Someone Like You

by Farah

It was four days before Christmas, the day which was known to be a joyous,
peaceful and festive holiday but atmosphere at the Llanview Police
Department anything but.

From the on-going investigation of Ace Buchananís kidnapping to both Paul
Kramer and Tico Santiís murders and regardless of John McBain tripling up
his own load of cases while assigning the others to every available cop,
even the ones in training, tempers were flying high in all directions.

Why was it that criminals couldnít take a break during the holidays?

Frustration didnít begin to cover it.

Following leads in ten different directions, heíd been running ragged. He
barely had any time to relax and added along to the fact that Evangeline
seemed to be up to her neck with her own cases, they barely had seen each
other for the past few days; a quick breakfast one morning or lunch two days

And today?

He headed over early morning, hoping to catch her for coffee but she was
already in court. When she got out and called back, he was in a meeting.

And in between all of this, the incessant calls from Natalie about needing
someone to talk to began to grate on his nerves. Her husband, who went
through a year of hell and couldnít stand him, just came back so why was she
pestering him?

Knocks pounded on first one door and then the other. At this moment, he was
beyond frustrated, about ready to snap and it was only noon. He truly hoped
it wasn't either Natalie or someone bringing in another file because he
couldn't be held accountable for his actions.

"Come in!"

Bo entered through one door while Nora came through the other. Both were
surprised and before anyone could say anything, his door opened yet again
and this time, in walked Evangeline Williamson.

"Hey gang," she greeted. She was met with a round of hellos but her eyes
were attuned to him only. "McBain." She knew she had his full attention,
"You, me, dinner at 8:00."

Everyone's eyebrows rose in surprise.

It took him a couple of seconds to process what she said and by that time,
she was already half way out the door.


She turned back regally.

"Anything I should bring?"

She didn't think he would respond back so quickly but she was going to have
the last word. He sipped on his coffee and seemed way too smug. The way his
eyes sparkled, she knew that he had one up on her.

He had no idea who he was up against.

Not to be outwitted, inspiration struck as she watched him take another sip
and her mind immediately was flooded with the memories of being stuck in
Mary Barnesí basement. Apprehension filled his eyes when she confidently
strutted back into his office and crossed her arms, gracing him with a
innocent smile, "Wine Lieutenant... don't forget the wine." She then
had the audacity to wink at him.

Bo and Nora watched in astonishment as his chair snapped back upright while
he spluttered his coffee. He turned three different shades of red before
putting himself together but it wasn't hard to figure out what he reacted

"Don't be late." She gave him a triumphant smile before sauntering out.

* * *

"Youíre late."

Punctuality was her middle name.

"I am not," Okay, so he was a minute or ten late. He held out the wine
before the flowers and began to babble, "Iím sorry but I got held up at the
station until the last minute. A supposed tip was called in about one of the
cases and since Iím the one working-" He noticed her amused look and then
the next thing he felt was his back hitting the door as her lips captured

She released him a few minutes later, looking thoroughly pleased while he
was disoriented. She laughed and took the flowers while heading over to her
dining area.

He kept stealing glances at her while eating and she took in his appearance,
"You look tired."

"I am... itís been a long week."


"That and-" he took her hand, "-I had a hard time sleeping... without you in
my arms."

Dinner was forgotten.

No more words were necessary as he picked her up and headed towards her

Hours later, both lay contentedly... until he felt her squirming. When he
called her on it, she denied too quickly and with a flurry of movements, he
seemed stupefied when she jumped out of bed and rushed over to her closet.
Minutes later, she came back with a gift box and held it out to him.

"You do realize that Christmas is still three days away? This isnít

She rolled her eyes and whacked him before nestling back into his arms, "I
know... but you did say I was unusual."

The words brought back happy memories.

