Part 9

~~ The calls ~~

~~ Alexis ~~

Alexis went out into the hall and used her cell phone to call Ned first. "Hey Ned itís me Em and Lucky have a daughter and Nik has a son, Liz didnít make it."

N: "Oh no poor Nik. Howís he taking things?"

A: "Heís okay right now but later he wonít be so good."

N: "I know but we will be there for him."

A: "I have to call the main house and tell them about Em."

N: "Okay and Iíll take Brooke over to see Lu."

A: "That is a good idea Lu will need her."

N: "I love you."

A: "I love you too."

Alexis places her next call to the Q mansion. "Reginald if you would please inform everyone that Em has had her baby. She had a baby girl and also that Nik has a son but he lost Elizabeth. Thank you Reginald I must get back to Nikolas."

Reginald couldnít believe what she just said all he could do was agree before Alexis hung up on him. He went to go inform everyone.

~~ Lucky ~~

Lucky placed the call to Wyndemere he got through to Mrs. Lansbury. "Em and I have a little girl Elizabeth Paige and Nikolas has a little boy, Stefan Aric."

Mrs. L: "What about Elizabeth?"

L: "She didnít make it. Can you get Lu for me I need to tell her what happened."

Mrs. L: "Oh no not Elizabeth, yes I will go get Lu. Ned is here with Brooke."

L: "Thatís good I figure she will need someone."

Mrs. Lansbury goes and gets Lu. "Lucky what happened?"

L: "Well little sister you have a niece and a nephew. Elizabeth Paige and Stefan Aric."

Lu: "Oh wow you and Emmy had the little girl and Nikki and Lizzie had the little boy."

L: "Thatís right Lu. Lu I need to tell you something important."

Lu: "Itís bad isnít it Lucky. Did something happen to Lizzie or Emmy?"

L: "Sweetheart Lizzie didnít make it?"

Lu: "NO Lizzie canít be gone NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

Lu dropped the phone and started to cry Brooke and Ned had just come in. Brooke rushed to Lu and wrapped her arms around her friend. "Itís okay Lulu." Lu cried onto Brookeís shoulder and Ned wrapped his arms around both of the little girls and picked up the phone. "Lucky go see to Em and Nik I have things here under control. Iíll bring Lu down there soon."

Lucky: "Thanks Ned."

~~ Em ~~

Em placed her call to Audrey. "Audrey itís Emily Spencer. Liz went into labor today she had a little boy and sheÖ." Em trailed off unable to say the words.

Audrey was listening to what Emily was saying and knew she stopped before she was finished. "Elizabeth is okay isnít she?"

Em started to cry and leaned against Lucky. "She didnít make it." Em managed to whisper.

Audrey started to cry too. "What happened?"

E: "She lost to much blood before the baby was born and they couldnít bring her back a second time."

A: "Howís Nik doing?"

E: "Heís okay right now but heís going to crumble later I just know it. Heís placing a call overseas right now."

A: "I would have done that but maybe it is best he does that."

E: "He wanted to Lucky and I offered to."

A: "Well Iíll let you get back to what you were doing."

E: "I need to hold Beth actually."

A: "You had a little girl today didnít you?"

E: "Yes I did Elizabeth Paige."

A: "You honored Elizabeth thatís so sweet. What did Nikolas name his son?"

E: "Stefan Aric but heís going to call him Aric."

A: "I like that."

E: "Iím sure Nikolas will be in touch with you later."

~~ Nik ~~

Nik was looking at his son through the nursery window when he placed the call to Lizís parents. "Elizabeth went into labor this afternoon and we have a son. His name is Stefan Aric. I have some sad news as well. Elizabeth didnít make it." Nik said before he broke down into tears.

S: "Oh no not Lizzie she canít be. Iíll tell mom and dad and we will be on the first flight."

N: "Okay Sarah."

With that said Nik hung up and continued to look at his son through the nursery window and Alexis came up behind him wrapping her arms around him to hug him. "It will be okay Nikolas."

N: "It just doesnít seem real."

A: "I know it doesnít."