Part 8

~~ Six months later ~~

Things have been going relatively well for everyone Em and Lizís pregnancies have progressed and they are almost ready to give birth. Laura hasnít tried to push visitation or violated her parole it almost seems as though sheís disappeared all together.

~~ Hospital ~~

Lucky and Nikolas rushed to the hospital when they were called. Lu got left with Mrs. Lansbury. Both Emily and Elizabeth had gone into labor at the same time. When Lucky and Nik arrived at the hospital they were directed to the rooms Em and Liz were in.

Nik rushed into Lizís room to see the doctors attending to her because something was going drastically wrong. She was bleeding heavily so they were rushing her to OR to do an emergency caesarian section and try to save her and the baby. Nik went to the waiting room and started to pace around wanting word on what was going on.

Meanwhile in Emís room Lucky came in and found her dilated to eight centimeters and the nurse was encouraging her breathing. She looked relieved to see Lucky there finally. Em looked at him and grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard.

Em: "Finally I never thought you were going to get here."

Lucky: "Iím sorry Em I was waiting for Nik and the launch."

Em: "Liz is labor too?"

Lucky: "Yes she is."

Em: "Oh wow."

Em goes into another contraction and squeezes Luckyís hand again hard enough to break it seemed like to him. She was going through her breathing just like they had practiced. The nurse checked her dilation again. "One more centimeter Iíll get Dr. Newman." The nurse went and returned with Dr. Newman.

Dr: "Well it seems your almost ready Emily."

Em: "Howís Liz?"

Dr. Newman looks at the nurse trying to figure out what to say. "Sheís in OR undergoing a caesarian section."

Em: "Oh no."

Em goes into another contraction and breaths like she is supposed too squeezing Luckyís hand as she goes through her contraction. Dr. Newman checks her dilation and the babyís position. "Okay Em on your next contraction I want you to push."

Em nodded and got ready to push when her next contraction hit. Em gripped Luckyís hand harder then before as she started to push with her next contraction. She let out little pants as she pushed. Dr. Newman looked up at her. "Stop pushing I see a head." Em stopped her pushing and rested. "Okay on your next contraction push." Dr. Newman said and Emily just nodded her head. Lucky was watching this whole thing as Em griped his hand rather amazed at what she was going through. Emily panted and started to push again when her next contraction happened. Dr. Newman caught the baby as it came out. She looked the child over before saying. "You two have a daughter." The baby started to cry and Dr. Newman handed her to the nurse to be cleaned up and weighed and such.

Em looked at Lucky and finally released his hand. "We have a daughter what should we name her?í

Lucky looked at Em then their daughter; "Iím not sure yet."

~~ Back to Nik ~~

Nik is still pacing around the waiting room waiting to find out what has happened. Alexis came up behind him after her check up. "Nik whatís wrong?"

Nik turned around, "Liz is up in OR she had some complications when she went into labor."

Alexis: "Oh no Nik that is horrible. Everything will be okay it has to be."

Nik: "I know itís the waiting that is the worst. Emís in labor too."

Alexis: "Oh my."

~~ OR ~~

The doctors where working on Liz and getting the baby out safely. They delivered the baby then Liz started to bleed more as they were closing her up. "We have bleeding. We need to stabilize her. Get the baby cleaned up and down to be checked out." The nurse took the baby down to the nursery where he was weighed and cleaned and such.

They are working to stabilize Liz but their attempts are failing she crashes on the table and they try to shock her back but their efforts are failing they lose her again and arenít able to revive her. "We best go tell Mr. Cassadine his wife didnít make it." Dr. Meadows says.

~~ Nik and Alexis ~~

Nik: "I should know something by now itís been almost two hours."

Alexis looks up and sees the doctors coming forward carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket. "Well here they come."

Nik looks at them and also notices the grim expression on their faces. He stands up and walks forward to them. "What is it?" he asks.

Dr. Meadows: "You have a son Nikolas and Iím sorry to say that Elizabeth crashed on the table twice. We brought her back once but were not able to revive her the second time."

Nik: "What?"

Dr. Meadows: "Iím sorry Nik but she didnít make it she lost to much blood before we got the baby out."

Nik sinks back onto a chair in shock of that. Alexis goes and puts his arms around him. "Nik it will be okay."

Nik holds onto Alexis. "What am I going to do without her?"

Alexis: "It will be just fine you have to meet your son now Nik."

Nik looks at his son finally and takes him into his arms. "Hi little guy we need to pick out a name for you. Thea Alexis what do you think of Stefan Aric Cassadine?"

Alexis looks at her nephew and her grandnephew. "I think it suits him and it honors your father. We should go check on Em and Lucky."

~~ Em and Lucky ~~

Em and Lucky were talking about names they liked and such when Nik and Alexis walked in Nik carrying the baby.

Nik: "Hi you two Iíd like you to meet Stefan Aric Cassadine."

Em looked up and smiled, "I like it Nik. Howís Liz?"

Lucky looked up too. "Yes itís a great name."

Nik looked at them attempted to not cry. "Liz didnít make it."

Em wrapped her arms around Lucky and started to cry. Luckyís gaze went first to Em then to Nik and the baby and finally to his daughter in the incubator. "Nik Iím so sorry."

Alexis was looking at Nik and then she looked at the babies. "How are you going to tell Lu?"

Nik: "I donít know the truth as we always have."

Lucky: "Yes the truth."

Nik: "So whatís your daughterís name?"

Em: "We are thinking about that still. Elizabeth Paige Spencer what do you think Lucky?"

Lucky: "I like it and we shall call her Beth."

Em: "Thatís perfect."

Nik: "I think that is a fitting tribute. Beth and Aric are going to end up being more like brother and sister then cousins."

Alexis: "You decided to call him Aric I think that is good because Iím not sure I could call him Stefan."

Nik: "That was my reasoning. Okay we need to call Wyndemere."

Em: "We also need to call the mansion and overseas to Lizís parents and Audrey."

Lucky: "Okay then letís divide the calls and get to it. Alexis can you manage the Qís? Em and I will take Wyndemere and Audrey. Nik that leaves you calling Lizís parents can you handle that?í

Alexis: "Iíll call Ned then call the Qís."

Nik: "Sure thing I have the number on me."