Love’s Confusion

Love’s Confusion

Chapter one

~~ The Cassadine Compound Greece ~~

Stefan was wondering the paths on the island trying to figure out why Helena didn’t want anything to do with him. He loves her unconditionally because she is his mother yet she seems to hate him. He is lost in thought when Stavros comes up behind him and pushes him down.

Stavros: "You must pay more attention or everyone will just run right over you."

Stefan: "It is only you who would push me down."

Stavros: "No you are a weakling."

Stefan: "No I’m not."

With that argument started Stavros begins to push and hit at his little brother. All the while Helena is watching from the hill smiling as her beloved son beats up the hated one. When Stefan begins to fight back and catches Stavros off guard with a punch she screams.

Helena: "Stop this instant Stefan go to your room."

Stefan looks up wondering where she came from and quickly heads off to his room not wanting to get into her wrath further. Helena immediately goes to Stavros.

Helena: "Did he hurt you darling?"

Stavoros: "No mother he just caught me off guard he is to much of a weakling to cause damage."

Helena and Stavros go inside and to Stefan’s room.

Helena: "Stefan you are not to leave your room for the remainder of the day I will decide tomorrow if you can leave your room.

Stefan: "Yes ma’am."

Stavros sticks his tongue out at his little brother. Knowing that he will always win over his brother because Helena loves him and hates Stefan. They leave Stefan’s room.

Stefan sits wondering what he has done to make his mother hate him so when all he has ever tried to do was please her. He is wishing his father would return from his trip so she wouldn’t pick on him so much. He can’t stand being hated with out knowing why so he decides to investigate carefully because he knows if he gets caught out of his room he will be in deep trouble. He wanders down the hall and stops to listen to his mother and Stavros.

Helena: "Very good job provoking your weakling of a brother."

Stavros: "He is a weakling but he is no brother of mine."

Helena: "He isn’t your full brother at any rate. You were born out of love your brother was born of hate but that is another matter."

Stefan walks away and back to his room trying to figure out what that means. I was born of hate and Stavros was born of love. She hates my father so that must mean Stavros isn’t the true prince. He is thinking *I will keep this to myself for know.*

~~ The following day ~~

Stefan was sitting in his room waiting to find out if he had to stay in his room or not. Knowing his mother he could be stuck in his room until his father got home which could be a week to a month or longer. Helena and Stavros were discussing letting Stefan out or not.

Helena: "Shall we make the weakling miserable by making him stay in his room."

Stavros: "As much as that appeals to me you know Father will be mad if he finds out."

Helena: "As always darling you are thinking about what is best for us both."

They enter Stefan’s room laughing at how forlorn he looks.

Helena: "You can leave your room but if I catch you fighting with your brother you will be stuck in your room for longer."

Stefan: "Yes ma’am."

Helena and Stavros leave Stefan alone so he can contemplate what he has found out by exploring the island. While he is out and about he sees his father’s boat coming into port so he goes down to the docks to greet him. He watches as his father disembarks the boat with a young girl clutching his hand. This intrigues him so he goes closer. His father doesn’t see him because Helena comes rushing out screaming about the girl. So he steps back into the shadows to watch silently.

Helena: "What is this doing here?"

Mikkos: "I’m not abandoning her."

Helena: "I won’t stand for it."

Mikkos: "You don’t have a choice. Just now that I know about your darling."

Helena looks shocked and just shakes her head, "What will we tell them then."

Mikkos: "I have it all worked out we will tell them at dinner."

Helena: "Fine someone better make this presentable."

Mikkos: "Her nanny is right behind us and you my dear better stop referring to Alexandria like that. For I do know what you did and about him."

Helena: "Fine but just remember if she remembers that is it."

Mikkos: "Understood now lets go inside."

They go inside and Stefan just stands there trying to figure out what that was all about. He thinks his father knows that Stavros isn’t his but he isn’t a hundred percent sure. As for the girl he isn’t too sure what to make of her. He goes inside to get ready for dinner.

The family is gathered at the table when Mikkos walks in with the girl. She looks scared of everyone and is clutching Mikkos’ hand.

Mikkos: "This is your cousin Alexandria Dadovich. She is used to being called Alexis. Her parents were killed in a boating accident. She will be living with us since she has no other family."

Helena: "I don’t see why we must take her in."

Mikkos: "Because I said so."

Stefan: "Why is she so scared father?"

Mikkos: "She was on the boat when the accident happened and being on the boat today didn’t help."

Stavros: "Another weakling like Stefan."

Mikkos: "That will be enough Stavros if I catch you picking on Alexis you will be in trouble."

Stavros looks shocked by his father’s statement, "Yes sir."

Stefan: "Father why hasn’t she spoken?"

Mikkos: "She hasn’t spoken since the accident."

Stefan: "What language does she speak?"

Mikkos: "I’m not sure we have been speaking to her in Russian and Greek and she seems to understand what we are saying."

Helena: "Now that we all know who she is let us eat."