Chapter four

Chapter four

~~ Two more years have passed ~~

Stefan is 14, Alexis is 8, and Stavros is 16.

Stefan was overseeing Alexis doing her schoolwork as he always did. It seemed that Helena would have preferred that she not be taught at all but Mikkos wouldn’t hear of that at all. Stefan kept looking out the window watching for his father’s return so that the tormenting would more or less stop. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep Alexis safe from his mother and brother.

Stefan: "Little dove how is your reading coming?"

Alexis: "I’m getting it slowly."

Stefan: "Okay if you need help all you have to do is ask."

Alexis: "I know. Will Uncle Mikkos be home soon?"

Stefan sighed not quite sure what to say. "I hope Father will be returning soon."

Alexis: "Me too for Aunt Helena and Stavros will leave me alone then."

Stefan: "I know little dove. Have they done anything else to you since I found you the other day?"

Alexis shivers remembering Stavros holding her over the parapet. "No."

Stefan: "Come get me if they do."

Alexis: "Of course."

Stavros was standing outside the door listening to the conversation. Thinking his little weakling of a brother was growing up some. He was also making plans as to how to get Alexis when Stefan wasn’t around the little girl was becoming quite cute actually.

Helena came up behind her son she could almost see the wheels turning in his head. "You want to take her my son." She stated more then asked.

Stavros: "That I do but I shall wait a couple more years."

Helena: "Oh yes waiting for her to grow a bit but if you start now she won’t be able to fight as much."

Stavros: "True enough mother but at least another year as she is still very small in size."

Helena: "This is true my darling just let me know when you will be taking action so that I may be able to assist you in making sure Stefan and Mikkos are clueless."

Stavros: "Of course mother."

Stefan walked to the door having heard a noise. He missed the whole conversation except for the last little bit. He was trying to figure out what is mother meant. He turned and looked back at his little sister. "Little dove we best be on the look out for an attack from Stavros and Helena."

Alexis: "I always am. Stavros keeps staring at me as if he wants to eat me or something."

Stefan contemplated what Alexis just said and came to the conclusion that Stavros meant to rape her. "I think it might be wise to send you to school. So that you are safe."

Alexis: "No I want to stay here with you."

Stefan relented. "Okay little dove just be super careful."

Alexis looked at Stefan her eyes shining with love. "Of course Stefan."

~~ A week later ~~

Mikkos finally returned from his trip. He had put feelers out to see if there was any way that Helena could be convicted of the murder of Kristen. He also put feelers out to see if he could prove that Stavros wasn’t his heir. He found out that was possible but probably not wise until Stefan was older and he didn’t want to jeopardize his daughter’s safety. He went directly into the study to see Stefan and Alexis.

Alexis looked up immediately and rushed to him. "Uncle Mikkos."

Mikkos scooped Alexis up in his arm and spun her around. "Hello angel."

Stefan was more reserved. "Hello Father."

Mikkos: "Stefan all has been well while I was away right?"

Stefan: "There was only once incident that I couldn’t stop because I had a lesson at the time."

Mikkos: "They are leaving you alone then?"

Stefan: "Me yes because they know they can hurt me more by tormenting Alexis."

Alexis shivered in Mikkos arms. "Stavros held me over the parapet. Helena told him to drop me. Stavros said no because you’d hurt them Uncle Mikkos."

Mikkos got very upset. "I shall have her head."

Stefan: "Be careful father they are plotting something."

Mikkos: "I will be. I think perhaps the three of us should go away for a bit."

Alexis: "I’d like that very much."

Stefan: "So would I father."

Mikkos: "I think a trip to Russia would be good."

Stefan: "I’ve always wanted to go there."

Alexis: "Me too, me too."

Mikkos: "Russia it is."

Helena had been listening outside the door. She wasn’t about to let them go away alone. She went to see Stavros. "I think a family trip would be most interesting."

Stavros: "You mean going with Father and the weaklings?"

Helena: "Yes it would ruin their time."

Stavros: "I don’t think he will let us."

Helena: "He can’t stop us if we go after words."

Stavros: "Okay lets do that."

Helena: "Okay we will make arrangements."