Part 4

~~ Conversation with Lulu ~~

Nikolas goes to pick Lu up from the party. He takes her back to Wyndemere so that they can talk to her.

Lu: "I had so much fun at Brookeís party."

Nik: "Thatís good Lu we need to talk to you about something."

Lu: "Is it about mom?"

Nik: "Yes it is Lu."

Lucky: "She is out of jail and wants to get you back."

Lu: "I donít want to go to her."

Liz: "We know that Lu and it wonít happen if we can stop it."

Lu: "I know but do I have to see her?"

Em: "Your supposed to see her once a week until the trial."

Lu: "I donít want too though."

Nik: "We are going to see if there is anyway that you donít have to do that."

Lu: "Okay I love you guys."

Nik and Liz: "Just as we love you Lu."

Lucky and Em: "Exactly Lu we love you too."

~~ Em and Lucky ~~

Lu goes up to her room to finish up some homework. Liz and Nik go off to do there own thing leaving Lucky and Em alone.

L: "Em Iím so happy that you are my wife and that we are together. Em you are my destiny and you always knew that."

Emily wipes a couple tears away. "Lucky I am so happy that you are my husband and we are together. I know you are my destiny you always have been. Even when I thought I had lost you I knew you still were my destiny."

Lucky smiles and wipes a tear. "Em we are made for each other. Our child will have so much love."

E: "Yes she will."

L: "She?"

E: "I just have a feeling I am carrying a little girl."

L: "Well then I look forward to finding out."

Emily goes into Luckyís arms and kisses him softly before whispering in his ear. "I love you Lucky you hold the key to my heart you always have."

Lucky presses his lips back to Emís before whispering back to her. "I love you Em you also hold the key to my heart and you always have."

E: "Always?"

L: "Yes always even when I was with Liz cause I wouldnít let myself admit what I was feeling because I was scared of losing my best friend.

E: "Lucky I felt the same way all along."

L: "Em it was fate and destiny all along."

E: "Yes it was Lucky."