Part two

A year has passed and they are once again at prom night Lucky and Emily have been denying that they have feelings for one another beyond those of friendship.

~~ Prom ~~

Nik is once again escorting Emily to prom while Lucky and Liz go together. They dance the night away. Once again Nik and Liz watch while Em and Lucky share a dance. This time around Nik and Liz begin to suspect that Em and Lucky have feelings for each other because they had been avoiding each other and were nervous around each other.

Em is trying to get her courage together to tell Lucky how she feels while they are dancing. But she canít get her words together and the song ends she looses her chance to tell Lucky that she has fallen in love with him.

While dancing with Em Lucky comes to the realization that he does indeed love her. The song ends before he has a chance to tell her. Lucky decided that he needs to talk with Liz before saying anything to Emily.

Prom ends and the foursome heads to Kellyís once again for a little after prom celebration.

Em: "To think we are almost ready to graduate. We have really got to have more times like this."

Liz: "I must agree with that Emily we all need to spend more time together after all we are the four musketeers."

Nik: "I agree with the both of you we should get together once a week."

Lucky: "That sounds like a good plan."

They group sits and discusses plans before Nik takes Em home again Lucky wishes that that he was taking Emily home and not Nik. Lucky and Liz stay to clean up. Lucky was going to use this time to talk to Liz about his feelings for Emily. But Liz decided she wanted to dance more so they have a final dance. Lucky walks Liz home deciding to wait until the morning to talk things over with Liz.

Emily gets home and sits trying to figure out if she should call Lucky or not. Little does she know that Lucky is trying to make that same decision.

Lucky having arrived in his apartment he decides that he should call Emily and talk to her. But he doesnít know how to tell her that he loves her. Besides just coming out and saying it. Lucky calls her and waits for her to pick up the phone.

Emily is snapped out of her thoughts by the ringing phone. "Hello." She waits for a response.

Lucky: "Emily I think we need to talk about some things."

Em is thrilled when she hears Luckyís voice. "I think we do too Lucky."

L: "Em I have fallen in love with you some where in the course of the past year and I canít ignore that anymore."

E: "Oh Lucky I have fallen in love with you too over the course of this past year. I have been trying to tell you since I figured it out."

Lucky and Emily are both relieved that there revealing how they feel about each other was meet so well by the other person.

L: "I still need to end things with Liz. Would you be my girlfriend after I do that?"

E: "I thought you would never ask. Should we both talk with Liz?"

L: "I think it is best that I talk with her first she may want to talk with you after that."

E: "When did you start to have feelings for me beyond friendship?"

L: "I started to notice them around this time last year and I kept ignoring them. What about you?"

E: "I started to notice them more around prom last year I too kept ignoring them because I didnít want to ruin our friendship."

L: "I think we have both been afraid because we didnít want to find out the other person didnít feel that way and we didnít want to hurt Liz."

E: "I think so Lucky. We have been rather idiotic about everything this past year avoiding each other because we didnít anyone to know how we felt."

L: "Yes we have been Em. Itís amazing that Nik and Liz havenít picked up on anything. Or at least I donít think they have."

E: "I donít think they have but who knows with how we have been acting. Lucky Spencer I love you."

L: "Emily Bowen Quartermaine I love you too."

E: "Goodnight Lucky I will see you tomorrow."

L: "Goodnight Emily see you tomorrow."

They both hang up feeling relieved and thrilled beyond belief that they have finally told each other how they feel about one another. They both fall asleep happy and dreaming of one another.

Meanwhile Liz and Nik have been talking on the phone with one another trying to figure out why Lucky and Emily have been acting so strange around each other. They just think that Lucky and Emís friendship is going through some changes with him being with Liz.

Emily wakes up with a start and tries to call Lucky but she gets the phone has been disconnected message. Liz wakes up with the same feeling and tries to call him as well she gets the same message. She heads to the apartment and it is in flames. All Liz can do is stand there with tears streaming down her face. Emily comes up and sees Liz standing there and starts to cry herself.

Em: "Did he get out Liz?"

Liz: "I donít know they wonít tell me anything."

Em: "Iím sure he got he just had to get out."

Liz: "I canít survive without him."

Em doesnít know what to tell Liz because she isnít about to let Liz know that she and Lucky talked if god forbid Lucky didnít make it out. Taggert comes up to them both.

Taggert: "There is no why Lucky could have survived that."


Taggert holds the token out and Liz clutches it to her chest tears stream down her face. Emily grabs onto to Liz and holds onto her as she cries. Emily has tears of her own streaming down her face.

Meanwhile Lucky wakes up in an undisclosed location and checks out his surroundings. He remembers telling Emily how he feels and everything he is trying to figure out how to get out.

Faison: "Mr. Spencer you are to be my guest for a while."

Lucky: "Where am I?"

Faison: "In your new home."

Lucky takes in what is being said and decides to try and figure things out on his own so he is quiet. Faison flings some pictures down of the fire and Liz and Emily crying. Lucky realizes that everyone thinks he is dead.

Lucky: "They think Iím dead."

Faison: "That is correct Mr. Spencer."


~~ Two weeks after the fire ~~

Em and Liz are both in shock along with everyone else. Em doesnít think it right to tell anyone that she and Lucky were in love. Liz is going through a rough time because Lucky was the one who helped her through everything. Em is having an equally rough time because Lucky was there for her when her mom died.

Meanwhile Lucky has been shown pictures of everyone grieving for him and the funeral. Even a tape recording of what everyone said at his memorial. Emís had been so touching to him even more touching then what Liz tried to say. He keeps replaying what Em said.

Em: "Lucky Spencer has been my best friend since I moved here he helped me get through the worst time in my life. Lucky helps those who need helped no matter what. No guy will ever match what Lucky means to me."

Lucky has this memorized she managed to admit her true feelings with out coming out and saying they were in love. Lucky knows she did this because she thought it best that Liz not know. That made him love her even more she put Lizís feelings in front of her own. Lucky fell into a restless sleep dreaming of Emily and what their life should be.

Emily keeps reliving the phone conversation that she and Lucky had that night. She knows that she doesnít want to let Liz know about that because it would push Liz over the edge. Em falls into a restless sleep dreaming of Lucky and what they should have had together.