Part 4

It has know been two years since Luckyís apparent death. Nik and Liz are dating and trying to help Em come to terms with losing Lucky. Lucky has been moved from location to location still trying to escape. Helena instead of Faison is now holding him.

~~ Kellyís ~~

Nik and Liz are waiting for Em to show up for their lunch meeting. Since Em told them about her feelings for Lucky they have been helping her to grieve for that out in the open. Em also hasnít been avoiding them as much she still stays away a bit because she doesnít feel like being a third wheel and they know better then to set her up with someone.

Em comes into Kellyís feeling sad for today marks two years since Luckyís death. She is trying to not bring Liz and Nik down for their lunch.

Em: "Hi guys sorry Iím late."

Liz: "Your not late Em your right on time."

Nik: "How are you today?"

Em: "Iím hanging in there."

Liz: "That is good."

They eat lunch and chat about things. Em leaves them alone to go pay a visit to Luckyís grave.

~~ Undisclosed location ~~

Lucky: "When are you going to let me go?"

Hells: "Soon my dear Lucky."

Lucky decides to take advantage of the open door and Helenaís lack of paying attention. He knocks her out with a vase and runs out the door. He tries to figure where he is and figures out that he is near Port Charles so he heads back to town.

~~ Luckyís grave ~~

Em places the flowers on Luckyís grave. "I canít believe it has been two years since the night my life changed forever. You will always be in my heart Lucky and I will always wonder what could have been with us. I think that I must move on or at least try to because it is so hard to watch Nik and Liz together. I know that no man will ever replace you because no one could live up to the standard you set Lucky."

Lucky made is way to his grave to find Em standing there he listens to her speaking. "Em you donít have to worry about that Iím here and I love you very much."

Em spins around and sees Lucky standing there she almost falls over. She rushes into his arms. "Lucky is that really you?"

Lucky: "Yes it is me Iíve been trying to get back to you for two years. I was kidnapped by Faison and then again by Helena. I finally escaped tonight and came straight to you."

Em: "We have to let everyone else know that you are alive."

Lucky: "You are right as usual Em. Nik and Liz are probably still at Kellyís."

Lucky leans his head down to kiss Em gently. "I have been dreaming of that for two years."

Em: "So have I Lucky. We should head to Kellyís."

Em and Lucky head off to Kellyís hand in hand. Talking about everything and anything they can think of. They walk into Kellyís hand in hand. "Guess who I found you two."

Liz and Nik both look up. "Lucky."

Lucky: "In the flesh. I was kidnapped and have been trying to escape. I finally did tonight."

Liz: "Well it is great to see you Lucky."

Nik: "Yes it is great to have you back."

Lucky: "Well it is great to be back. I have my three best friends one of whom Iím in love with."

Liz: "I suppose you know that Nikolas and I are dating."

Lucky: "Yes I do Liz and I am happy for you. We need to let my mom know Iím okay."

Nik: "Yes we do she will be ecstatic." Nik pulls out his cell phone and waits for Laura to answer. "Mom I have some great news. Lucky is alive."

Laura: "Heís what?"

Lucky: "You heard him mom Iím alive."

Laura: "How is that possible?"

Lucky: "I was kidnapped. Itís a long story I will fill you in later right know I have a very important date that has been on hold for a long time."

Laura: "Okay I look forward to hearing about it. I love you have fun with Em."

Lucky: "I love you too."

~~ Em and Lucky ~~

They go walking around town hand in hand kissing whenever they can. So happy to be together. They talk about what they have been through during the two years they were apart. Basically just trying to catch up with each other. They stop to sit in the park.

Lucky: "Em I know this may be to soon for this but will you marry me?"

Em: "Yes I will Lucky we have lost so much time already. When should we get married?"

Lucky: "As soon as we can set things up."

Em: "That sounds great Lucky."

~~ A month later ~~

The wedding of Emily Bowen Quartermaine and Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. was the main event in Port Charles. Lucky returned from the dead and he went for Emily not Liz. Most everyone was surprised about this except for Liz and Nikolas. Liz was matron of honor and Nikolas was best man. Alan walked Emily down the isle and gave her away to marry Lucky. It was a simple ceremony short and to the point which is what Lucky and Emily wanted. They had two years to make up for and didnít want to waste anytime. After the ceremony there was a reception at in the Q mansion. Everyone showed up there was lots of dancing and food. Then they went off on their honeymoon.