Chapter two

Chapter two

~~ Two weeks later ~~

Stefan was off exploring the island as he usually does only this time he has a tag along with him. He knows that Alexis has been following him but doesn’t say anything, as the child hasn’t spoken yet. He continues to walk until he reached the cliffs. Alexis followed along stopping beside him now.

Stefan: "Alexis you need to talk again. Father is worried about you as am I."

Alexis just looked at him with huge eyes trying to decide if she could trust him or not. "Mamma gone."

Stefan: "I know Alexis but you are safe here. I won’t let anything happen to you."

Alexis started to cry, "Mamma killed."

Stefan: "Little dove your Mamma is an angel in heaven watching over you."

Alexis looked up at Stefan with big eyes again and just wrapped her little arms around him.

Helena had been watching from nearby in the shadows. She was thinking to herself so the little weaklings have taken to each other it would be all the more fun to torment them both. Helena slithered off into the shadows happy with this information.

Stefan just held this little girl in his arms for that is what it seemed she needed most. "Father and I will protect you."

Mikkos had walked up but stayed back in the shadows to listen to Stefan talk to Alexis.

Alexis: "Papa not gone."

Mikkos cringed with Alexis’s words for he hoped no one other then Stefan and himself ever heard that.

Stefan: "Little Dove your Papa is in heaven like your Mamma is."

Alexis was rather adamant about this. "No Papa here."

Stefan did not now what to say to this so he just tightened his arms around Alexis to hold her close.

Mikkos walked up then. "Alexis your talking finally."

Alexis ran to Mikkos. "Papa why is Mamma gone?"

Stefan looked from his father to Alexis wondering on this and then he remembered his mother’s words. ‘If she remembers that is it.’ Perhaps this has something to do with everything else.

Mikkos wrapped his arms around Alexis. "Precious one your Mamma was needed in heaven as an angel. You must not call me Papa though."

Alexis just looked at her father with her huge eyes. "How come?"

Mikkos: "Because if Helena found out she would hurt you."

Alexis: "Okay what shall I call you then?"

Mikkos: "Uncle Mikkos."

Alexis nodded, "Can I not call you Papa in private?"

Mikkos: "It is best if you just call me Uncle in case Helena is lurking in the shadows as she was before I came here."

Alexis: "Okay."

Stefan: "Father this makes Alexis my sister doesn’t it?"

Mikkos: "Yes it does but it stays between us for your mother would have a fit."

Stefan: "Yes father. If Mother was in the shadows then she knows Alexis has taken to me which will make her want to pick on us both as well as have Stavros pick on us both."

Mikkos: "I know but I will do my best to protect you both. Stefan what else do you know?"

Stefan: "That Stavros probably isn’t your son. Father why does mother say I was born out of hate?"

Mikkos cringed again before answering. "Because I did some things I wasn’t proud of and your mother hates me is why she says that."

Stefan: "Okay father and if Stavros isn’t the true prince that means I am doesn’t it?"

Mikkos: "Yes you are but everyone believes Stavros to be my son so he will inherit unless it is proved otherwise. It would be best for you to keep all of this to yourself because if your mother found out she would try and see you hurt."

Alexis was silent through out most of this exchange until she heard the words see you hurt. "No she can’t hurt him like she did Mamma."

Stefan just looked at Alexis and then to his father not sure what to say.

Mikkos turned ashen for he had thought Alexis didn’t know anything about Kristen’s death. "Angel you mustn’t speak of this Helena would see you dead if she thought you remembered anything."

Alexis had tears running down her face. "I hate her she killed my Mamma and she would have hurt me too if Mamma hadn’t hidden me away with her ring around my neck so you would know Papa."

Mikkos wrapped his arms around Alexis. "I know Angel but this is between us and we must be careful I don’t want anything to happen to you."

Stefan didn’t know what to say. "Father perhaps it is best for Alexis to go away to school she would be safe there."

Mikkos: "I don’t want to send her away unless we have to do that for her safety."

Alexis: "No I don’t want to go away again."

Mikkos: "You won’t have to unless we find out it isn’t safe for you here."

Alexis: "Okay. I won’t say anything about Mamma or about you being my Papa Uncle Mikkos."

Stefan: "Nor will I father."

The three of them walked back from the cliffs Alexis holding hands with Mikkos and with Stefan. Stavros was watching from his window as his mother walked in.

Helena: "It seems as though the weaklings are bonded."

Stavros: "I was watching them walk back from the cliffs with Father."

Helena: "Oh so it seems your father likes that doesn’t it."

Stavros: "Then we best be careful in our taunting of them for we don’t want to encounter his wrath. Why does he care so for the little girl though mother?"

Helena: "I shall tell you this so that you can let me know if she remembers. Alexis is your father’s illegitimate daughter."

Stavros: "That is why she was brought here what happened to her mother then?"

Helena: "I slit her throat I would have done away with her as well but she was hidden away and I had to make my escape. If Alexis ever remembers the truth she is done for."

Stavros: "I shall keep my eyes and ears open mother."

Helena: "Of course you will and also be on the look out for Stefan trying to dig up stuff on why I hate him so. He over heard our conversation on you being born of love and him of hate."

Stavros: "Of course I wouldn’t want him to know I wasn’t the rightful prince."

Helena: "Exactly for your father knows you aren’t but won’t do anything about it. Though he might if something happened to Alexis so we best be careful on that. Though if she remembers all bets are off."

Stavros: "Yes mother."

Stefan had been standing outside the door. Since his mother had told Stavros about Alexis being his sister. He made his way back to Alexis. "Little dove we mustn’t let on we know anything or she will hurt us both."

Alexis just looked at Stefan. "Of course."