Chapter three

Chapter three

~~ Two years have passed ~~

Stefan is now 12, Alexis is 6, and Stavros is 14.

Stefan was helping Alexis with her reading assignment. He happened to look out the window to see the arriving boat. He gets up to see who has arrived. He notices two girls one about his age and the other just a bit older then Alexis. He then remembered his father saying that a friend of his was coming to stay for a bit. "Little Dove we have visitors and it looks like one of the girls is your age."

Alexis looks out the window as well. "Oh that will be nice."

Stefan: "Come we should go downstairs and greet them."

Alexis: "That sounds like a good plan."

Stefan and Alexis make there way downstairs and wait for everyone to come inside. They are standing off to one side when Helena and Stavros come down as well as when Mikkos brings the two girls and there father inside.

Mikkos: "Aric you know my wife and two sons. This is my niece Alexis."

Aric: "A pleasure as always Mikkos. These are my two daughters Isabella and Krystina."

Stefan was immediately taken with Isabella just by her smile. "Father if you wish Alexis and I can take Isabella and Krystina up to my study."

Mikkos: "That is a good idea you and Isabella could discuss things you’ve read and keep and eye on Krystina and Alexis while they play in her half of the room."

Stefan: "Of course father."

Stefan, Alexis, Isabella, and Krystina go upstairs to the study/playroom. One half of the room has comfortable chairs, bookcases, and a desk. The other half has some chairs and then dolls, a little table for a tea party complete with little chairs for the table, stuffed animals, and then some games along with other toys.

Krystina looks around the room and just turns around and faces Alexis. "I don’t want to play with some cast off relation."

Isabella couldn’t believe her sister. "You apologize right now or I will tell Papa and he won’t be happy with you."

Alexis ran straight into Stefan’s arms and started to cry.

Stefan just wrapped his arms around her. "Little dove its okay."

Krystina couldn’t believe what Isabella just said. "I will not. Papa won’t care any ways she is after all just a cast off relation."

Stefan couldn’t take her words any more. "Alexis is not a cast off relation. She is my cousin and I won’t take you calling her that."

Isabella smiled at Stefan. "Krystina Maria you will apologize Papa will so care he wants to do business with Mr. Cassadine."

Alexis just cried into Stefan’s waist as she listened to what was going on around her.

Krystina could not believe this at all. "No."

Isabella went downstairs to speak privately with her father practically dragging Krystina with her.

Stefan comforted Alexis as best he could. "It’s okay no one will hurt you."

Alexis just clung to him. "Why was she so mean?"

Stefan: "Because she is spoiled."

Alexis: "I don’t like her but Isabella is nice."

Stefan: "Yes Isabella is nice."

Isabella and Krystina came back in the room.

Krystina: "I’m sorry Alexis."

Alexis sniffed and wiped her tears away. "It’s okay. Do you want to play a game or not?"

Krystina: "Sure but what?"

Stefan and Isabella watched them getting along and smiled at each other before going over into his half of the room to talk.

Stavros walked in to see what was going on. Alexis and Krystina where putting a puzzle together. He also noticed Stefan and Isabella being close. He thought he’d go bug his brother. "Well well what do we have hear."

Stefan looked up to see Stavros he was wondering what was going to happen. He didn’t want anything to happen with Isabella or the other girls here. "We were discussing Shakespeare."

Stavros gazed over Isabella liking what he saw in front of him. "Isabella would you care to go for a walk?"

Isabella looked Stavros over and then looked back at Stefan as much as she was enjoying his company the elder Cassadine appealed to her. "I’d like that."

Stavros and Isabella left walking hand in hand.

Stefan looked lost and confused as to why she would leave with his brother. He couldn’t understand it at all. He just looked at Alexis and Krystina putting the puzzle together utterly confused about life and everything.