Miracles Happen

by JohnandVan


The day was cold and breezy. Evangeline and John McBain walked hand-in-hand as they always did, both thinking the same thing: why not us? They sometimes went to the park to talk and think together. They had been trying for a couple of years to conceive and Evangeline had discovered that even when the love was perfect, life sometimes threw you a curve ball. She and John had been thrown a whopper. John and Evangeline had gone through the basic fertility tests and nothing was found wrong with either of them. For some reason, they just couldnít conceive. They tried everything to enhance their chances of conceiving "the natural way," but as much as they loved each other, making love on schedule was killing the spontaneity of their love life.

They had even taken time off work to go on a romantic vacation hoping that a change where they both were relaxed would help them, but alas nothing happened. Evangeline blamed herself, even though she accepted in theory that it was really no onesí fault. She had tried to hide it from John, but they were so in tune with each other he could feel her pain and she his. Finally, she had to accept that as much as she and John wanted a child, maybe they had to take another route to become parents. She just hoped she could convince him. She was slightly apprehensive as they continued to walk, each immersed in their own thoughts.

They stopped, and John asked, "Want to sit for a minute?"

"Yes, how about here on the bench?"

They sat in silence trying to get out what they both were thinking.

"What about adoption?" they both said in unison and burst out laughing, finally breaking the gloom that had settled over them.

"John, how is it that we both were thinking the same thing?" she asked.

"Great minds," he said.

"I have been looking through literature and talking with some friends that have adopted. They all say that it changed their lives and that being a parent to their kids is the best gift they had ever given or received," she said.

"That is why I think we can do this. Do I want our own child? Yes, yet I think we could give another child the love we would have given ours. Yeah, I know itís early for us to assume our miracle wonít happen, but right now we want to have a child. So, why not adopt or at least look into foster care? What do you think?" he asked.

She looked at this beautiful man and marveled as she did everyday. How did she get so lucky? Everyday she was amazed anew by the depth of this manís feelings for her. No wonder she loved him so much. He deserved it. He was a very special man.

She leaned on his shoulder with a sigh, letting one small tear fall, and said, "John, as much as I want our own child, I know we could give some little boy or girl out there a beautiful home where they could grow up feeling loved and safe. If one day we do have another child of our own, I will feel doubly blessed. But, yes, I want to look into adoption or foster care. I just want us to have a child to love and that would make my happiness with you complete."

"Well then, letís get started. You know a boy would be nice," he said, happily.

Three years later, the McBains were getting ready for Christmas, which had become more special with the addition of their twin daughters, Jocelyn, Lynn for short, and Jade. When they came to them earlier in the year, Evangeline had been nervous. They were four years old; identical, with the most beautiful brown eyes you could imagine. They had curly black hair and skin the color of caramel. When they first arrived, Evangeline and John were so afraid they would do something wrong, although they had gone to parenting classes and she had read him every parenting book under the sun.

Nothing could have prepared them for the new addition of twins. The girls took to John right away, even though Evangeline was the one they spent most of their time with. The look on their faces when John came home was priceless. They ran to him and within a matter of months were calling him Daddy. They called her E, which was so cute when they said it, but deep down she so wanted to hear them say momma.

One day when they were out in the park, she had promised them ice cream, their special treat, after they left the park. When she called them over, they came bouncing to her like they always did and hugged her, wrapping their arms at the same time around her legs.

Looking up they said in unison, "Momma, can we go have ice cream now?"

It was so natural, their voices sounded like angels sweetly singing, and she was overwhelmed, finally managing, "Yes, we can go get that ice cream now."

Evangeline would never forget that day because that is when she felt she had finally gotten her family. While the girls had taken their nap, she had called John at the station, and told him everything. She could tell he was happy because she was. Life was just too perfect. John was the kind of father she knew he would be: kind, patient, and boy was he fair. Plus, when he really got stuck with their constant questions, he told them to ask their mother, which was okay with Evangeline. John was a little overwhelmed with all the women wanting all of his attention. He handled it well. When he had days off, he made it a point to spend special time with each twin. They even made breakfast together on Saturday mornings. Evangeline usually stayed in bed so they could have their bonding time.

Now they were going to share their first Christmas. The McBains had decorated the house on the first of the month. Evangeline and the girls had been to every mall and through every catalogue to find gifts for Mommy and Daddyís friends. Eve, Michael and Marcie were invited over Christmas Eve so they could exchange gifts, then Christmas morning was going to be for the girls.

Evangeline had helped the girls write their lists to send to the North Pole and they had baked cookies for dinner and for Santa. The snow had begun to fall in Llanview. The girls were excited about the fact it was so beautiful and white outside, and were constantly talking about snowball fights.

Early Christmas MorningÖ

"John, John, get up. You have to put the bicycles out. The bows are on them. The girls are asleep," she said, as she nudged him awake.

