by superstar

There you are

Standing there,

Looking at me

Your eyes are dancing,

Tenderness and longing uninhibited in their expression

Fate, matchmaker that she is,

Has arranged a serendipitous meeting for us

Underneath the mistletoe

And I am glad

I look at you

Anticipation undisguised

Inelegantly, I attempt to breathe

But it is for not

You leave me breathless

Perhaps it is the joy of the season

That is intensifying my awareness of you?

Or, maybe, this moment is our gift?

The gift of "us"

And we,

We were called to be here

To continue the long tradition of the consecration of lovers

And soon-to-be lovers

With a kiss

Slowly you move closer,

Ever closer to me

The hint of your cologne beckons me

My heart quickens

My mind numbs

There is no thinking

Only reaction

And so I lean into you

(or is it that I fall?)

We kiss

And we are captivated,

Suspended in a moment of enchantment

You are ME and I am YOU

And we are at peace, restless no more

Because we have finally found IT

That enduring,



Underneath the mistletoe

And it is sublime