Part 6

They were able to stop the visitation rights until the trial was over.

~~ Two weeks later the trial ~~

Lu: "Iím scared about this cause I donít want to live with her again."

Em: "Lu itís going to be okay we have everyone on our side about this."

Lu: "I know but I donít even want to see her."

Lucky: "I know you donít neither do I."

Nik: "Alexis is going to do everything she can."

Lu: "I just want everything to be over is all."

Liz: "Lu itís going to be okay. You just have to answer the questions Alexis asks you."

Lu: "I will do that."

They leave for the courthouse along with Lesley and Mrs. Lansbury. The ride in is a silent one because they are all lost in thought of what will happen if things donít go how they hope they do.

Laura arrived at the courthouse with her attorney Aidan Kassidy. Laura had to hire an out of town attorney, as not even Scott Baldwin would represent her in this case. It seems everyone was against her.

Alexis entered the courthouse with Kevin, Amy, Bobbie, Ned, and Brooke to await for the others. They spotted Laura and her attorney. Alexis told everyone to head up to the courtroom and wait for the others she was going to go speak with the opposing counsel.

Alexis: "Mr. Kassidy, Mrs. Spencer my clients intend to keep custody of Lu and to be perfectly honest that is what Lu herself wants. Lu is taking the stand to tell the judge that. You may not even end up with visitation rights out of this."

Aidan: "We shall see what the judge has to say about this."

Alexis: "Fine see you in court."

Alexis walked away from them and up to the courtroom. She meets up with, Lu, Nik, Liz, Em, Lucky, Lesley, and Mrs. Lansbury. "I tried to talk them out of this but it didnít seem to work that way."

Lucky: "Thanks for trying Alexis."

They all go into the courtroom to await the judge. Judge Lee Baldwin comes into the courtroom.

The bailiff: "Laura Spencer vs. Nikolas and Elizabeth Cassadine and Lucky and Emily Spencer regarding custody of Lesley Lu Spencer."

Aidan: "Aidan Kassidy for the plaintiff."

Alexis: "Alexis Ashton for the defense."

Lee: "Mrs. Ashton please call your first witness."

Alexis: "I call Lesley Lu Spencer to the stand."

Lu gets up and goes to the stand and gets sworn in.

Alexis: "Lu please tell me in your own words why you want to stay where you are?"

Lu: "Lucky, Em, Liz, and Nik all pay attention to me and help me with my homework. They do all sorts of stuff with me. They donít leave me all the time. Laura always left me I donít even remember being with her. When I went to live at Wyndemere I was shy and quiet now Iím not. I want to stay with my brothers because I know they wonít leave me no matter what and Iím happy there."

Alexis: "Lu do you see Dr. Collins?"

Lu: "Yes I do he has helped me to figure out that itís not my fault that I got left all the time when I was little."

Alexis: "Do you want to see your mother?"

Lu: "No because Iím scared she will try to take me away."

Alexis: "No further questions."

Lee: "I have a question for you young lady. What would happen if your mother got custody of you?"

Lu: "Nik, Liz, Em, and Lucky would fight harder and get me back. Iíd probably run to them as well because I want to live with them."

Aidan: "No questions your honor."

Lee: "Lu you can step down."

Alexis: "I call Lucky Spencer to the stand."

Lucky goes up and takes the stand and is sworn in.

Alexis: "Lucky what was your childhood like?"

Lucky: "From the time I was a baby until I was 12 we were on the run. We settled here when I was 12. I remember being about 5 and I got left alone in the wilderness to find my own way out which I did. I always thought it was some big adventure until now. I donít want my sister to go through that. I came here by myself when I was 12 to my Aunt Ruby Luke and Laura followed me. Faison and Helena took me when I was 16 they didnít even look for me because they thought I was dead. They were off on some other adventure and had left Lu yet again. Luke disappeared and then Laura went to jail. Lesley gave us custody of Lu because she wasnít feeling good and she wanted her to be loved. Lu was so scared and shy then. We took her to see Kevin so that she could get help."

Alexis: "Would you let your mother see your child if you had one?"

Lucky: "My mother isnít getting within 10 yards of my child."

Alexis: "No further questions your honor."

Aidan: "Lucky why do you speak so badly of your mother?"

Lucky: "She helped to kill a man not to mention she kept abandoning her daughter."

Aidan: "Isnít it true you left home?"

Lucky: "That was due to things between myself and family. I always checked on Lu."

Aidan: "Then how can you say your sister kept getting abandoned?"

Lucky: "Because my grandmother would call me to spend time with Lu when Laura was gone."

Aidan: "No further questions your honor?"

Lee: "You my step down Lucky."

Alexis: "I call Kevin Collins to the stand."

Kevin goes up and gets sworn in.

Alexis: "Dr. Collins when did you start to treat Lesley Lu Spencer?"

Kevin: "Almost four years ago. Lucky and Nikolas thought it would be a good idea to see if I could help her."

Alexis: "Do you think you have helped her?"

Kevin: "I would say that I have. She isnít withdrawn and shy anymore like she was when she first came to see me."

Alexis: "What would happen if Lu was returned to Laura?"

Kevin: "That is hard to say. It would depend upon weather or not she got left and such. It could very well return her to being shy and withdrawn again."

Alexis: "No further questions your honor."

Aidan: "No questions your honor."

Lee: "You may step down."

Alexis: "I call Barbara Jean Spencer to the stand."

Bobbie goes up and is sworn in.

Alexis: "Ms. Spencer do you think Lu should be returned to Laura or left where she is?"

Bobbie: "Lu is better off where she is. Nikolas, Liz, Emily and Lucky take care of her and make sure she has what she needs. It is hard to say if Laura would do the same. I have been behind Nikolas, Liz, Emily, and Lucky since Lesley gave them custody of Lu."

Alexis: "No further questions."

Aidan: "Ms. Spencer you donít like my client do you?"

Bobbie: "I donít have a high moral opinion of someone who would plot murder and leave their child."

Aidan: "Ms. Spencer you yourself were a prostitute were you not?"

Alexis: "Objection your honor Ms. Spencerís past shouldnít be in question."

Lee: "Sustained."

Aidan: "No further questions."

Lee: "You may step down."