He chuckled as he kissed her forehead and opened the gift. He couldnít
believe what she got, it was personalized Philadelphia Eagles jersey with
"J. McBain" on the back. He began to ravish her, both on the verge of losing
control until her cell rang. It was ignored until it rang again. She
apologized for not turning it off and she answered. He watched her heated
one side conversation until she ended the call, flung the phone and dropped
her head in resignation. She told him about the case sheíd been working on
in San Francisco and while it was scheduled to proceed until after the
holidays, something huge just developed and they needed her there
immediately. Her flight was scheduled for 6:00 am.

He helped her pack and whatever time was left was spent holding onto each

* * *

The following morning, Nora strode into the Police Department on her way to
see Bo when she noticed John walking out of his office, "Why are you here
this early?"


He looked tired and she pulled him back into his office, "You look like a
man down. Everything okay between you and Evangeline?"

"What?" Her words dawned on him, "No problems. She... uh... she flew out to
San Francisco this morning and wonít be back until New Years."

"Really? But she scheduled it after New Years though-" Nora looked
surprised, "Why didnít she tell me?"

"Because the call came in last night."

"Damn. I know she was putting it off because she wanted to spend Christmas
here with-"



He grinned, "Yeah, I know. She told me. Surprisingly, my mother decided at
the last minute to join me, Mikey, Shannon and Marcie. I... I was actually
looking forward to introducing them," He sounded shy.

"What?" Nora raised her brow, "I... uh... had no idea it was... that

"Neither did I." Color stained his cheeks and he dropped her gaze, "I
wouldnít say it was love at first sight but I was definitely intrigued."

"Iíd say a lot more than that." She muttered and he laughed.

He noticed her wide smile, "Okay, what?"

"Nothing much. It's just... happiness is a good look for you." She noticed
his astonished look and he was about to reply but she cut him off, "Donít
even try to deny it."

He became quiet and looked deep in thought.

"You know what?" She took the files out of his hands, "Supposed to be a
brisk sunny day out today. Maybe you should get out, take a stroll through
the park and clear your head."

He was still silent.

Yes, it was official, Evangeline was going to kill her... She was
about to apologize when he spoke first.

"Maybe youíre right. You mind dropping off those files and telling the
Commissioner I stepped out?"

She let out a sigh of relief, "Not a problem."


* * *

The pull was strong as John found himself walking over to the benches next
to the statue in Angel Square.

It was the place where he admitted twice to Evangeline that her wanted her
in his life; during the summer heat wave when his AC stopped working and the
second time was when she came back a day early from San Fran to surprise him
only to find Natalie in his room.

When she left despite his protests, it was the first time, in nearly six
years that he felt the impact of disappointing someone he cared about,
especially the woman that slipped into through his reticent demeanor without
trying. He quickly went after her only to find she casually brushed off
their connection, that he didnít have to explain himself but he did and then
pleaded with her not to give up him, on them.

The kiss that followed, it was one of their most emotionally shared ever.

From then on, he was ecstatic when she agreed to his strings and gave them a
chance. The more time they spent finding out about each other, the more
enamored he became.

She fascinated and amazed him like no other woman.

* * *

Shannon McBain was passing through Angel Square when she was surprised to
see John looking relaxed and deep in thought. She walked over, "Hey John."
When didnít even notice her there, she nudged him.

"What the-" His head snapped towards her, "Shannon?"

Okay, now she was worried, "John, are you okay?"

"Iím good." He gave her a soft toothy smile, "What are you doing here?"

She gave him a funny look, "Are you sure youíre-"

"Iím on break."

A quick glance at her watch and it read 8:30 am. Now she just looked
incredulous, "Who are you and what have you done with my favorite cousin who
is an uptight Detective and works religiously?"

He laughed at look on her face, "You are something else, Shannon McBain but
it has nothing to do with work."

"Let me guess, if not work... then Evangeline." She teased. "You get all
googly eyed when someone says her name and letís not even talk about how
bothered and flustered you get when sheís in the same room. Face it,
Johnny..." She couldnít help but laugh, "Youíve got it bad."

His cheeks turned pink and he dropped his head.

