Discovering Love

Part One

This starts in 1998 with Prom Em, Lucky, and Liz are the same age.

~~ Prom Night ~~

Liz and Lucky meet with Emily and Nikolas for dinner at the Grille before heading to their prom. Lucky and Emily keep glancing at each other during dinner yet Liz and Nikolas donít notice this. They head to the prom after their dinner.

Emily: "Nikolas thanks for coming to prom with me."

Nik: "It is what best friends are for Emily."

Emily keeps glancing at Lucky and he glances at her. Emily is wishing that she was with Lucky but he is with Elizabeth. Emily has kept her feelings to herself for so long that it is second nature.

Lucky is wishing that he had the courage to tell Elizabeth that he has feelings for Emily. He too is so used keeping those feelings locked away and he does love Elizabeth but his feelings for Emily are more then that of best friend.

Lucky: "Liz I am so happy we are here together and that Emily and Nikolas came with us."

Liz: "So am I we are all best friends."

Liz has begun to wonder if Emily and Lucky have feelings for each other but she thinks she is off base on that because she has no reason to think that they do.

They dance the night away. Nik and Liz watch as Em and Lucky share a dance. While Em and Lucky are dancing they are both feeling things that they didnít feel when they were dancing with Nik and Liz. Yet they are both afraid to admit this to each other or anyone else.

When the prom is over they head to Kellyís for a little after prom celebration.

Lucky: "I think tonight was perfect."

Em: "I have to agree there is nothing like spending the night with your best friends."

Liz: "We will have to do this again."

Nik: "Yes we will I havenít had this much fun in a long time."

Nik takes Emily home leaving Lucky and Liz to clean up. Lucky feels a bit jealous when Nik leaves with Emily but he reminds himself that he has Liz. Lucky walks Liz home and then takes a walk along the docks trying to figure out is feelings for Liz and for Emily. He decides for the time being to leave things as they are. Lucky sees a shooting star and wishes that he could figure out whom he wanted to be with.

When Em leaves with Nik she was wishing she were leaving with Lucky. Nik drops her off at home and she goes up to her room and remembers all the times she and Lucky have had. She thinks she loves Lucky but is afraid to tell him. She doesnít want to hurt Liz because she knows that Lucky cares about Liz. She decides to leave things as they are for the time being. She sees the same shooting star that Lucky did and wishes upon it that she and Lucky could be together someday.

They both fall asleep dreaming of each other yet neither is willing to admit to the other how they feel. They are afraid to ruin their friendship and they donít want to hurt Elizabeth.

~~ A week after prom ~~

Lucky and Emily have been avoiding each other since the night of Prom. They are only together when Liz or Nik is around. They are both walking towards a class not really paying attention to where they are going. They bump into each other and both jump when they realize whom they ran into.

Em: "Iím sorry Lucky I wasnít looking where I was going."

Lucky: "Neither was I Em. I havenít seen you around to much are you okay?"

Em: "Iím fine Lucky I have just been busy with my modeling."

Lucky: "Okay well Iíll see you later then."

Em: "Okay see you later."

Lucky heads to class not believing he was that jumpy and nervous with each other. He starts to think she has the same feelings for each other. Yet he doesnít want to chance telling her because he doesnít want to ruin their friendship and he has Liz to consider.

Em heads to class also not believing that she was nervous and jumpy around Lucky. She is wondering if he has feelings for her. She doesnít want to reveal how she feels to him because she doesnít want their friendship to be ruined and she also doesnít want to see Liz hurt.

~~ About a month later ~~

Lucky and Emily have still been avoiding each other and Liz and Nik are starting to wonder why they donít want to in the same room alone. Liz and Nik wontí come out and ask them why either.

Lucky is starting to realize that he thinks he loves Emily but he also loves Liz. He doesnít know what to do. So he decides to leave things as they are for know.

Em has also realized that she thinks what she feels for Lucky is love but she knows that he loves Liz. Therefore she wonít say anything about it because she doesnít want Liz to get hurt.