Part 5

~~ Conversation with Alexis ~~

Emily, Lucky, Nikolas, and Liz invite Alexis over to Wyndemere to discuss how to keep Laura from seeing Lu until the trial and how to keep Lu with them.

Alexis: "It should be easy to block her visitation until the outcome of the trial. We can have Dr. Collins tell the judge it would be damaging to Luís well being. He knows how she was when she first came to live with the 4 of you."

Nik: "Kevin will do that because he also knows that Lu doesnít want to see Laura because she keeps saying that to him in her sessions."

Lucky: "What about the trial?"

Alexis: "Lu wants to stay with you four. She is old enough to tell the judge what she wants. As well as Lucky telling what life with Laura was like. Not to mention the fact that Laura was always leaving Lu with Lesley. Will Lesley testify?"

Lucky: "I think she will because she wants Lu to be happy."

Alexis: "What about Amy will she side with Laura or with you?"

Em: "I think Amy will side with us because she sees how Lu is with us not to mention the fact that she wasnít happy with Laura forever leaving Lu."

Alexis: "Okay I will need to speak with Amy, Lesley, and with Kevin."

Nik: "Okay thank you. Oh Bobbie will side with us for sure because she wants Lu with us. She has since Lesley gave us custody of Lu because she was feeling unwell."

Alexis: "Your right Bobbie will definitely side with you."

Lucky: "Alexis thank you for everything."

Alexis: "Your welcome. I need to speak with Lu as well."

Nik: "Of course sheís in the kitchen with Mrs. Lansbury."

Alexis: "Okay I shall go see here there."

Alexis goes off to talk to Mrs. Lansbury and Lu leaving the four to talk about Laura.

Nik: "She shouldnít be out on parole."

Lucky: "We knew it could happen. I just didnít think it would."

Em: "We will get her if it is the last thing we do."

Liz: "If the judge grants custody back to Laura we could always run."

Nik: "No we wonít run we will just fight harder. Besides any judge who would give her back to Laura when she doesnít want to be there is bought somehow."

Lucky: "Your right of course. Besides we have a lot of people backing us on this."

Em: "Yes we do."

Liz: "Letís take Lu into town to a movie and to dinner tonight."

Nik: "Thatís a good idea."