She was laughed at his reaction. Though rarely he spoke about his feelings,
when didnít deny her words, she was surprised. "Sheís still joining us for

He sighed heavily, "Unfortunately, she canít. She tried putting off a case
sheíd been working on until after the holidays. She had no choice and flew
out to San Francisco this morning. She wonít be back until New Years."

It wasnít hard to pick up on his melancholy, "Iím sorry John." Knowing that
he would quickly go into his broody self and she was curious as well, she
changed the subject, "So what did you get her?"

He groaned.

"You did get her something, didnít you?"

"Yes... and donít even try it. Youíll find out after her."

"Hey! Thatís not fair. Maybe you need a womanís perspective-"

He laughed, "Nope."

"John McBain, the romantic? Interesting concept, considering youíre not
exactly the poster child for expressing emotions."

She was refreshingly blunt as he smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever Evangelineís doing or has done, its agreeing with you. Itís great
to see you smiling again. You had forgotten how for a long time."

He melted at her words and pulled her for a hug while dropping a kiss on her
forehead. "Thanks for the words but Iím still not telling you what I got her

other than itís unique and befitting to her."

"Geez, thatís really helpful," Her sarcasm was out in full force, "Youíre
impossible, you know that?"

"So Iíve been told before."

"Shut up." She snorted, "Come on, youíre buying me breakfast."

"And Iím the impossible one?"

"Itís a McBain trait." She threw back.

John shook his head in resignation. She had him there.

"Just so you know, Michael, Marcie and I discussed it. We approve of her

"Wait... what?" He stopped, "Don't you all have anything better to do
than discuss my love life?"

"Get off the high horse, will you?" She pulled him along to Carlottaís Diner
and bestowed him with the last of her wisdom, "Look, something better came
along when you least expected so donít blow it. Since you donít want to tell
me what you got her, all Iím saying is give it to her in an unconventional
way. Do something that youíve never done and surprise her."

A few minutes of silence reigned as he seriously took her words into
consideration. He should have known it wasn't going to last long.

"Hey John?"

"What?" He sounded mock exasperated.

"I couldn't help but notice you said love life instead of personal life-"

"Drop it."

"Are you admitting-"

"Drop it." He said grumpily and shoved her in through the diner door.

She burst out laughing.

* * *

Eve McBain joined Shannon, John and Marcie over at Michaelís. The mood was
festive and when the doorbell rang everyone was surprised to find Bo, Nora
and Matthew with an armload of presents.

"Merry Christmas all. Sorry we canít stay long. Weíre already late on our
way to Asaís and if we donít get there soon, he going to have a cow. Anyhow,
we decided to drop off some presents. The ones in Bo and Matthewís arms are
ours," and indicating to the her load, "...these are from Evangeline. Iím
her personal delivery girl."

No one could miss the soft smile on Johnís face.

And like a fast storm, they blew in and left just as quickly with armload of
presents from the McBainís.

Everyone was curious as what she got for them and surprisingly, there were
gifts for everyone, even for Eve.

For Marcie and Michael, it was two kissing teddy bears; one a doctor and the
other had a typewriter. The next thing they heard were both Shannon and
Marcieís squeals as they pulled out unlimited six-month passes to one of the
most expensive and well known Spas in the surrounding three counties, and
the third invitation under the name of Eve McBain.

Although curiosity burned through everyone as to what she got him they were
too polite to ask outright. Just as he was about to open the gift, his cell
phone rang.

"Please donít let it be work," Eve sighed.

He gave her a smile and flipped it open, "McBain."

"Do you have any idea how sexy you sound when you answer like that?"

He couldnít hide his blush as he dropped his head and let out a strangled

His family was amused by his reaction.

The next thing he heard was her laughter. It bought a goofy smile to his
face, "Iím so glad you find me entertaining."

"Ooh, Detective, I can bury you with that line but since I know youíre
around family, Iíll let you off the hook... for now. Did you like the gift?"

