Part 2

~~ Two and a half months later ~~

They have just learned that Laura will be granted parole and that she intends to fight for Lulu. They are trying to figure out how to tell Lulu.

Lucky: "We should just come right out and tell her. It is what we have always done."

Nik: "That is the best way to handle it and the way we always do it."

Em and Liz both nod in agreement before Liz says, "But when do we tell her? She has a soccer game tomorrow and Brooke’s party is tomorrow night. I don’t want to upset her before those."

Lucky: "I suggest we tell her Sunday after the game and the party."

Nik: "That sounds good. Alexis is working on our defense. She seems to think we have a good case because we have had custody of Lulu for almost four years. Also because Lulu wants to stay with us."

Liz: "I have some good news. I was going to wait awhile longer before saying anything but I think Lulu could use some good news."

Em: "I have news as well."

Nik and Lucky look at each other then their respective wives and begin to smile. Liz and Em look at each other and smile each thinking they now what the other is going to say.

Em: "You can go first Liz."

Liz: "Nikolas we are going to be parents."

Nikolas looks a bit shocked but rushes to hug her. "That is great honey."

Lucky looks at Emily, "What did you have to tell us Em?"

Em: "What Liz just said."

Lucky rushes over to her and spins her around. "I’m so happy Em."

All four of them bust up laughing. Then Lulu walks in all ready for bed.

Lu: "whose turn is it to tuck me in and read me my story?"

The four look at each other all wanting to put her to bed. Liz looks up at her and says, "We are all Lu."

Lu: "Really how come?"

Liz: "Because we want to sweetie and we have something to tell you."

Lu: "What do you have to tell me?"

Em: "Your going to be an aunt Lulu."

Lulu’s eyes light up, "Really when?"

Em: "In about 6 and ˝ months for me any ways."

Liz: "Same here Lu."

Lu: "You mean your both going to have babies?"

Em and Liz both smile at her before saying, "Yes."

Lu: "Wow."

They all take her up to bed and tuck her in. Hugging and kissing her goodnight.

~~ The next morning ~~

They wake up to Lu’s excited voice. She is excited about her game and Brooke’s party.

Lucky: "Em you and Liz better make sure Lu is ready for Brooke’s party because she goes there after her soccer game."

Em: "Of course."

Em and Liz meet up in the hallway both ready to make sure Lulu is ready for her party. They help her make sure that she has everything packed.

Meanwhile Nik gets a call on his cell phone from Alexis.

A: "Laura was released today."

N: "When will she be back?"

A: "Sometime tomorrow or later today."

N: "We still haven’t told Lu yet. She has her game and Brooke’s party today. We are going to tell her tomorrow."

A: "She is going to want to see Lu as soon as possible."

N: "Only if Lu wants to see her."

A: "The judge has already okayed her having visitation with Lu but it is supervised."

N: "Lu isn’t going to like that I don’t think. When is the custody trial?"

A: "In two weeks. Laura has a visit with her each week. On a day chosen by you guys."

N: "Okay we will discuss all of this tomorrow with Lu. We would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say anything to her about it at Brooke’s party."
A: "I won’t. Talk to you Monday. You four have the best chance of getting custody of her because it is what she wants."

N: "By the way, you are going to be a great aunt. Liz is pregnant so is Emily."

A: "Congratulations that is so wonderful. I have my own news, Brooke is going to be a big sister."

N: "That is great."

~~ The game ~~

They take Lulu to her soccer game and watch her score a goal. They also see her make two assists in the game. They are so proud of her. After the game they all go and hug her.

Lucky: "Great game Lu. Have fun at Brooke’s party. We will come pick up at 11 tomorrow. We have some things to discuss with you tomorrow."

Em: "Good job Lu."

Nik: "You did really good today. Great job on the assists and your goal was awesome."

Liz: "You were amazing."

Lu: "Thanks you guys."

Ned, Alexis, and Brooke walk over. Lu runs over to Brooke and hugs her. They begin to talk about the game and there respective goals.

Alexis: "You guys should know Laura is back and is watching from the back."

Lucky: "Thanks Alexis. Take good care of her tonight."

Ned: "We will. We will have six 10 year olds."

Liz pulls something out of her purse and hands it to Brooke. "Happy birthday Brooke." Brooke opens the package to reveal and drawing of her and Lu playing soccer in a nice frame.

Brooke: "Thank you Liz."

Liz: "Your welcome."

Ned, Alexis, Brooke, and Lulu leave for Brooke’s party. While Lucky, Emily, Liz, and Nikolas all walk over to where Laura is.

Lucky: "Hello mother. Lulu is staying with us."