Part 10

~~ Two days later ~~

Sarah and her parents arrived in Port Charles just in time for visitation and the funeral. Lucky, Emily, Nikolas and Lu planed it all with the help of Mrs. Lansbury and Audrey. Everything was moving in slow motion it seemed they were standing in the church watching everyone come in yet standing off to themselves for the time being as if they couldnít believe this happened.

~ Now nothing can take you away from me

We been down that road before

But that's over now

You keep me coming' back for more...

Baby you're all that I want

When you're lying' here in my arms

I'm finding' it hard to believe

We're in heaven

And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven...~

People were coming up right and left offering their condolences and getting a final look at Liz. Nikolas moved back to a corner to be by himself unable to accept what had happened really. He had his beautiful son but lost the only women heíd ever really loved. He came to the conclusion that life wasnít fair know his son would be raised without his mother just as he was and that saddened him further. He was trying to remain strong for his son and little sister whom seemed to be handling the loss remarkably well considering how close she was to Liz.

~ Oh - once in your life you find someone

Who will turn your world around

Bring you up when you're feeling' down...

Yeah - nothing' could change what you mean to me

Oh there's lots that I could say

But just hold me now

Cause our love will light the way... ~

Visitation was over and only the family remained to have there final good-byes with Liz before the funeral when everyone else had filed out leaving just Nikolas he broke down and started to weep because he had lost the love of his life and he didnít know if he was strong enough to deal with it but knew that he must for Aric and Lu.

~ And baby you're all that I want

When you're lying' here in my arms

I'm finding' it hard to believe

We're in heaven

And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven...

I've been waiting' for so long

For something to arrive

For love to come along... ~

Overhead an angel was looking down and watching Nikolas. "Be strong my love I will always watch over you and our son." She said hoping beyond hope that some how Nikolas would get the message. Nikolas turned as if he was feeling something and he whispered. "I love you Elizabeth forever and always." It was almost as if he knew she was there. Elizabeth murmured more to herself then anything, as she knew he really couldnít hear her. "I love you too Nikolas forever and always goodbye Sweet Prince." With that she floated back up into Heaven to watch from above and hope nothing happened to those she loved since she was called away from them.

~ Now our dreams are coming' true

Through the good times and the bad

Yeah - I'll be standing' there by you...

And baby you're all that I want

When you're lying' here in my arms

I'm finding' it hard to believe

We're in heaven

And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven... ~

((Song Credit: "Heaven." by Bryan Adams off of So Far So Good.))

~~ The Funeral ~~

Again everyone assembled in the church to pay their final respects to Elizabeth Imogene Webber Cassadine. Most of Port Charles showed up because they genuinely liked Liz and would miss her not to mention they wanted to support Nik, Em, Lucky, and Lu. The funeral was a rather somber affair with Nikolas, Lucky, Emily, and Audrey speaking about Liz and her life. Liz was buried in the cemetery right next to the spot that once held Luckyís grave when he was presumed dead along with Stefanís grave right in that area. The mourners departed the cemetery leaving basically Nikolas, Lucky, Emily, Lu, Audrey, Sarah, and Lizís parents. Alexis had gone back to Wyndemere to great the guests returning back there. Lizís tombstone read like this ~~ Elizabeth Imogene Webber Cassadine ~~ July 20th 1980 May 16th 2005 ~~ Beloved Wife and Mother ~~

Sarah: "I canít believe sheís actually gone it doesnít seem possible."

Nik: "I know but she is. We need to get back to Wyndemere I need to see Aric."

Sarah: "Yes I want to see him as well."

Lucky: "Yeah I think we all need to see the kids."

Em: "I agree lets go check on them then we can deal with the guests and get rid of them as soon as we possibly can."

Lu: "Nikky I miss Lizzie."

Nik: "I know sweetie I miss her too but sheíd want us to be happy and go on with our lives."

Lu: "Okay plus Aric and Beth need us."

Lucky: "Exactly Lu and Aric will know what a wonderful person his mother was."

Nik: "Yes he will we will all make sure of that."

Standing back a ways watching things not being seen by any one was a man who just couldnít believe this had happened Liz married a Cassadine and Lucky and Emily married he had really been out of the loop on things. His little girl being raised by the bat offspring and his cowboy he wasnít sure what to think of that but she seemed just fine. His Angel convicted of helping to kill Count Vlad now that was an interesting thing he couldnít believe that one either but stranger things had happened.

