Alexis had twin’s three weeks after Elizabeth died.

~~ About a year later ~~

Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, Lu, Ned, Alexis, and Brooke were finishing up the last minute preparations for Beth, Aric, Katie, and Kyle’s first birthday party.

Nikolas had gone through his grief over losing Elizabeth but wasn’t ready to be dating anyone yet. He was committed to raising his son, little sister, and helping raise his niece. He surveyed the room and deemed it adequate of a first birthday party. He looked over and watched Lu and Brooke put finishing touches here and there on the lower parts. He continued to look about the room smiling as he watched Alexis and Ned together and Lucky and Emily. He glanced up and saw Sarah come in she had become a fixture around Wyndemere wanting to be close to Aric. He went over and gave her a hug.

Lucky and Emily smiled at one another as they hung up the sign saying happy birthday. They glanced about the room watching everyone and noting Nikolas’s reaction to Sarah they gave each other a little look over that wondering what would happen there. They thought it was time he attempted to move on if he could.

Alexis and Ned also smiled at each other not believing a year had passed since they had their beautiful children. They too watched the room noticing how Nikolas reacted to Sarah when she came in.

Sarah smiled when she came in immediately finding herself in a hug from Nikolas she was making progress but going slow with him because he wasn’t ready for more then friendship. She was just happy to be a part of her nephew’s life and that of Nikolas’s.

Lu and Brooke giggled to themselves as they finished with the decorations and watched the others. Lu was happier and had gotten over Liz’s death pretty well with a little help from Kevin and the others. She still wasn’t ready to see Laura that was fine since Laura did a disappearing act.

Mrs. Lansbury came in to inform everyone that the launch was coming over with the guest’s and that they should get the kids ready for their party. Nik, Em, Alexis, and Ned went up to get the kids. Nik picked Aric up, Em got Beth, Alexis grabbed Katie, and Ned scooped up Kyle. They went downstairs with them setting them down and watching them be in awe of all the decorations.

The guests came and included the Q clan, Audrey, Amy, Bobbie, Lucas, Lesley, and a few other’s from L&B, Cassadine Enterprises, and ELQ. They mixed together watching the little ones toddle about and tear open their presents. They all laughed when it was cake time because they all attacked it getting cake all over themselves. The party broke up soon after the cake had been eaten.

Alexis, Ned, and Brooke bundled up the twins and headed out taking Lu with them for the night. Alexis and Ned walked arm in arm pushing the stroller holding Katie and Kyle. Brooke and Lu ran ahead of them giggling and laughing happy to be with one another.

Nik and Sarah took Aric up and cleaned him off before tucking him into his crib. Preparations had been made for separate rooms for Beth and Aric and were being put into place but for now they shared a room because they were still little enough.

Lucky and Emily carried Beth up for bed cleaning her up and tucking her in. They smiled at Nik and Sarah as the two exited. Lucky and Em stood watching over Beth for a few more minutes before taking there leave of the little ones.

~~ Nik and Sarah ~~

Nik walked Sarah down to the launch. "Thank you for coming today."

Sarah smiled at him. "I wouldn’t have been anywhere else today. I’ll see you again in a couple days."

N: "I shall look forward to that Sarah."

S: "Okay Nikolas see you then."

Nik leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips then backed away a bit startled that he’d done that. Sarah looked at him and just smiled. "Nik it’s okay."

N: "Okay Sarah see you later."

Sarah boarded the launch smiling; she waved at Nik as the launch left the dock. She was quite happy that Nik made that first step but knew he wasn’t ready for more then that yet she would be patient with him.

Nik stood there watching the launch pulling away and touching his lips. He wasn’t sure how he felt about kissing Sarah yet but knew it wouldn’t happen again for some time.

~~ Lucky and Emily ~~

They walked hand in hand down the hall stopping at the window to look down at Nik and Sarah they looked at each when he kissed her and noticed both there reactions.

L: "It seems Sarah still has feelings for him."

E: "Yes she does. Nik seems to have feelings for her enough to kiss her."

L: "Evidently but I don’t think he meant to kiss her."

E: "I know we shall see."

Lucky pulled Emily into his arms and kissed her again. "I love you Emily Spencer."

Emily kissed Lucky back. "I love you Lucky Spencer."

L: "Did you have something you wished to tell me earlier?"

E: "I’m pregnant."

Lucky spun her around in his arms. "That is wonderful Em." He said before picking her up and carrying her to their room.

The End