"Well, I was about to open it but you interrupted. You already gave me one,
you didnít have to get me another."

She chuckled, "I know but letís just say that they go hand in hand and it
benefits the both of us."

"Hold on." He ripped it open and laughed as he read the card out loud,
"From one self admitted workaholic to another who doesnít take a break,
it would be impossible for us to go away, so I thought itíll be easier to
catch them at home."
When he opened his gift, the biggest smile crossed
his face. It was sideline tickets for the next two home games of the
Philadelphia Eagles.

He was in awe, "Thank you but I know that the games were sold out. How did
you manage to get them?"

She sounded pleased, "I have my ways of getting what I want, when I want and
weíll leave it at that."

"Counselor, are you sure you want to use those words? Youíre implicating

Eve was surprised by what she was witnessing. John seemed to come alive
while talking on his phone. "So tell me about this Evangeline Williamson."
She was overwhelmed when all three began at the same time.

"She's a lawyer and gorgeous-"

"She's a very successful Defense Attorney-"

Michael had two thumbs up, "She's a babe!" He received smacks from two
different directions. "Hey! Just telling it like I see it."

Marcie laughed at his sheepish look, "Yeah, well... you better hope John
doesn't hear you say that."

"Too late," Shannon retorted.

Michael shrank at John's glare, "I'm guessing you're right."

Eve was amused. She'd never seen John react that way before about a woman.

She definitely had to meet this woman who captured her son's as well as the
rest of her family's hearts.

* * *

Everyone in Llanview showed up at the Country Club to celebrate New Years
and though it was still an hour away, John was... fidgeting.

"She'll be here, man. Relax." Michael teased him. It was interesting to
watch him so off kilter.

Eve passed on her untouched champagne, "Honey, drink this and stop glancing
at your watch every five minutes."

"You've only done so like fifty times," Shannon added.

And that set everyone off at the table.

"Laugh it up," He muttered and pulled out his cell phone as he got up.

He froze in mid step as his attention was glued towards the entrance and
they followed his line of vision. A quiet hush fell over the crowd.

Evangeline was a stunning vision of beauty.

Her hair was done in ringlets, cascading softly around her face. She wore a
single strapped cream colored gown with a slit down one leg down to her
ankles and accentuated her figure. It was a simple in its style but she wore
it elegantly.

She was oblivious to the reaction she garnered and despite the room being
filled with such a huge crowd, when their eyes locked, everyone felt the
jolt. She made her way over to him, greeting people along the way but it was
much too slow for his liking.

As if he didn't care where they where or who saw, he strode up to her and
kissed her in front of everyone.

Mouths dropped opened. Both were known to be private people so that display
was very unexpected.

She cleared her throat, "Not that I mind, but what was that for?"

"You were taking too long."

"I was only like a foot away-"

"Regardless, I figured I'd meet you halfway." He gave her a shy smile, "And
I missed you."

She dropped her head as she flushed, "Maybe I should go away more often...
if this is the kind of reception I'm going to get." She reached up to wipe
the slight lipstick left over on the corner of his lips. His eyes turned
hazy with passion and she followed.


The two broke part and turned towards the table.

"Remember us? You look gorgeous, by the way-" Shannon beamed.

Evangeline blushed, "Thank you. So do you all."

Smiles went around the table.

"-but please don't go away again on such short notice and leave John

"We agree," Michael and Marcie joined Shannon.

Evangeline looked perplexed, "What do you mean?"

"He was a total basket case to deal with."

"And like you three aren't a handful yourselves?" Evangeline fired back and
they dropped their heads in embarrassment. "Lay off him."

John had the biggest grin on his face.

Eve snorted and was taken aback at how she defended him. She had not seen
her family in such high spirits in a long time nor did she miss the flowing
banter between them all. Evangeline truly was as they described; beautiful,
exuding confidence and a personality that brought a smile to anyone's face.

"Evangeline Williamson, meet Eve McBain." She didn't miss the blissful look
of love in John's eyes as he introduced her.

