark or the retribution would be to large to even fathom."

Stavros: "Good idea mother and I shall make sure Alexis doesn’t speak of it."

Helena: "Then we have plans set. Let us enjoy our little vacation and take in the sites of St. Petersburg."

Stavros: "That sounds good Mother."