Part 7

~~ Trial ~~

Alexis: "I call Dr. Lesley Webber to the stand."

Lesley goes up and takes the stand being sworn in.

Alexis: "Dr. Webber why did you turn custody of Lu over to Nikolas, Liz, Emily, and Lucky?"

Lesley: "Because I knew that they would love that little girl and take care of her better then I could. I was fighting an illness and I thought Lu deserved better then my feeble attempts to take care of her."

Alexis: "How many times before Laura was incarcerated did you watch Lu because Luke and Laura had gone out of town."

Lesley: "I lost count of how many times I watched over Lu. When ever I had her I would call Lucky and Nikolas so that they could spend time with their sister."

Alexis: "When Laura was put in jail you retained custody correct?"

Lesley: "Yes I did."

Alexis: "Do you stand by your decision to give custody to Lucky, Nikolas, Emily and Elizabeth?"

Lesley: "Yes I do Lu has flourished in the care."

Alexis: "No further questions your honor."

Aidan: "Dr. Webber why donít you support your daughter in getting custody?"

Lesley: "Because I believe she will end up going off on some new adventure and leaving Lu again. Which would devastate that little girl."

Aidan: "With the terms to Lauraís probation she canít leave Port Charles for over five years. Do you still believe that Lu shouldnítí be with her mother?"

Lesley: "Yes because Lu wants to be where she is. She doesnít remember her mother because she was always being left."

Aidan: "No further questions your honor."

Lee: "You may step down."

Alexis: "I call Amy Vining to the stand."

Amy goes up and gets sworn in.

Alexis: "Ms. Vining do you support the decision that Dr. Webber made in giving custody of your niece Lu to Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Elizabeth?"

Amy: "I do Lu has thrived with them. I fear she will shrink back within herself if she is returned to Laura."

Alexis: "Do you think Laura should be allowed to see Lu?"

Amy: "She has a right to see her daughter. But it should be supervised because Laura would bolt if she was giving the chance."

Alexis: "How do you know that?"

Amy: "She always has."

Alexis: "No further questions."

Aidan: "Ms. Vining how often do you see Lu?"

Amy: "I see Lu at least twice a week. I take her to dinner on evening and to the park for an afternoon. Plus I attend her soccer games and other important events."

Aidan: "Whoís idea was it for you to take Lu to dinner an evening a week and to the park?"

Amy: "That was my idea because I wanted to get to know my niece better."

Aidan: "Would you have gone for custody yourself?"

Amy: "I thought about it but decided that she was better off left with Nikolas, Elizabeth, Emily, and Lucky."

Aidan: "No further questions your honor."

Lee: "You may step down."

Alexis: "I call Nikolas Cassadine to the stand."

Nik gets up and goes to the stand.

Alexis: "Nikolas why do you wish to keep Lu?"

Nik: "Because I love my little sister and she doesnít deserve to be abandoned by Laura yet again."

Alexis: "Were you ever abandoned by Laura?"

Nik: "When I was a baby she fled the island and left me in the care of my Father and grandmother."

Alexis: "Should Laura be allowed to see Lu?"

Nik: "If Lu wants to see her yes."

Alexis: "If you had a child would you let Laura stay with that child?"

Nik: "Laura will not be getting within 10 feet of my child."

Alexis: "No further questions."

Aidan: "Mr. Cassadine do you harbor ill will towards your mother because she helped to kill your father?"

Nik: "Of course I do who wouldnít."

Aidan: "You were denied your mother most of your life. Do you want to do the same to your sister?"

Nik: "I would never deny Lu that. It is up to her if we retain custody."

Aidan: "No further questions your honor."

Lee: "You may step down."

Alexis: "I recall Lesley Lu Spencer to the stand."

Lu returns to the stand and is reminded that she is still under oath.

Alexis: "Lu if you get to stay where you are do you want to see your mother?"

Lu: "No I donít want to see her. She left me all the time and Iíd be afraid she was going to take me and run."

Alexis: "Why do you think your mother wants you back?"

Lu: "Because she thinks she wants me but it will turn out she doesnít again."

Alexis: "Why do you say that?"

Lu: "Because she left me before how do I know she wonít do it again."

Alexis: "No further questions."

Aidan: "No questions your honor."

Lee: "Lu you may step down."

Alexis: "The defense rests."

Aidan: "I call Laura Spencer to the stand."

Laura takes the stand and is sworn in.

Aidan: "Mrs. Spencer why do you want your daughter back?"

Laura: "Because I want to right all the wrongs I have down with her and to make up for the bad things I have done with my other children."

Aidan: "Your not going to leave her again?"

Laura: "No Iím not."

Aidan: "What happens if you donít win and you donít get to see her?"

Laura: "I fight again to regain my little girl."

Aidan: "If you lose but can see Lu will you take her and run?"

Laura: "No I wonít."

Aidan: "No further questions your honor."

Alexis: "Mrs. Spencer why do you wish to disrupt Luís life now that she is excelling?"

Laura: "Because I am her mother and I want her back."

Alexis: "Is it not true that you left her over and over again to go off on adventures?"

Laura: "I always left her with my mother she was safe."

Alexis: "Did it ever occur to you that you were abandoning her?"

Laura: "No."

Alexis: "Well Lu thought you did. How do you now you wonít do that again?"

Laura: "I donít."

Alexis: "No further questions your honor."

Lee: "You may step down."

Aidan: "The plaintiff rests your honor."

Lee: "I call a recess while I decide this case."


~~ Leeís decision ~~

Lee was in his chambers weighing the options of this case. Lu was thriving with Lucky and Nikolas and she could change if she was returned to Laura. Yet she should still be able to see Laura if she wanted too. He also knew the little girl because she played with Serena sometimes. He would really hate to see her a shadow of herself again like she was four years ago. Lee decided to leave Lu where she was and that when she wanted to she could see Laura. He wasnít about to push visitation on the child. He made his way back to the courtroom.

Lee: "Be seated. I have made my decision in this case. I side with the defense. Lesley Lu Spencer should remain in the custody of Nikolas and Elizabeth Cassadine and Lucky and Emily Spencer. I will not enforce visitation rights when and if Lu wants to see Laura she may do so. Laura I want your word that you will except this decision and you will not try and see Lu until she wishes to see you."

Laura: "Yes your honor."

Lee: "Lu it is up to you if you want to see your mother you can but you donít have too."

Lu: "I donít want to see her yet I might later but not know."

Lee: "So noted. Laura you are not to be within 100 ft of your daughter."

Aidan: "Your honor that is ridiculous this is a small town."

Lee: "That is my order if it is disobeyed she will find herself in violation of her parole and sent back to jail."

Laura: "I understand."

Lee: "Court adjourned."

Aidan and Laura leave the courthouse defeated and vowing to try again at a later date.

Everyone else goes out to celebrate the good news.