Part 3

~~ Conversation with Laura ~~

Laura looks taken aback by Luckyís words. She looks around at all four of them noticing similar expressions on each of their faces.

Nik: "She wants to stay with us so we will fight for her. Alexis seems to think we will win."

Laura: "I want my baby back."

Em: "Well you should have thought about that before you kept ignoring her and before you helped Helena. To think I used to look up to you after all you helped me tell Liz and Nik how I felt."

Liz: "Lu came to us shy and sacred thinking nobody wanted to take care of her. It took us a lot of time to get her to be how she was before you and Luke kept taking off on her. You arenít going to turn that beautiful little girl back into a shadow of herself again."

Lucky: "We have said all we wanted to say. As for your visitation with Lu we will call you after we talk to her."

Laura: "Fine Iíll see you in court. I want to see my baby tomorrow."

Lucky: "It isnít happening tomorrow mother. We have to talk Lu about when she wants to see you. I highly doubt she will want to see you."

Laura: "The judge says I get to see her and I will see her."

Nik: "You will see her one day next week after school."

Laura: "Fine call me when and where."

Liz: "It will be at Wyndemere. All four of us will be with her as well since it is supervised. By the way you are going to be a grandmother twice over."

Laura: "Iím what?"

Nik: "You heard her you will be a grandmother yet you wonít be seeing your grandchildren since you helped to plot the murder of my Ďfatherí and you wonít be seeing Lu after the trial if we have anything to say about it."

Laura: "I didnít help kill him I was framed by Helena."

Lucky: "Then why were you convicted?"

Nik: "You helped to have him killed it was all documented and you plead guilty so stop denying it."

Laura has tears in her eyes as she walks away from her children and their wives. The four look at each other and just shake their heads.

Liz: "I think we need to see if we can get the visitation put on hold until the trial."

Nik: "Iíll talk with Alexis about that."

Em: "Lu is not going to be happy about any of this."

Lucky: "She is old enough for her opinion to count and I can tell the judge about childhood with Laura."

Nik: "Alexis thinks we will win easily because Lu wants to be with us and Laura was in jail, plus what Lucky has to say about childhood with her."

~~ Wyndemere ~~

They tell Mrs. Lansbury what is going on with Laura. She wants to help them keep Lu because she knows that Laura will never do what they do for the precious little girl. She also holds Laura responsible for the death of the child she raised until he was ready for tutors and governess.