Part 11

~~ Two weeks after the funeral ~~

Two weeks have passed since Lizís funeral everyone is walking around in a daze still trying to figure out how Liz was lost to them. They were maintaining a strong front for Lu because the little girl was devastated about losing Liz. Nik was having problems maintaining the strong front because he still was at odds with losing the one woman heíd ever loved. He knew he had to be strong for Aric and his little sister.

Luke had been skirting around town staying out of sight and observing things trying to figure out if it was best to let the world think he was dead or not. He was coming to the conclusions that it would be better for him to disappear again because Lu was happy where she was and well his Angel was on probation and he didnít want to see her because well it would stir up things better off not being stirred up. He was on the docks lurking around when Amy came by with Lu walking her back to the launch. He stood watching and trying to stay in the shadows when he tripped and fell letting Amy see him.

Amy heard a commotion and turned around to see Luke standing back up Lu hadnít seen him so she kept walking not wanting to put the little girl through anything more. She boarded the launch with Lu so she could talk to Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas about the fact that she had seen Luke on the docks. When they reached the house Lu went in to see Mrs. Lansbury so she could get her brownie. Amy went in and found Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas so she could talk to them.

Amy: "I saw Luke on the docks today."

Lucky: "You what?"

A: "I saw Luke I know I was shocked too Lu didnít see him and he was trying very hard not to be seen but he tripped and I heard him."

L: "Heís really alive why hasnít he told us?"

N: "Maybe he wants to get a lay of the land."

E: "Maybe itís not even him?"

A: "It looked just like him but I donít know I didnít stick around Lu hadnít seen him and I didnít want to put her through anything else."

N: "Okay and we shouldnít say anything until we know for sure heís around."

L: "Agreed."

E: "Agreed definitely."

A: "Okay then Iím going to be going."

Amy took her leave. Nik went and made phone calls to inquire about finding Luke and if he was alive and such. Em and Lucky went upstairs to check on Beth and Aric finding the both asleep in the nursery. Nik, Lucky, and Emily decided that the little ones should share a nursery so that they would be close when they were older they would have their own rooms.

Luke took his leave of Port Charles after first mailing two letters one to Lucky and Lu and then other to Laura. Lauraís contained signed divorce papers and telling her to leave Lu where she was and not to find try and find him he was dead to the world. In the letter to Lucky and Lu he said that he loved them but he felt it better to disappear again and he trusted Lucky to take care of Lu and also the same donít try to find me Iím dead to the world and he also left them Lukeís Luís of course in trust and his half of Kellyís. When Lu was old enough she could decide if she wanted Kellyís and if so she was to turn her share of Lukeís to her brother.


~~ Two days later ~~

Lucky opened the mail and got the letter from Luke and read it. He wasnít surprised to find what it said so he showed the others and they agreed to not mention it to Lu or to mention it to anyone else basically things were left as they had been. Lucky left Lukeís to be run by Claude and Roy and Kellyís was run by Tammy he only had to sign off on things with Bobbie.

L: "Well things will be okay I guess he didnít want anything but to check things out."

N: "I guess and my people canít seem to track him so heís dropped off of radar again. We wonít find him unless he wants to be found and he doesnít."

E: "Why did he come back if he wasnít going to stay?"

L: "He wanted to check on things and I think he got suprized because the night he ran was the night I returned and he didnít know how things ended up."

N: "Yeah he didnít know that Liz and I were together and you and Em got together. Not to mention he didnít know that Laura helped to kill Stefan."

E: "Well itís us, Lu, and the kids we can make anything we want happen."

L: "Yes we can Em and we will."

Nik went off leaving them alone to check on Lu and then Beth and Aric. "Oh you two beautiful little kids. My son and niece you will be like brother and sister because you are the same age. Elizabeth Paige Spencer you have a name to live up to and I think you can do it Beth. Stefan Aric Cassadine you too have a name that is to be lived up too and you can do it my son."

~~ Em and Lucky ~~

L: "We were fated to be together it was written in the stars."

E: "Yes it was Lucky it was meant to be fate brought us together when I moved here though we didnít know what it would mean until it was almost to late."

L: "Yes we did lose time but in the end it worked out just fine."

E: "I know and yes everything worked out just fine we have a beautiful daughter and a very handsome nephew and they are our future along with Lu."

L: "Yes they are. I love you very much Emily Bowen-Quartermaine Spencer."

E: "I love you more then words could ever say Lucky Spencer."

Lucky pulled Em into his arms and started to kiss her and she kissed him back her arms going around his neck. Lucky swept Em into his arms and carried him upstairs to there room.