Part 3

It has been almost a year since Luckyís apparent death. Liz and Emily are both going to PCU, Nik is working at Deception, and Lucky is still trying to figure out how to escape.

~~ PCU ~~

Emily is walking towards her class not really paying attention because she is thinking of Lucky. She has been thinking about him a lot lately because it has been almost a year since that fateful night. When she bumps into someone. She looks up hoping beyond hope that is could be Lucky but she knows better she sees someone from one of her classes Juan she believes his name is. "Iím so sorry I wasnít paying attention to where I was going."

Juan Santiago had been trying to figure out how to meet the elusive Emily. "It is quite all right. Iím Juan Santiago by the way."

Em: "Iím Emily Quartermaine. I must be going."

Juan: "I will see you in class."

Emily just nods as she hurries away. She had to meet Liz and Nik for lunch as it was there weekly lunch date.

~~ Lunch ~~

Liz and Nik are waiting at Kellyís for Emily to arrive. They know she meets them because it is expected not because she really wants to. Liz and Nik have grown closer over the past year as Em has drifted apart from them. They donít know why Em has done this.

Em: "Sorry Iím late my class ran over."

Liz: "Itís okay Em. Are you okay? You have been so distant lately."

Em: "Iím fine Liz I have just been busy with school and my family is up to its usual tricks."

Nik watched the exchange between them and knew Emily wasnít saying something. He knows that there is something that Emily has been hiding for awhile yet he doesnít want to push her into telling them what it is.

Emily is thankful when the little inquisition is over because she was so close to telling them both how she and Lucky felt about each other. Em leaves Nik and Liz to clean up their lunch.

~~ At the cemetery ~~

She goes to buy flowers for Luckyís grave and heads to the cemetery for a little one on one with Lucky. She places the flowers on his grave.

"Lucky it is so hard to do this without you. I havenít told anyone what we said to each other because I didnít want Liz to feel slighted or anything. But they know Iím hiding something and I am so ready to tell them yet I canít do it because to do it would hurt Liz tremendously. She is finally getting over losing you and I canít make her do it all over again. Myself on the other hand would be able to move closer to getting over losing you if I could tell everyone that I love you and that you love me it would make things easier on me." Em hears a noise and turns around to see Laura standing behind her. "I thought I was alone Laura."

Laura has heard everything that Emily has been saying and her heart breaks for her. She pulls Emily into a hug. "Emily you are a very brave young lady. I knew you were hiding something as well but couldnít figure it out. I just remember what you said at the memorial about how no man will ever match what Lucky means to you. That was your way of admitting your love without actually saying it. I just didnít see that until know. You should be able to be open about this Iím sure that Liz will understand."

Emily: "I canít do that to her I canít make her lose him again."

Laura: "You also canít live like this for the rest of your life. They can tell your not telling them everything so far they havenít pushed but Iím sure they will. If I could see it they can too."

Em: "I know you are right Laura they can tell something is off with me. I just donít know how to tell them."

Laura: "You need to sit them down and tell them what you are feeling. Liz and Nik have grown close over the past year and you seem to be distant from them both. I think that they may have started to date but Iím not sure on that."

Em: "I thought they might have I just didnít want to actually ask them about it because then they would want to push to find out what Iíve been not telling them. Laura we do this at your house?"

Laura: "Of course when should we do this."

Em: "As soon as possible."

Laura: "I will ask them both to come to my house tomorrow evening and you can tell them."

Em: "Thank you Laura. I just hope I can tell them."

Laura: "You can tell them I know you can."

Laura places her flowers on Luckyís grave as her heart bleeds for Emily. She can only imagine what she must have gone through this past year with out him and with out telling anyone about it. She goes to call Liz and Nik and to ask them to dinner the following evening. They both except and are pleased that Emily will be there for they want to finally come clean about something with them both.

