Keeping the love alive

Part 1

This is a squeal to my story Discovering Love. It takes place four years after the wedding of Lucky and Emily about the year 2004. Lucky is working at L&B, Em is working at ELQ, Nik is running the Cassadine Empire with the help of Alexis, and Liz is a successful artist. The four live at Wyndemere and are raising Lesley Lu, who is about 10, because Laura was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder of Stefan. While Helena was convicted of his murder. Luke is missing and presumed dead after escaping from jail.

~~ Wyndemere ~~

Mrs. Lansbury had prepared a lovely dinner for the 5 of them as usual. Mrs. Lansbury helps them take care of Lulu. Lulu is extremely well adjusted to the fact that her brothers are raising her instead of her parents since she doesnít really remember her parents taking care of her it had always been her grandmother or brothers.

Em: "Lu what did you do in school today?"

Lu: "We presented our social studies projects. Brookeís and mine was the best thanks to Lizís help with our visuals."

Lucky: "That is good. Do you need any help with your homework tonight?"

Lu: "Just with my math. Mrs. Lansbury helped me with my spelling words."

Em, Liz, and Lucky look at Nikolas before saying, "Thatís your department Nikky."

Nik: "Iíll help you after dinner Lu."

Lu: "Conferences are next week. I have a note in a folder Iíll give it to you after dinner."

Liz: "Okay. Do you know what day?"

Lu: "I think Wednesday."

Em: "Wednesday is the ELQ board meeting. So it depends on the time."

Nik: "I have a meeting with investors. So it also depends on the time for me."

Lucky: "Iím clear Ned will understand."

Liz: "Iím clear as well. So there will be at least two of us there."

Lu: "You guys always make the time. So Iím sure all four of you will be there. My teacher is amazed that you handle the responsibility so well. She seems to think most people your age would have given Aunt Bobbie custody or Mrs. Lansbury would be doing everything."

Lucky: "Lulu we love you and we want to take care of you. Aunt Bobbie and Mrs. Lansbury help us when we need the help. We have made mistakes but that is just because we are still learning."

Lu: "You guys pay more attention to me then Mom and Dad ever did."

Nik: "Lulu we have something you need to know. Mom could be getting out of jail in three months."

Lu: "Would I have to live with her?"

Em: "We will fight for custody of you."

Lu: "Good because I want to stay here with you guys."