Eve thought it was adorable how she seemed to get shy suddenly. A minute
ago, she was Attorney Extra-ordinaire and now, she seemed timid. To ease her
hesitancy, she got up and hugged her. "Thank you for the Christmas gift. It
was unexpected." Her next words shocked the table, "Welcome to the family."

John pulled out her chair, "Always the gentleman, I see," Evangeline teased.

"I aim to please..." He dead-panned.

She smartly stayed silent but her eyes twinkled at his unspoken innuendo.

He pulled out a small Tiffany's box out of his inner breast pocket, "This is
for you."

"What?" Her eyes widened as did everyone's, "John... I can't-"

"Just open it." He seemed bashful.

She pulled out what he had gotten her. The locket was sparkling, in the
middle was a diamond surrounded by rubies and emeralds but that wasn't why
she gasped. The locket was in the shape of an angel with wings. "Oh my god-"

Her eyes misted and he turned her towards him, "I've told before that I've
never met anyone like you. You inspire me to do things. Bare with me because
I've never done this in public for anyone-" His voice dropped to a whisper
but everyone who heard his next words around the table was in shock, "-not
even for Caitlin. This is for you and only you." He smiled at her, "I just
hope you don't run for the nearest exit after I make a royal ass of myself."

She stroked his cheek, "I told you Iíd stick by you forever."

"You say that now," He smiled and kissed her again before quietly weaving
his way through the crowd and slipped onto the stage. Confidently placing
his hands on the piano keys, he began.

As the notes permeated the ballroom, everyone's attention snapped towards
the stage. Astonishment didn't even begin to cover all the emotions that
were in the air when they noticed who it was and how his fingers glided
expertly over the keys.

"What the hell?!? I didn't think John even knew what a piano was, let
alone play-" His own family was baffled and glanced towards Evangeline.

"I could only hope to do justice to Babyfaceís "You Got the Love I Want."

It was obvious Evangeline knew about the piano but when he began to sing,
even she looked stunned.

"All alone sad and brokenhearted
Didn't have no peace within
Thought that I would feel this way forever
Oh, but darlin' you brought the heaven back again
Sun didn't shine, it just kept on raining
So I thought my life was over
But you brought the rainbow at the end of the storm
And if I had to do it all over again
I'd start my life with you, oh baby

The song matched his husky tone and he confessed it all; that he was sad,
broken-hearted and had no peace within until she came along... that she was
his heaven, his angel. His voice seemed to get deeper as he revealed the
depth of his emotions; regardless of what another woman said or did, she
would have nothing to worry about. He'd searched his whole life and no one
compared to her. She truly touched his heart and he wanted to live his life
for her.

As the song winded down, not a sound was made nor did any applaud follow his
performance. All eyes followed him as he returned to her side in

"You didnít run out."

"It wouldíve been rude..." Her eyes were misted, "-but you were pretty

His eyes widen at her words because her compliment meant the world. He was
best at dry humor, "Please... youíre biased. You like hearing my voice and
you know it."

"Full of ourselves, arenít we?" She retorted back.

"What can I say? Youíre the best for me..." He felt free as the words
flowed, "I love you, Evangeline Williamson."

Even with tears, her eyes were blazing. "I love you too..." Standing, she
pulled him in by the lapels of his jacket for a searing kiss.

And that set everyone off... into an uproar of applause and cheers.

One would have to be blind to ignore their intensity and magnetism.

It was midnight but no one noticed the fireworks taking place outside. It
paled in comparison to what was taking place in front of them.

It was a beautiful scene.

He picked her up, while slipping in two quick kisses and her joyous laugh
rang through out the place.

Had there been doubts in the minds of anyone in Llanview in regards to the
relationship, of whether it would last or not between the likes of John
McBain and Evangeline Williamson, there wasn't anymore...


(Song credit: "You Got the Love I Want" by Babyface)

One Life to Live ©ABC

Someone Like You by Farah ©2004

All rights reserved.