~~ At Lauraís ~~

Emily arrives early to help Laura get everything ready and to see Lulu before Lulu heads to her friends house. As Lulu is leaving Liz and Nik show up together. It seems that they are together more and more these days.

Liz: "Before we start this evening we have something to tell you two."

Em: "I have something to tell you guys as well."

Laura looks at the three of them and she can tell by looking at all three of them that Emily should go first because she thinks that she knows what Liz and Nik are going to say. "I think that Emily should go first."

Nik: "I have to agree with you on that mom."

Liz: "Okay Em you can go first."

Nik and Liz are both wondering what Emily is going to tell them. They think that she is going to tell them what ever she has been hiding for the past year. Little do they know what she has to say can turn their lives upside down.

Em looks at them both and motions for them to sit down. She looks at Laura before she continues. "The two of you have probably been trying to figure out what I havenít been telling you this past year and why I have been avoiding you. I couldnít very well be around you with out wanting to tell you both that I lost the person I was in love with." Em stops and looks at them both.

Liz canít believe what Emily just said. "You love Lucky." Is all she can say.

Em: "Yes I do just as he loves me. The night he died he called me and we finally told each other that. We had been ignoring our feelings for about a year because we werenít sure the other felt the same way. Plus we had to consider how Liz would feel when she found out. The night of the fire I woke up knowing something was wrong and tried to call him that is why I showed up that night Liz. I knew then that I couldnít tell you because it would hurt you more. Iíve been living with this for a year without anyone knowing until Laura found me yesterday at Luckyís grave. She thought it was best to tell you two how I have been feeling and I decided that it was time."

Nik: "Em you should have told me."

Em: "I didnít want to tell anyone because Liz would have found out and I didnít want her to lose him twice."

Liz is sitting there not knowing what to say. She just looks at Emily.

Laura: "Emily I knew you could tell them. Liz did you have something you wanted to tell us."

Liz: "I canít believe you would do that Em I canít believe it."

Em: "I didnít plan on it Liz. It was something that we both denied existed for a year because we didnít want to hurt you. Didnít you two wonder why Lucky and were avoiding each other and were always jumpy around one another?"

Liz: "Yes we did wonder we just thought it was because Lucky and I were involved and you didnít have anyone."

Em: "If it is any consolation Liz I didnít call him he called me."

Nik: "Mother Liz and I had planned to tell you that we had started dating tonight but I can see know that Liz needs some time to adjust to what Emily just told us. Emily I wish you had told us all this sooner."

Liz: "Nik I donít need time I am truly ready to move on I am just a little shocked by what Emily told us. Is that the reason you donít seem to look forward to our weekly lunches?"

Em: "Yes because when ever I am around you two I wanted to say how I felt and I didnít want to hurt either of you."

Nik: "Well you donít have to worry about that anymore. Everything is out in the open."

Em: "Okay. How long have you two been dating?"

Nik: "About three weeks."

Em: "I am happy for you both. With this out in the open I can finally start to move on I hope. It will be hard because we never got to see what would have happened between us."

Liz: "Emily it will just take time to move on. You have us to get through it."

Em: "Iím relieved that it is out in the open."

Nik: "Okay no more secrets between us."

Em and Liz: "Okay that sounds good."

Laura is pleased that everything went so well for all three of them. She is also happy that Liz and Nik got together. They all eat the dinner that Laura made.

~~ Undisclosed location ~~

Faison shows up with a tape for Lucky. Lucky watches the tape it is of Emily and his mother at his grave. He is relieved that she finally told someone but is worried about how Liz is going to take the news then he sees the tape from the house and how they took it.

Lucky: "How did you get the tape from the inside of my motherís house?"

Faison: "Young Master Spencer you know the rules you must win at chess before you get that answer."

Lucky: "Very well."

They play chess and Lucky thinks about what Nik said that he and Liz are dating. He is glad that Liz moved on and is happy that they will both be there for Emily to help her through her feelings and everything since she finally admitted them to someone besides him.