"Give me another hour," he said, grunting sleepily.

"No, get up. The girls will get up early and I want the bikes out. Now move it mister," she said, oh so gently.

"Okay, but next year, youíre gonna be the one to get up and put out the gifts."

"I wrapped over a hundred presents, donít you get me started," she said, laughingly.

"Okay, but you gotta get up too. I might run into Santa by accident and I wonít know what to do," he laughed.

"If you donít move, you better."

"Iím on it. Santaís helper is on the way. I still think they should be told we bought the bikes, why should he get all the credit?"

"We talked about this. We will tell them when they are six, before theyíre told like we were on the playground and our worlds came crashing down."

"Well, all I know is that I canít wait to see Lynn and Jade when they take a look at their gifts," he said, still half asleep.

"Hurry up. I want to give you your present before they get up."

"Yeah? I thought we werenít going to exchange this year," he said.

"We werenít, but I couldnít resist. I want you to open your present first," she said.

"Iíll be back. Donít go to sleep. I canít wait," he said and went to get the bikes from the garage and put them near the tree.

When he got back to the bedroom, he was eating a cookie and drinking a fresh glass of milk. He found Evangeline sitting on the chaise lounge, with a beautiful little box, looking more beautiful in the light then he remembered. She glowed.

"So where is it?" he said as if he didnít see the box in her lap, placing his glass on the bedside table and finishing up his cookie.

"For a smart cop, your observation skills are waning. Get over here and open your present," she said.

He sat down next to her, taking the gift box gently. He opened up the lid, glanced into the box and looked at her with a question in his eyes.

"Well Lieutenant, can you take the card out and read it? That would be the right thing to do," she said smiling widely.

He took the card out, placing the box between them, and read it out loud, "Darling, a miracle has happened. In about seven months, you will become a father again," he was overwhelmed, "Van, how?"

"Well, if you have to ask, then you are not as smart as I tell everyone," she said happily, the look on his face was priceless.

"Baby, are you okay? What did the doctor say? How long, have you known? Why didnít you tell me?" he asked in rapid succession.

"A couple of weeks ago I suspected. I went to the doctor to confirm and I wanted to be sure before I told you. It wouldnít have done any good for both of us to be disappointed."

"I love you," he said, placing his hands on her stomach. He looked at his beautiful wife and said, "I never knew anyone could be so happy. I have my three girls and we are going to have another baby, this is the best Christmas present I could ask for."

"You and the girls and this new little one are the best present I could ask for. I feel so blessed that all our dreams have come true. This is a miracle."

"Yes, it is. The minute we opened our hearts, we were blessed. The girls are going to be so excited about their little brother or sister. I canít wait to tell them," he said pressing his forehead against his wifeís. He gently and reverently kissed her for being the mother of his children and the love of his life.

Later Christmas MorningÖ

They watched the girls open their presents. Actually, they ripped and tore the wrapping. They both wanted the girls to always remember their first Christmas as a family. After they had breakfast and were clamoring to go play in the snow with their daddy, John and Evangeline told them, they had one more present coming.

The girls jumped up and down totally excited, asking in unison, "What is it? What is it?"

"Calm down, your dad and I have something to tell you. In about seven months, you two are going to have a new baby brother or sister. We donít know which yet," Evangeline said as they both waited for the twinsí response.

"A baby brother or sister we can play with?" Jade said.

Jade looked at Lynn and Lynn looked at Jade, then both in unison said, "Wow, Santa is cool. We only asked for a baby last night. He didnít even need a letter," then they looked up at their dad and asked, "Can we go now, please?"

John and Evangeline looked at each other and laughed. They bundled up their little ones and went out into the winter wonderland, happily anticipating the miracle that was life. They both knew in their hearts that these two little ones were supposed to be a part of their family and the one growing gently in her womb would come into a home filled with laughter and love.

Months LaterÖ.

Just like a miracle, John Michael McBain came into a world filled with love, laughter and happiness. He was blessed with two of the most protective and loving sisters a brother could ask for. John and Evangelineís happiness was boundless.

Journal Entry- Evangeline McBain

I am sitting here and everyone including John has finally gone to sleep. I cannot believe that everything is so perfect. I mean, the girls still fight, little John is never on schedule, for sleeping or eating, but itís perfect. The way John pitches in and helps simply amazes me. He doesnít even have to be asked. The twins are amazing; anything they can do for their brother, well he just has to move and they are right by his side. The best part of our lives is that everything feels right. I have a husband and three kids I adore and a job I love. What more could I want? Not a thing. I know complete happiness when I see the kidsí eyes light up every time their father or I come into the room, or hear their laughter echoing through our home. Yes, miracles happen, and when they do, we should give thanks that God heard our heart and answered, not for what we hoped for, but for what we needed.